Monday, October 25, 2010


These days we see a lot of yellow ribbons on people's cars..."Support Our Troops", bring them home. Why the heck did we send them in the first place is what I always say. Have we not learned yet that war is NOT the answer. We start wars over land, money, greed and retaliation. None of which are good enough excuses to send men and women to another country to kill, kill KILL! It's wrong...end of story. But that is not what is on my mind at the moment. The word "Heroes" is the title to this blog. And I am not even talking about the "heroes" that come back from war...I have a hard time calling them that. I do have a sort of respect for those that have gone to fight. I don't have the balls that it takes to blow our "enemies" up. I don't even have the balls to go over there to be in the middle of a deadly war to help out those that need it. There are many innocent people that are being killed daily because of the war. So sad. I don't want any soldiers to come home in a body bag. But I suppose when you sign up to join the army these are risks that you take. So consider them hero or not...they chose to do what they are doing. I am trying ti ruffle feathers saying is MY opinion. And I just tend to ramble at times not even making sense. But that is just me!

Anyhow....back to my original thought...

We are surrounded each and every day by heroes. They are in our family, they are our friends and people in our community, they are even celebrities and politicians. They fight the biggest battle that any of us could ever imagine. One of the greatest battles of human history. I am talking about our arch nemesis...CANCER. All of us have been affected by it's torment in one way or another. Fortunately, for us, we do have survivors...we know survivors and feel blessed that they were able to beat it. Win the fight against the biggest serial killer man has seen. And, unfortunately, we also can lose the fight even though we had given it our all...put all of our strength into the combat...used every "weapon" that medical science and homeopathic remedies can offer. Cancer still has the ability to fend off our earnest methods of battle. Plain and simple...cancer sucks! And all I can think is why do we NOT have a cure yet?? How can that possibly be? There are many reasons...some are human greed, some are just because cancer is striking every cell in our bodies at rapid rates. Ahhhh! I find it so seems we are at times helpless against it. But, all we can do is fight the good fight and take it day by day. We will win and we will lose. It's life...c'est la vie as they say, as much as it can tear us apart. We just have to be strong if we are in the fight personally, or if we are a cheerleader for the fighter in our own life. Love is all we let's just keep giving it to everyone we know. Maybe love WILL conquer all. Happiness can beat out sickness. Perhaps our world should be full of more love to one another. Live for each moment. Don't worry about things that happened yesterday...that day is over. Today is new...make it worth it.

So...anyways...a hero to me is someone who fights a battle for continue to be able to live, love and laugh among the rest of us. I dedicate this blog to those who have lost their those that have won theirs and to those that are still fighting. Never give up. You are loved and those around you need you as much as you need them.

Peace and love to everyone...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lovelies that make me smile... kitty of 13 years. I've watched her grow from a skiddish and pesky, quite frankly annoying at times cat to being just a big furball of love. Sugar cube Wenny!
Maggie the Magnificient. The dog that adopted US and who has most truly and definitely enriched our lives...while we try to enrich her last few years on this planet. We love you Maggie May!

And of course my man...what would I be without him? Lonely and single...well maybe, but I would like to think I would still be happy as we should always be happy with who we are as an individual. But hey...I feel so fortunate to have him by my side...through thick and thin, better or worse. I stand by his side and he stands by mine. I am so blessed to finally know what true love is. I love you Clint! xox


why is our society so? Or maybe we are just going back to our roots. Back to living the way we did in the days when people were strung up on wooden splintery posts that were placed strategically in the town centre and left to die. Women would then bring their children to parade them by the dead and dying criminals (a lot of the time unjustly accused non-criminals) to teach them a lesson..."now see here children, this is what's gonna happen to you if you steal or cheat. You'll be hanging up there with them criminals. Mind your manners...listen to your elders." That would probably scare most kids on the straight and narrow. Others, well, they might take it as a dare...can you beat the law man at his game?? Imagine going to the public burnings...watching someone, innocent or evil, strung up to a post...firewood gathered all around them and then lit up? Pretty disgusting. That's our past. That is exactly where we came from. But we have become more civilized since...yup, we sure have.

These days...we have political correctedness, women's rights, societies like PETA and WWF, we send money and aid to children in third world countries and to victims of flood and earthquake. We take care of our world's population. We care. We also allow media to share with us images of war and destruction, corrupt leaders being hung to death, mass slaughters of animals...and we eat it up. We buy our children video games where they can chase police officers in fancy cars and gun them down then go pick up a prostitute, use her and then kill her too. This is entertainment...isn't it?? HELL no!

Earlier today we were watching a program about this captive bear named Rocky...he was born and has been raised in captivity. He lives on a farm in California, in a big cage and works as a film bear. He's a Hollywood Star...not! He is a loveable creature that has been trained to do amazing things...all for camera...for an audience. To make $$$ for his trainers. That is the bottom line. This wild animal, that has been given a "human" name, has been kept in a confined space for years...that is unethical all on it's own. His trainer, who is a very smart and talented man himself, really has a connection with "Rocky" the grizzly. He can wrestle and get kisses from's really quite sweet to watch. I am lured into watching this show. Now, this trainer has a cousin who also works with wild animals...mostly cats; like puma, cougars and tigers etc. He wants to wrestle with Rocky too. Get the adrenaline of standing next to and then being able to wrestle with a live and beautiful grizzly...the group that works with Rocky allow this to take place. But nothing is done the way Rocky is used to...and he ends up lunging at this guy's throat and with one bite, takes his life. This is an intriguing story to say the least...I couldn't stop watching the program as I was sad for this bear and how his life became so complicated and then this poor guys who lost his life through people taking the "life" away from this bear. It's a pretty emotional story to say the least. But in my head I am starting to have a freak out...scared at what they are going to show. The stunt with Rocky and this man was all taped. So, the next images we are subject to watching in this one hour documentary is a slow motion play by play of the quick and deadly attack. There is no gore. By that I mean, no blood or torn skin can be seen in the video footage of the attack. But you see Rocky lunge at him, take him down, you hear him scream his cousin's name, then Rocky shakes him a few times before the others get him off the struggling man...his adrenaline, obviously pumping harshly through his veins, gets him off the ground and running away. Seconds later he drops dead. It looks like a scene from a movie...but it's real. It tore me apart. I couldn't stop crying...for this man, the bear and then it hit me like a medicine ball to the gut. This is what we have become. Insensitive to the death of men...the destruction of humankind. We have no more has been stolen from us. But it's our fault. We want entertainment...and it has to keep getting better and better. Sick!

Don't mean to vent so much...I am just as guilty as anyone else who watched these programs. And I know others too can not believe the things they see or hear about being in public view. The sheer disgust of it all. I am a horror movie lover...I truly am. I will rent every stupid horror flick out there. I know it's fake. It's gory and horrible, but all fake. When I see the reality of a situation that is stomach churns. People jumping out of windows in the World Trade Centre. Why did we need to see that?? The luger that lost his grip on the ice in the Whistler Olympics...I definitely did NOT need to see that. His poor family.

Anyhow, I needed to get this out of my head so that I can let it go. I don't have to watch it. Maybe others will stop. Maybe one day it will be illegal to show these types of images on the web or TV or any kind of media display. We can only hope.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Lowly Lonely Loner... what I am. Or at least who I feel I need to be once in a while...and I do fully enjoy it.

I am not testifying to not need people around me...or that I don't require social contact with others. I just relish being in my mind and having the peace and quiet that goes along with it. Like when it is just me and Maggie walking up the road through the trail down to the beach then walking along the beach around to the next is pretty lovely. I could do it for hours and hours.
Then it's nice to come home and chill for a bit...maybe read or play on the computer...clean a room in the house. Whatevs. Alone time is good time.

I was thinking today, while on my walk with Maggie that if life changed and I was alone...I could dig it. I would never in a million years want to change the way my life is now. I love living in this house with Clint...sharing my life with him and having adventures. That is what truly makes me happy and enjoy's how I have been blessed. ;o) my mind, while I was just daydreaming, I was imagining living in a small cabin in a rural environment (much like where we live now I suppose...but my cabin gets full sun and is always warm and cozy) all by myself. My cabin would be an hour drive to where you can get supplies like food and gas and living people don't really visit me often. And I like that. I have a dog...maybe a cat or two too. I also have internet, but it is dial-up...ancient times, slow speed.
You know, just because you are alone does not mean that you can not count on and utilize the technology that is out there for our own purposes and pleasure.I would feel the need to use it once in a while to check things like the good old world of FB and of course I would be sending emails to friends and family. I also would have a phone and probably use it as a device of communication with the outside old school eh? The "telephone". But, I feel for the most would just be me, some hobbies, dog walking, pondering, gardening, sleeping, lots of baths...but outside baths, in the middle of my sunny meadow where the daisies surround me by the millions. On the other side of the meadow there is a path that leads me down to the water...could be the ocean or a majestic lake. Either would be fabulous. As long as I can walk along the water, taking a dip whenever necessary. This fantasy is pretty sweet to me. It got into my head today because I was enjoying a beautiful sunshiney day while Clint is was out for the most part of it. But, I came home and 20 minutes later, in walks Clint. And then I am so super happy that I AM in this chilly but fabulous cabin, living in the "country" with a sexy and fun man beside me each and every day. Nice thing is...he too is a loner and likes his sweet alone time. Perfection! We can be loners together, forever!

So...if someone calls me a loner...I own it. Love it. Even though it is usually only me calling me a loner. ha ha But, I think it's excellent to be able to be by yourself and to also be totally comfortable with that. Not everyone can do it. It's a blessing not a curse.

Anyway...Maggie and I had a fun time on our walk. I like the 10 sec shot.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why are the 80's so popular again??

Not that there is anything wrong with them...but seriously...somebody tell me WHY??

Along with every other decade that has made a come back...we will find people that are not happy with it. We remember back in those days, the way we were and the clothes we wore, seeing everything as so yesterday. Well, that is because they are outdated fashions and it was so, like yesterday! lol It's not like everyone who was wearing bell bottom pants
during the 1970's was thinking "what the hell am I doing wearing these stupid pants?" It was in was in the magazines...Hollywood stars were wearing them. If you did NOT have a pair of bell bottoms you were out of touch with true fashion. So, they were worn with pride back were cool in them. But then the 1980's came and it was all about tight ankle and wide hipped pants...the Harem pant! We all loved them and wore them. So comfortable too! You could head on down to Warehouse One or Mariposa and pick out any colour you dreamed of. Stirrup pants too...classic 80's! Back then, I dug it. I loved it. And then that ended and the 90's brought new fashion again...and so on. It just happens that way. And with each new decade comes inspiration from past decades but in an updated and far cooler way...the old and the new combined to create an even bigger impression on fashion history.

These are just the facts and we all know them and understand them...but still we complain when old fashions come out again. I HATED when big shirts and leggings were coming back not to long ago. Now it's like all I can wear...why? Because it's freakin' comfortable and easy to wear. Ha ha ha! And it's going out of style again. But now I live on a small island where no one cares if you walk around in sweats all day long...well, they care but just don't care enough to let it bother them. Cool. I will continue on wearing my leggings until they fall apart and you can no longer buy them because they are so out of fashion. Though I might keep a pair that I continue to repair or whatever...just cause I like them so much! So silly! ;op

It's 80's week this week...whatever that means. Everyone on Facebook has been posting pics of them in the 80's! And we were ALL so ugly! Ha hahahahahaaaaaa!!! Seriously...gross! ;op
(but back then we thought we were the bomb. lol) I created an album on my FB page dedicated to the 80's. There's only like 7 pictures in it...I hate scanning...and taking pictures of photos, lame. But I am feeling nostalgic.

The 80's for me (and you too...admit it) was a period of very bad fashion. But even worse because I was ALWAYS wearing that stupid artificial arm. It controlled what I wore at all unfair. And this is a big reason a look back at the 80's is doubly disturbing to me. I want to forget I even wore that weird and heavy and cumbersome and self esteem thief. The dr's called it a life saver...I consider it personal hell. All right Pam...don't get too dramatic. It's only Thursday! lol But it's just that when I look back at the photos and see that ARM dangling like a lifeless limb (which it was) I just wish I could turn back time and not ever have worn it. Wished I didn't rely on it to make me feel normal and for others to feel I too was normal and ease their comfort around me. Ack! Drama continues...get over it. Well, I think I am over it. Just a haunting I have every once in a while that drives me a little crazy. At least I was a cute kid! lol

So, I say down with the 80's. Let's celebrate this week...week of the 80's and then let go...move on...for real man! 1989 has come and gone. I believe the numbers are 2010...let's enjoy this year, it's almost over. Let's celebrate today and tomorrow for what we are...just as we are. I am by no means demanding that everyone get naked and have a bunch of drinks and celebrate who they are...but that also sounds like fun. ;o) Let's celebrate everyday the life that we have and enjoy what we have in the moment. The moment is great!

That's my spiel for the day...rock on peeps...peace! xox

Monday, October 4, 2010

Curls, Wensday and update extraordinaire...

Must start out with update parents have been re-united at last! In my post of Nov 17/2009 I spoke of how my parents were stuck in Canada due to proper immigration paperwork, ie: green card status...taking such an incredibly long time to get through all the proper channels in the US government. My mom left Texas Aug 30th, 2009 to fly to Winnipeg for the birth of my sisters third child. My dad left for Winnipeg a few weeks later to meet up with everyone and to also meet his new grand daughter. They were a little worried to do this as my dad's work visa was expired...but his lawyer said it should be no problem as the green card should be sent to him in no longer than 5 weeks. Ha! If only we could see the future. My dad eventually got himself back home so that he could work and be able to do things like...well, you know pay their mortgage and what people who own homes do even if the country they live and work in is not co-operating. Lame! Anyhow, my mom tried to go home and was denied. This all happened in January. Fast forward 9 months and my dad received another work visa that will last for 4 years while the green card is in the works...taking forever because as my dad's lawyer found out he was one of the lucky recipients of an audit of his immigration. Ahhh!!! I will never EVER try and immigrate anywhere...the hell that one government can put so many people through is far too emotionally draining. But good dad flew back to Winnipeg and back into my mother's arms. They were apart for her 60th birthday and their 40th wedding anniversary was August 15th which they also spent apart. But happiness finally...they are together again! This is something to rejoice about and definitely give thanks for this coming Thanksgiving weekend. Yay!!

 you must feel suspense...what will I talk of next? Curls! Ha ha ha! Me & Wensday had some chilling out in front of the TV and putting curlers in my hair last night. Ladies night in the den! And today I am happy with my curls...I think Wensday is too. Hee hee ha!

Love and happiness to you...I hope everyone has a lot to be thankful for this year too! xoxoxoxo

Do you like my curls????

Sunday, October 3, 2010

What a FABULOUS day!!

I know I say it all of the sometimes too much for those that also enjoy spending time out here...but I freakin' LOVE living on an island!! Who knew?? When my girlfriend Mel moved to Galiano Island back in 1999 and I was still living in Winnipeg not even thinking I would ever even leave...I couldn't help but think that she was absolutely nuts! Why would anyone in their right mind want to live somewhere that you can not escape from except by boat? This kind of behaviour did not compute in my brain. I just kept thinking it would totally drive you crazy. And...I will say that it truly will and does drive people mad. It's called cabin fever and it is for real. ANYHOW, I now am an island girl...I love being "stuck" on my island. I don't want to leave so I am not bothered at all. hee hee!

One of the advantages to living here is that because we are island dwellers many people own some sort of nautical transportation. We have a ain't ours, but our friend leaves it on our property as we are right at the water and it's a good spot to paddle from. Other friends have little tinnies (aluminum boats), some sailboats, others party boats. Today we were very fortunate to get a ride in a beautiful handmade wooden boat...that was refurbished and brought back to "tip top, look at me I am a really pretty boat" life...and this was all accomplished by our friend Damian. So Damian and my good friend Kate took us out for a boat ride around Gabriola and over to New Castle Island for a picnic and a hike...then to the Dinghy Dock Pub on Protection Island for a pint and back home through the Passage. The sun was out...and so were all of the other boaters and sailors getting in one of the last super sunny and warm Saturdays. Soon it will be rainy...poop! It was Kate's birthday we celebrated hers and Clint's together. Good times.

It was also my nephew Samuel's 9th birthday. Man, he is such a little sweetheart. We called and sang happy birthday to him this morning before the boat ride. I ended up on the phone with him for 20 minutes talking about music...and what bands and songs I like. Ha ha! It was so cute. He was wondering who my favourite all time band was...I said "All time?? I guess that would have to be the Beatles". He didn't like that answer so said "No Auntie can't be the Beatles. It has to be a band from now...not all time!" But, I don't even know how to answer that's loaded. There are a ton of bands or singer songwriters who I adore all at once. I listen to a HUGE variety of music not the same cds each day. Yes, I said CD's...that was not a typo or a slip of the tongue. We DO have an IPOD...I bought it for Clint a few years ago for his birthday while I was in Texas...they are way cheaper there. And the ipod has a lot of our music on it...but it can only hold 1gb. Yes, again...very lame to people of the 21st century...all who have their 16GB ipod touch or whatever the latest gadget is called. We have 1GB...and no dock to play it from. We have headphones! ;op We have so many cd's that we would need 3 ipods to get all the music on. Samuel and I are talking music and he is asking me about all these bands, of which I am surprised he knows them...or even some of the songs. He says "I really like Rock you like a Hurricane." I'm like..."from the Scorpions???" and I sing the chorus and he is laughing and saying "yes...I love that song!" He goes on about other songs and I finally figure out he knows this music because of Guitar's a Wii game. A video game is teaching my 9 year old nephew about music...this is extremely conflicting for me. I hate that video game usage is at an all time high...pretty much makes up a lot of most kids days and how they spend their free time. I find that sickening...get your asses outside and enjoy nature...learn shit!! But, I think music is very important. And for a kid, who was born in the new millennium to be able to know the words to Scorpions song from 30 or so odd years ago...that's pretty rad I must say. Conflict in my brain... ack!

Because I like talking about music...I had a 20 minute conversation with Samuel who can never sit still for a phone chat for more than 2 minutes. It was heaven for me!

What a fabulous day!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sunny Fall Days...

October 1st...what? Where did my summer go? It's Clint's birthday today...39 years ago today he came into this world. Beautiful healthy baby he's a beautiful, sexy and amazingly talented man...that I like to call "baby".

Technically September 21 is the Autumn equinox...but for some reason I always see today as the true beginning of Fall. The smell outside is different today...that fresh but fading scent. The scent of summer has faded and the wet green grass is coming back to refresh the green earth. I love that out on the west coast winter stays green. It's pretty amazing when you grew up with white and freezing cold winters to now send your winters surrounded by lush green forests and walks on the beach with lapping waves...I really do love it here. defense of the I truly am a "Prairie Girl"...I LOVED those white winters. The sun shines pretty much daily...glistening sparkles off the snow. Blinding at times...but it's like the world has been covered in diamonds...or cubic zirconia's! lol's super sunny outside. Must be +20 or something. I am hanging out down at Silva Bay enjoying the beautiful sight and scent of the ocean...Maggie at my side. I am going to get back outside now and continue reading 'Weed Man - The remarkable journey of Jimmy Divine'...what a book...what a guy! Very interesting read...go out and get it! ;o) So out I go...into the hot sun and cool ocean breeze.

Peace out party people! ;o)