Mon Ceramics...

I just love playing with clay...ever since I was a child making clay cakes in my backyard. ;o) Now i get to make cute things for my home and others if they are so inclined to want a Pamichen piece. They are always pretty, whimsical, kitschy and cute. I like cute why not make them? ;o)

I made these seven plates for my seven nieces and nephews last Christmas...they were quite the hit. Fun to eat off of your own personalized plate! ;o) Man...I love those kids!
 This was a piece I was asked to make as a gift for someone. They wanted an "Ass Tray". This is how my mind saw it. There are soooo many other ways to take it...I went with the cute way. ;o) You can hold your pack of smokes AND lighter inside of the open cavity! ;o) Hee hee hee hee.
Then there are the Pepsi and 7-UP plates I made for Clint. Because this is his favourite 7-UP sign from childhood...and all of his family has and still some at present have worked for Pepsi. IF we buy bet your bottom it's a Pepsi product! Goooo Pepsi! It really is better then Coke...sorry Dad! (Coke is my dad's fave and he makes no apology for it! lol)
 These sweet little platters I made because I just wanted to. ;o) My 70's colour palette. I LOVE why not always have the words in front of us on the side table. It says love in all sorts of languages...LOVE!!! ;o)

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