Monday, April 25, 2011

Tourny in the rain...

I am a cheerleader! I should totally be taking tips from Hellcats for some super cool moves on the edge of the diamond. That's diamond. I am the cheerleader for the...What Time is it...4:20!..4:20's softball team. If you ask me I would say that they are the best team on the Gabriola Island beer league association. They play hard and have fun hard too...that is why I love them. They play to have a great time as friends serving the same the game! But it's not all about winning. It's about enjoying a few hours with your buds playing against other buds too. (but the cream of the crop are the 4:20's! ha ha ha!) My favourite thing about the 4:20's is they are not sore losers. There ain't massive complaints or whining or many lame excuses as to why the game was lost. Nope...there are three cheers for the winners and then some beer drinking...maybe even a hot dog or two eaten. And when the 4:20's win...there is no gloating...again three cheers for the other team and then some beer drinking and maybe a hot dog or two eaten! ;o) 4:20's rock! And I feel blessed to "sort of" be a part of their team. Gooooooooooooo 4:20's!!!!

Anyways...yesterday was the annual Spring Season Opening Golf Tournament. They played in 4 teams of 3 and best, best drive male/female, best KP...I can't even remember what that stands for because the initials really should be CP...whaaaa?? I don't understand golf...but I don't go to the tournament to play. I go to make fun time! ;op The beautiful and oh so fun time Thalie and I drove the "booze & candy" cart. It's one of those times when I know that people get really excited to see me! hee hee hee. It was Easter yesterday so we were the Easter Bunny Cowgirl Fun Time girls...handing out chocolates and jelly beans, shooters and of course the big bottle of Fireball. No golf game is complete without a bottle of good ol' Fireball! EVEN Kim had a swig! :o) So, basically, I spent a few hours yesterday afternoon at the beautiful Gabriola Golf Club , in the drizzle and once almost sunshine, sharing the fun of driving around a golf cart filled with treats of all kinds and all the time being the "We bring you fun time" girls! 4:20' guys rock!

 Thalie going to make the first jellybean in the hole drop...
 Team 1...LL Cool Jans, Mitch Mitchell and Vixen Vicky putt at Hole #1.
 The cheerful "We bring You Fun Time" girls!
 Here we have Team 2 putting at Hole # 1...Luigi, Jan and Kim! Check the concentration on Kim. She is a pro...putts with the likes of the best of them. Keep in mind...this is "Pre-Fireball".
Bunny Cowgirl Thalie dropping more Jelly beans and Bunny Cowgirl Pam dropping off the first of three shooter drops!

 Making sure the Fireball is up to for sure is at least  keeping our brave golfers warm. ;o)

 Luigi enjoying her first "shot" of the can see on Kim's face that she too just had her first and only "shot"! ;o) 

Running to bring warmth to the next bunch...

 It looks to me that team Fun Time is doing an excellent job of bringing Joy & Bliss to those around us. This by the way is Team #3...Tuwie, Dean Deaner and Murray!!! (Tuwie won longest drive...goooooo Tuwie!!)


 The Willow and the lake shot. Sonia...are you taking yer pants off? ;op
 Not only can the fabulous Thalie drive us around in our cart of excellent fun times...she also makes the sneaky in the hole drop offs...milk chocolate & hazelnut bar this time.
 Double Umbrella Triple Smile Happy...Team #4 here...they magically showed up on the golf course. The Quill, Judy Judy Judy Juuuuuu....and David!
 Thalie doing a Fabulous job of keeping the people happy.

 Vicky has not stumbled...she is taking a photo of what is left of the wonderful bottle of Fireball...what? Only one bottle was drank???
 Awesome umbrella Quill...thanks for working hard at keeping your team and even the Fun Time team dry and safe. Too bad your umbrella didn't help the wheel from getting stuck in monkey poo...but no one was hurt during the fight for traction. The Tournament was a success! Team #1 was #1...LL Cool Jans, Mitch Mitchell & Vicky!! Tuwie had the longest drive and everyone had an awesome time. Goooooooooooo 4:20's!!!!
monkey poo.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just cuz I can't have one...

Or rather, I should say...because at the MOMENT I do not have one of my own...yet. I can have one of my own if all of the stars would just align properly in order for it to actually work out for me...and Clint. I'm speaking of course of a wee one...a baby that we create together as a team of love and preciousness.It would be THE ultimate dream come true in my world. But, I will no longer be a slave to that thought...spending each month counting the number of days since my last period...getting nearer to the day the next one is due and hoping with all my soul & mind that there is a baby brewing in there. And each month, like clockwork (which I suppose is a good thing) the cramps start and so does the sadness. I have had to let go of those feelings of sadness...and that was not an easy process. And it's not like I have even mastered the ability to not feel a little sadness each month. But I have learned to be completely okay with it because that is life. We as humans have no power over when we are able to play the creation game or when we are not. So many woman and girls get preggers when they least expect it or even want it. That is something then that they have to deal with in their own life. And they go through a million emotions just like me. Life does not always happen the way we plan or desire or even need. You really just have to take the good with the bad and accept it as it comes. As sucky as that may be...acceptance actually is allowance...allowance for us to just be. And just being...well, it's quite awesome. I feel pretty good just being..and going with it. Day by day man. Keep on keeping on.

The baby thing...I used to let it really get to me as I have spoken of already. I let my inability to get preggers take over my brain. When my sister or sister-in-law or even friends would call me in glee to announce their joyous news of pregnancy, I could drown in a deep abyss of tears and sorrow for myself. Congratulating someone on their exciting news yet feel my poor heart crumpling up in my chest. When my good friend Taryn called me to share in the delight that she was pregnant, I was jealous and then foolishly and egoically thought that she was trying to make me jealous by telling me this. That is how messed up I allowed my brain to become over babies and not getting preggers. I went through all sorts of uncomfortable exams and tests just to prove all is fine in my body and everything is in working order to be able to become pregnant. It just never happens. But, finally last summer I did get pregnant...only to find out it was an ectopic pregnancy and would have to be dissolved. Wah!! For real??? As intense and emotionally and physically draining as that whole situation was, I was able to take it in stride. Even kept a smile on my face and cheer in my heart. If that had happened a year earlier I may have had an emotional and mental breakdown...for real. Instead, I took it as a beautiful sign that we can in fact get works!! We work!! :o) Maybe it will even happen again and that would be rad...and maybe it won't. And that is fine too. I have many wonderful little ones in my life through my friends and family. I am an awesome Auntie to all. In fact...Clint and I spent a couple hours on Tuesday while in Vancouver with the sweet Hanna Panda! Taryn and Syx's adorable little girl. She's already gonna be 2...May 10th! My they grow so fast. ;o) Anyways...we had a fun time with the little sugar bugar. And she is so head over heels for Maggie! So, walking to the parks and playing was quite a sweet adventure.

Sweet "Old Lady" Maggie May early (for her) Tuesday morning...and Hanna is rip roarin' ready to party down at the park. C'mon Maggie, you know you will have a super fun time!! Wheeeee!! (it is really cute when Hanna refers to Maggie as "oad lady" hee hee)

All we are on the big play equipment. Hanna is totally stoked that Maggie is going to come down the slide with her...
"Ummmm...yeah Hanna" Maggie thinks to herself...I'll meet you down there! hee hee. Unfortunately for Hanna, Maggie does not follow, the fun is all yours cutie! I think Maggie is just going to watch you slide down on your own. But wouldn't it be a total blast if Maggie DID slide down with you?? :o)
Back down the stairs she goes. Sorry sweetie pie..."Ooold Lady" Maggie is just not into it. But that doesn't mean you still can't have fun and be a little monkey. :o) Get back up here and show me the super cool trick you do!

 Ahhhh...the freedom you feel when hanging high in the air. Such a big girl! Oh are so much fun to be around. Thanks for letting us take you to park to enjoy a sweet spring day in the city. You made the day super extra special! xoxo
I am blessed by the children around me. Keep popping out the little peeps! Our world needs more happiness...and children are pure bliss! :o)

Friday, April 15, 2011


No...I ain't singing the Prince song...oh wait..."I just can't believe all the things people say -- controversy Am I black or white? am I straight or gay? -- controversy Do I believe in god? do I believe in me? -- controversy" Ahem...back to our regularly scheduled crap out of Pam's mind... I woke up this morning still feeling a little bug in my tummy about things going on in my community. I feel the need to write it out of my head so that I can relax...chill out like I like to...I have enough on the brain in my own little world. The 'controversy' is ensuing over the plans to build a new fire hall on the island...a $4.3 million fire hall. A petition is going around for landowners only to sign as they say it only affects them. In reality, everyone who lives here is affected, as the increase in property taxes to allow more $$ to come in and help with the costs (as we the taxpayers are on the hook for it) are not only the property owners responsibility, but anyone who rents will get a rent increase because of it too. So therefore each and every island resident should have a say in what is going on with the building plans. We are a small community. Our firefighters are from this community...they are volunteers (for the most part), volunteering their time AND life to help those whose lives are being ruined by a mighty fire. Being a community fire hall...I believe the community has every right to have a say and a vote in the whole process. I am not wanting to sound repetitive about people having their say...but there seems to be a push against that.

On Wednesday while I was spending my day in downtown Gabriola, a petition table was set up for the residents to come by and get more information pertaining to the plans for the new building. I can completely understand the community wanting and needing more information when it comes to $$ being taken from them. As a FREE country, you know, Canada, we have a democratic right to oppose anything that affects us. And if people choose to want to fight the powers that be...more power to them I say. That is what freedom of thought is all about. I am proud to live in a country where that is the case. Vive le Canada!! :o) (Oh...I miss Chretien!)  hee hee Because of this petition going around, it has caused some massive upset with the fire department. Instead of seeing it as simply a community wanting more answers and perhaps more discussion with them on the topic...the department took it all personally. Like an attack on their GoodWill. And I am 100% positive that that is truly not the case of this situation. I have never had the misfortune of a home or property fire (besides my big ass bonfires that I love to make and know how to control) but I do know people who have gone through it. And each and everyone of them is eternally grateful to the volunteers that have saved their belongings and or lives. Cheers to the courageous men and women that are on call to leave the warmth of their homes and families to go out into the night and help another family. It is quite an amazing thing. I know some of our firefighters and I dig them people they are. And selfless when it comes to the decision they made to be a 'saviour' of sorts. But, because they chose to take the communities need for answers to a big property tax hike personally...they felt attacked...and they attacked back. The Village parking lot was like a war zone on Wednesday. The negative vibes and bullying that were streaming out of it were too much to bear. Then, little ol' me got verbally attacked by a member of the fire department when he came into Artworks. I am not a part of any of this...I'm not a landowner so my signature wouldn't even count. But this guy was clearly feeling attacked prior to walking into the store and I was the one that got the brunt of his anger. When he left I was shaking...and confused. I am not a lover of conflict even though I have found myself smack dab in the middle of some heated times even caused by me. Bad Pami!! But I have been trying hard to be a better person over the past few years. So when it is thrown in my no likey. I do feel bad that this whole thing has gotten so many people upset that both sides feel the need to get angry and start bullying. We need to find a peaceful way to deal with things like this. And we clearly should not be in people's faces who are not even a part of the whole just innocent by-standing Pam. I hold nothing against this man who decided to lash out on me, but I do hope that he realizes it was wrong and he was out of place. Because I understand he was in pain too...forgiveness man...I forgive you.

That is my problem with this whole thing. Everyone is in pain on all sides. We should just all come together to figure out the best route for funding for a new hall. It is definitely doubt about that. But we are a community that lives together...let's work together too.Hugs all around...let's make peace and come to a solution that EVERYONE can feel good about. And again...Cheers to the mighty firefighters of Gabriola and thank you so very much for all that you do. Hip Hip Hooray!!

Monday, April 11, 2011


It is definitely spring...the sweet aroma that is in the air and the longer days are a sure sign that all is well in my universe...for spring means that summer cometh! ;o) But this time of year also brings stress and chaos and hunting for those damn papers!! time! I am not sure why it is so dreaded by so many. I think for the most part we as Canadians and probably other countries too get at least a bit o' $$$ back for doing their return. And if you end up needing to pay something you more than likely were aware of that fact prior to doing all the work too...right?? Yet we don't do them. Sometimes we don't do them for years in a row...only getting to them because of a phone call from a government tax agency...yikes! And these days it is truly such a simple buy a cd put it in your computer...locate your T4's and other income documents plus receipts and medical expenses yadda yadda yadda and you just sit at your computer and input the numbers that are right there in front of your face. You don't need a pencil and eraser and just need to be able to read, type and push the button on your mouse. The little cd that you spent $29-$70 on does all of the actual work for you. It even finds savings that you may not have thought of. It's quite amazing!! Everyday there is still something of the technological sort that amazes me...we DO live in the Jetson's. I wish I had the body of Judy! baaaa ha ha haaha!! Joking. point to myself this morning would be that I am a MAJOR procrastinator! I do get a return every year...even if it's not much, I never owe. I should be right on it as soon as I have all of our forms and stuff. Soooo, like by the beginning of March I should be doing it. Being that it is also the time of year that we feel so desperate for the $$$$!! And yet I wait...procrastinate. I also use the fact that it means a ferry ride over to Nanaimo to get this aforementioned cd to do our taxes. Like that is any really ain't that hard to walk onto a boat and then walk off and you are pretty much at the doors of London Drugs, where these cd's are sold. The other factor is, that today I decided it's the day...but the car is not here with me. I first have to walk to the ferry. Ahhhh! LAZY!! It would only take me about 40 mins or so...that ain't too bad. The walk back is killer though...HUGE hill. And I can not bring Maggie if I walk over. And I like to have Maggie with me always...and Maggie always likes to be with me too. Love/love relationship! ;o) See?? Excuses excuses excuses! ha ha ha ha!!!

You know...if it wasn't such a cliché or common thought by the entire world...the whole dreaded "Tax Time"...perhaps people wouldn't be so afraid to do them. It would just be something that we all do in the springtime because that way we get our taxes back and such. And no one would complain or have stress about it. We have made it scary. And therefore everyone stalls and procrastinates and pushes it aside to do other things. Like dudes...we get $$ from the government. It should be a great time of rejoicing! ha ha ha ha!!! Well, it's not. But we have to do it...I HAVE to do it. All right runners where are you??

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bunnies and Bambies.

No...I am not starting a brothel or opening a swanky club with incredibly gorgeous "barbie" type women serving you beer and cocktails. Nor am I opening a "production" studio making movies...yeah, I know that's gross! Ha ha. I am talking of something that is entirely innocent...I am talking of bunnies and bambies. Baby rabbits and baby deer. Those cute little fuzzy creatures that are so fresh and alive and full of joy to be alive. When I watch all of the sweet lambs playing in the fields it makes me believe in the animals of Bambie and other animal cartoon movies. Real animals may not be as conversational and stuff as say Thumper, Flower and Bambie...but they communicate to one another. And when they are jumping about chasing each other and rough housing...they must have what they would consider to be a "laugh" together. Anyways, I love all animals, but especially sweet little baby ones. Oh my gosh they can be so freakin' melt your heart right out of your cute...don'cha think? 

Yeah. So, recently my new friend, (who is pretty cool and I really need to get to know her like waaaay better) Mariko (she is an artist and works in and teaches ceramics...the "better half" ;o) of Feedlot Studios ) gave me a shower curtain that she bought a while back in New York (I had to add that in there because I love New York and want to go back and now I have another tangible item that came from the sensational and fabulous city) that she has not been able to put up yet. She says that she has not used it yet because their new place does not have a shower. Clint believes it was given to me because Bryan (the "other half") ;op did not want such a super outrageously girlie item in his bathroom. I, on the other hand believe it was because we were talking shower curtains...they recently went to ikea and picked me up some clear ones as per request...Mariko found this curtain that she wasn't using at home and passed it along to me cause maybe I'd like it. Well I do like it. In fact...I love it!! And I do not think that it is too "girlie". To me it is a nice juxtaposition of masculine AND girlie. ;op The colours are pink and brown...but not like it's baby's an appealing to everyone's taste pink. It's also nice to have the clear outer curtain too...lets in the light and gives the bathroom an illusion of being a little bigger than it's teeny. There was a dark blue soft curtain covering the shower/tub when we moved in. I liked the colour of blue that it was...but I also like to have my very own thing. And now I very own Bunnies and Bambies shower curtain. Thanks Mariko!!! xoxoxoxo

I LOVE that a mirror is right there...reflecting the beauty of the Bunnies and Bambies so that you feel surrounded by warmth. ha ha ha haaaaa!!!! ;op

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I will be yelling those very words tonight between 6:00 and 8:00...tonight I am PomPom Pam! That's right...I am a cheerleader. ;o) I for real the Spring/Summer seasons for the Softball Beer League on Gabriola. I am the only cheerleader! Well the only person who cheers and wears her teams colours while shaking my green and yellow pom poms and dancing around everyone like a complete fool. Well that is what I do for the 4:20's. Goooo 4:20's!!!! I can't play softball because of my shoulder and arm that does not like to do anything I cheer instead. That way I get to be a part of the whole thing and still get to sit back and enjoy watching all of my friends have a great time playing. Best of both worlds for me! Plus I get to enjoy drinking a couple Four Twenty   beers to help me cheer on. ha ha ha!              (this is Clint and my butts at a game!) hee hee
Well...tonight at Silva Bay is a kick off to the "Isle of the Arts" inaugural festival. A weekend of Art Workshops from making masks and fairy wings to beginners acrylic painting to crocheting and even learning stuff about being on stage for performing. It's going to be a busy weekend with a glorious creative energy just beaming from the seams of the island. I am excited for the whole thing. First year it is happening...VERY special. ;o) So, anyways, the kick off event is happening tonight at Silva Bay and it is going to be like a Pep Rally. We'll have hot dogs and pizza slices, 50/50 draws, a "no-meat" draw, balloons with prizes, Chris Jans and Ken Gurr are going to be our valiant announcer a la Don Cherry and Ron McLean (that'll be wicked!)...I am the cheerleader, Kimm and Regina have some cheers for me to jump around to, and I will be cheering on each and every artist that walks in the door...prepare to be stunned! (literally)'ll be a fun night and I am looking forward to it. I don't think I will fit into my regular skirt (you know...those extra 10 pound!) I wear for the 4:20' I got to put together an ensemble with muchos colours and just fun. My green and yellow pom poms will help with the rainbow effect I'm sure I will pull off. ;op I mean, what is a cheerleader without BRIGHT CHEER! ha ha ha!!!                                                                                                                                                                          
Give me an A! Give me an R! Give me a T! ART ART ART is can always join the creative have some fun...Art Art is number one!!! HEE HEE! ;o)                        

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love is stronger than kevlar...if you want it to be.

My whole life I have admired the love that, I can actually see, that my parents have for one another. They don't even have to say much...but the love is there...and it's strong, like bull. ;o) (they have been married for 40.5 years!) I have always wanted that kind of love. But I usually was looking in the wrong places...yes, I know it's already been made into a song. lol I pretty much always dated total egotistic assholes or guys that are just looking for something "at the moment". I so easily "fell in love" in my youth. I mean, for real, I must have had at least 3 SERIOUS crushes on boys. I was a fan of the mom always said "don't chase boys...they will run away"! I was known for being a chaser. A quiet chaser. I had a massive crush on my brother's good friend David Konitz...for years! Everyone knew it...even him. Yikes! I even sent him a secret admirer rose 3 years in a row for Valentine's. Oh poor pathetic Pami! I thought that maybe one day he would crack and ask me out. It NEVER happened. But it's okay now...when I look back I see that I wouldn't even have had much in common with him on a personal basis. Two incredibly different people we are. But I just thought he was the hottest guy around...well, him and Paul Boge and Martin Kramer. My two other MAJOR crushes in my teens. hee hee hee

I met my first husband (yes, I am a divorcee) when I was 20 years old. I thought he was cute and fun and different, then he said he loved me in the very first week. Me and my super low self esteem took this as a huge proclamation of true love. No boyfriend had ever said that to me before. In fact when my BF of grade 12, (Ryan Cancilla you heart breaker...ha ha ha!) told me he was breaking up with me because I was just not intellectual enough for him...I believed that was it for me. I will never find true love again. So when Jody professed his love to me after only one week of knowing me, and subsequently we moved in together 2 weeks later...ay yi yi!...I thought "This is it! Love has found me"! First week living together our coffee table went flying and then smashing into the wall. He lost a game of scrabble and was clearly upset by it. Two years later I foolishly married him after many, many outbursts just like the first one. Ack! two and a half years of marriage and I HAD to get the heck out of there. My spirit and soul was diminished to absolutely nothing. I left him to be with someone else who had shown me what I thought was true love...he respected me and treated me so good. So, I made the move out of our home and moved to BC to get away from all of my pain...running away NEVER helps. Deal with your problems is my motto now a days.

Anyways...I had met Clint the same day I met Jody. We had become super close throughout the years...he was one of my best friends. He also ended up moving to BC a year and a half after me with his wife at the time...also a friend of mine. But they split shortly after. About 8 months after that...Clint and I got together. Both of us had been in and suffered through abusive marriages. So we both carried some mega heavy baggage...that neither of us really dealt with. Love can heal all wounds, but you have to work on things...not just push them aside.

I did some hurting on Clint in our relationship because of this crappy "baggage". Well, the baggage was a catalyst to me sort of giving up when things were getting tough. I sure learned some amazing lessons...but I guess the best lessons are learned by the mistakes we make. So it's all good in the end. At least it will be for us. We have kicked our own butts in gear and figured our stuff out. Massive self help and counseling seems to be good for so many reasons. I feel happier and more fulfilled than I ever have in my life. And we are doing good. I am excited for the future. Last year was tough...this year is starting off great. I love my husband with all of my heart.

The reason I started to write about love is because I was going through "My Documents" searching for something I needed and came across something I wrote to Clint in the depths of our turmoil. And I am so happy I found it. I am so happy I found Clint and that we are together forever. He's my rock and I am his. Here's what I wrote...

I have cried like a million tears
It still is not enough…not enough
To drive away the sorrow and pain
The sorrow and pain that I have
Inflicted upon you…like some cancer
That comes out of no where…no sign…
No prompting…one day you are told you
Have 3 weeks to live…the cancer has eaten
All of your insides…that is what I did…
I WAS cancer…of the human kind.
I will save my tears and wash myself with them.
I want to be clean again…resurrected from the
Grave I have buried myself in.
I will free myself whilst I take care of you.         
YOU are the one I cry for.
YOU are the one I die for.
It is YOU I will save from the pain…from death.
Let me be your saviour once again…I have been
To the depths of selfishness and self destruction.
I have seen the light.
It was so tiny…hard to see.
It blinds me now with regret and pain…but,
My eyes are wide open.
I will shine for you my dear.
Sparkle like the noonday sun on the calm water.
I am your peace…if you let me be.
Let us walk together again.
I will hold you high…your feet will not get wet…
Unless we BOTH decide that getting wet is what
We want to do. Jump in the ocean and refresh
Our entwined souls.
Forever, I love…

(this is indeed a quite personal and from the heart my love. But after coming across it today since I wrote it December/09...I was moved by all of my emotion and absolute pure love that I obviously have for Clint. I think it's beautiful and I wanted to share the raw and unadulterated feelings.)

I love you Clinton Lee!! You are my everything. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh my little Wensday

I wish I could cuddle up a furry ball of warmth and peace. Look at Wensday. She's got no problems. There is always food when she asks, cuddle times when she wants, litter box cleaned, (she doesn't go outside...raised for first three years as an indoor) snacks given when cute faces made...which is a lot! She has a pretty sweet life for a cat. Her portly figure can attest to that fact. She is not a "FAT CAT", more of a little round fur ball and a tiny head. ALL of her is sweet though. That, I know as pure and true. She will cuddle with anyone...even Maggie these days. Since Maggie was attacked and healing from the wounds, Wensday has sat beside her more often than not. I feel that she is trying to be comforting to Maggie. She must sense the stress that Maggie has been feeling. It's not everyday a lovey, dovey old lady dog like Maggie gets bit by a misbehavin' dog. But, it does happen unfortunately...and Maggie is a mega trooper...All Star! Anyways...she was feeling quite low there after the incident and Wensday was giving her more love because of it. What a sweet kitty. Wensday generally is quite jealous of Maggie and the affection that we have for her. I guess it doesn't allow her to have us 100% of the time anymore. And when we leave the does Maggie. It's the way kids always feel their siblings get more attention than them. But Wensday is the one who gets to sleep on the bed in between our heads to cuddle throughout the I feel it's fair.
Wensday likes to help me with everything I do. If I am on the floor reading the Sounder News
she will be sitting right on top of it...I mean should I not always pay full attention to her. When I am trying to do something like playing around with cross stitch...she sits on my lap because it makes it, oh so much easier for me to
actually hold everything between my knees AND stitch. Ha ha ha! Right now she is on my lap...sitting, instead of laying so that her paws are digging into my things. She stands so hard! I can especially feel it in my right thigh where I have the "triple" section of bone. (from my last surgery where they cut in half a 2.5" section of femur and let it blend to the outside of the bones once pushed back together...that is the short explanation) But I won't make her move. I like her being there. I love her and she loves me and we are family so it's the way it should be. :o)

Just felt like writing something about her today because she is such a sweetie...and I suppose I do at times feel guilty because I rave about Maggie A LOT! And we have had Maggie in our lives for just over 2 years. I brought Wensday home 14 years ago this month. She is my real baby! Oh little Wendy Wiener!

This is Wensday hanging with us at the bonfire...she has to
be a part of every family bonfire. She'll find herself a little MY SEAT...and just sit and watch us roasting marshmallows and cooking oysters or whatevs. She just has to be a part of the fun. Can't wait for
bonfires at the new place!

Look at that face. She is such a cutie pa-tootie that is for sure. Cheers to you Wenny Woo!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

J'ai une bouche tres gross!

Whether or not my french grammar is correct or not...the meaning is still there. I have a big mouth on me sometimes. I can be all sarcasm...and that can really tick the people off. I am not trying to upset anyone...ever. I just have a very raw sense of humour at times. I will laugh at the most High School talking about farts and poo and disgusting things like that. Yes, I know, VERY immature. I just can't help it. I am just a big kid...stuck in a getting wrinklier everyday body. ;op And I am okay with that. For the most part I guess. Occassionaly I feel a pang of horror at myself. Just like..."Pam, you are a fool." Which I can be heard murmuring to myself once in a while. You know how it is...something funny is in your head that makes you sort of chuckle. But then when it spills out of your mouth for all ears around you to actually comes out bad...or insensitive...or completely out of context. They call it "Foot in Mouth Disease", I am completely afflicted by this. I need to try and bite my tongue far more than I already do. Two recent examples...

A friend of mine from High School who I was friends with on Facebook updated her status one day to read..."Has learned that vinegar is good for a bad sunburn." Very interesting I thought to myself...I had no idea. Cool! But my comment on her post went like this..."Oh yeah, rub it in that you are basking in the sun and consequently have a sunburn. Just trying to make us jealous eh?" In my mind it was a funny thing to write. I enjoyed reading her updates and checking out her photos and jet setting lifestyle online. She travels lots for work. And it was cool to still know what is going on in her life even though we NEVER see each other anymore. We were tight in High School...lost contact after grad. Facebook brought us back. Yes, it's all such teary and emotional stuff that FB brings out in people. LOL Anyhow, she wrote back saying that it was just a tidbit of info she was sharing and was not saying anything else exclamation mark, exclamation mark! I got that post in my inbox. I went to go on her page to say it was a joke...but she deleted me as a friend. WTF??? I sent her an email explaining that I was just being my typical dumb assedness kind of gal and that I meant no harm by it. No response. I concluded in another email to her that I truly am sorry for upsetting her and that I loved following her exciting life and that I wish her all of the best. No response. That's fine. I mean it really is fine. Why do I need to keep track of her. We haven't actually talked in real life since 1992. And three years of being friends on FB does not re-kindle any type of friendship that we used to have. So I shouldn't really feel bad...but I still sort of do. Ack!!! I am on my way to leaving the world of FB once again...this time maybe permanently. What a crazy site. The emotions that too much info causes. Insanity!

Yesterday...April Fool's Day. I spent most of the day at home and the vet's office. The night before I noticed Maggie's pee was dark like beet juice. Freaked me out like mad I tell you. The vet here was NOT taking after hour emergency calls. Nice eh? Bogus!!! So it took me about an hour or so to actually get to speak to a vet in Nanaimo that wouldn't charge me for a phone conversation. He advised me just to make sure I get to our vet first thing in the morning. I then asked him if her bloody pee had anything to do with being attacked by another dog last week. (She has two large bite wounds) He immediately asks if I went to the vet with that and I said no because we cleaned and have been keeping it clean everyday and it's healing as it is itchy to her now. He was pissed and just said "Just go to your vet first thing"! Well...I barely slept that night. Tossing and turning and getting up to pet Maggie. I was crying thinking she was going to die or have to be put down. Two urine samples later (I have a new talent...collecting dog's pee) we found out that Maggie's white blood cell count is through the roof as she has an infection. The blood in her pee is just from the red blood cells bursting because of everything going on. Poor Maggie. Well, $145 later and some anti-biotics she is on the road to recovery. ;o) All right...anyways...April Fool's! All day peeps on FB were making their statuses something crazy about themselves so that they could get a good reaction out of people. I read so many all day long that I thought I should do one that just blows people's minds. At first I thought about saying me and Clint are splitting and I am moving to Texas to live with my parents. Nah. Then I though it would be funny to post that Maggie passed away and that we are sad. The second I pressed 'Share' I felt terrible, but left it on to see who would say something. Within 20 minutes I had to give the jig up. I was thinking I was cursing myself by saying something so rotten. I would be a mess if Maggie actually DID die. Don't want to mess with kharma. As predicted, most of my friends did not think it was a funny joke. And it really isn't. Maggie is our special Angel and I don't want her to leave yet. She is I know I don't have tons of time left with her...but I sure don't want any time taken away that is left. Love you Maggie May.
(Sleeping off the PeanutButter/Anti-B concoction)

If you know me...and love me...please accept my awful humour. If I tick you off, tell me. I can take it. I may act like a 16 year old...but I really am 36! I can take it down a notch. ;op Peace!