Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Communicating with people is such a difficult procedure. They will assume whatever they want of what you are saying sometimes without being able to look at the bigger picture. It happens to me...it happens to everyone. We are so caught up in our own busyness that we don't really listen to what someone is trying to tell us. We hear the words come out in a sentence that makes sense and is verbalized...yet it  is not being understood. All of our other millions of thoughts are being sifted at the same time. It makes it extremely tough to decipher what the person is trying to convey...and if what the person is trying to say is about emotions...it is more imperative that we listen. We are such unconscious people...all of us. As hard as we may try to stay focused and to be in the moment...this world of technology and too much on the go and just trying to make a decent dollar, to be able to live life is driving us all mad. Mad I say! I am thankful to live on an island where I can take the time to smell the roses more often. Watch the birds and bees and other crazy things in nature. Watch a bug...it is SO in the moment. It hears and sees everything larger than life. I so want to be like that. I want everyone on this whole planet to be like that. There would be no false accusations, blames, mean critiques, miscommunication, hurt feelings, sorrow, rejection, failure...oh life. It is too complicated...well, it's actually us. WE HUGELY complicate it all. Life is quite simple...let it roll. (I am trying to pull my own head out of some hurt right now...talking myself down. Shake it off like a duck!)

Some photos of the last few days of 12:12 should make me feel a little better. It was a nice week. ;o)
Thursday May 24 12:12 pm
Clint...quit biting yer nails!!! One of my pet peeves...(why do I even let it bother me so? It's the sound...the sound of grinding nail on tooth...yuck. My ears feel the noise right now...yikes!) What a beautiful day it was...sunny and warm. We took the doggies down to the beach again...Larry loves to catch the ball there. (he does not get that he can bring it back yet) It is always a fun time leaving the house and going for some fresh air and happy times at the beach with Clint, Maggie and Larry. The Family! (too bad Wensday can not tag along.)
Friday May 25 12:12 pm
(clearly, I love beach walk time...my mouth is open with glee second day in a row!) hee hee I love having the truck to drive around. Both dogs can comfortably sit in the back. We can have a bowl of water and treats. The back windows are tinted (oooh, classy!) so it keeps it shaded back there for the hot and sunny days. The seats flip right down so they can be as dirty as they want. It is a good time vehicle...I can't wait to take it out on a camping trip or two! Summer!!! Oh yeah...and canoe time too. We finally have a vehicle with which to lug our canoe about. woo hoo!! (I'm even more excited now!)
Saturday May 26 12:12 pm
I was preparing to leave home for the Farmer's Market down at the Agi Hall. Gabriola does not just offer up the very best organically grown veggies and herbs and other garden treats...the market here also is chock full of amazing artists. I love to go and check out all of the tables. So many talented people live on this tiny little island. You can find handmade silver jewelry, beaded crystal jewelry, leather jewelry, necklaces that have been crocheted and adorned with lovely ceramic characters and flowers, ceramic mugs and bowls and funky things, cards and paintings, kids clothing, tie dyed clothing, wood carving, soaps and other bath/body products...there is just so much!! For some of the works there, you can look at these sites...Lindsay, Kate, Mariko, Laura, Ranza...those are the only sites I know by heart!
Sunday May 27 12:12 pm
Where else would we be? The beach!! We were just getting ready to leave and I was like..."It's 12:12!!" Clint took this photo. I am taking the opportunity to love him. :o) Our walk was earlier today as we were heading to Mudge Isand for our friend Lisa's 40th birthday party. (Oh, I love going to Mudge. It is my dream to live there one day...I WILL make that happen. Even though my parents think that is a nutty thing to do! lol) I love being closest to nature...I find it calming in the storm that is our existence. I love how I can just relax and enjoy the smells sounds and sights of all of it surrounding me. Total peace. (yeah, yeah...call me a hippy. it is just a sweet thing to love.)
Monday May 28 12:12 pm
Who's an excited boy?? Larry!! What a cutie! Today was special. It was the first walk at Drumbeg with Larry. It is definitely Maggie's favourite beach walk. It is also Clint and my favourite spot on all of Gabriola. So much of it reminds me of Manitoba...of the Canadian Shield. It is impressive. I love it. The point on the north side of the bay is the sweetest spot when tide is low. Flat sandstone...huge area coming down to one point. It is an awesome spot. I imagine doing something like renewing my vows of marriage and forever love to Clint there. It is definitely a special space. :o) We have been talking about taking Larry here for the last few days...feeling he is ready to leave the regular beach that we have gotten him used to. Time to do more exploring...maybe a forest walk soon!

Okay...now here is the pic of the week. This was taken this morning. I had to close the gate at the front stairs to keep Larry from running out and chasing a deer that was in the yard. She didn't mind Maggie...don't even know if Maggie saw her. She didn't mind Wensday...usually Wensday tries to run after deer! She didn't mind me and Larry standing on the deck staring at her. (I was trying to teach Larry that other wildlife is okay...they need not be chased!) I eventually took Larry out on his leash to walk him in and around the deer. She kept eating. Then walked near Wensday. Like a stand off! She eventually walked back into the forest. What a nice moment with all four animals. :o)
 All right...goodnight! It is almost 12:12 am!! ;op

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another rant...my own crap! ;op

I am just super DUPER frustrated right now. I get this way once in a while...maybe you have read my words of self deprecating reflection in the past. It's generally when I am having immense pains (chronic pain sucks...but you can get used to being in pain. so when it worsens here and there...ARGH!!!!!!) in my shoulder or neck or stupid arm. I start to reflect upon my life...the things I have done...the things I probably should not have done. Being born with only one arm kind of puts you in a position of pre-low self esteem. Not that I wasn't loved to bits by my wonderful and loving, caring family...without a family like I have, I have no idea where I might be right now. But, in your own mind, when you are "different" than every other person that you come into contact with, it can make life THAT much more of a challenge. And...well, I simply just love a challenge! I took every aspect of my life as just that...one big game that I was definitely going to win. I did absolutely everything that I wanted to...even if my mom said that I shouldn't. (as every kid does!) In my case it was needing to be stronger than those around me...proving that I did not need help from anyone. "I can do it!" My Oma used to always tell me that is what I said when I was really little..."No Oma, I don't need you...I can do it all by myself!" I was proud of who I was. And it was that pride that brought me to where I stand today. Growing up working for my dad, at his greenhouse, I did everything. I was 13 and was hauling 50 pound bags of soil or sand to a car for a customer because all other employees were busy. (the gentleman buying the stuff wouldn't want to dirty his new khaki shorts...why not have this tiny young one armed teen do it for me. Seriously!) I would haul rolls of sod, big trees, drive the tractor, shovel gravel and carry heavy patio stones too. I could do it, so I did. And it made me feel strong and good and just like everyone else. Well, at least like the adults around me! lol I didn't know any other young teen girls doing the heavy labour that I did. So, that made me even prouder. I was amazing! ha ha ha! Well, I am definitely paying for it all now in my ripe old age. ;op My arm just does not want to work for me anymore. (typing these blogs pains me...seriously...so lame. But I love to write...so I do. Yep...still my freakin' pride!!)

I guess sometimes I will lay in the warm water of my bath tub and reflect on these things of my past. Wish that I had been smarter...listened more to what my parents said instead of being a proud little ignorant brat! But then I also sit there and wish I was not me...(well, I like me...just not me physically at times) I wish that I was born with two arms and legs that never had to have surgery to make them equal. (that's a whole other story!) I wish that I was "just like everyone else" and had two arms. If I did I would still be able to have a full time job, not be frustrated when I can't hold onto something and open a door, clap my hands, braid a friends hair, drive a stick (I know how to drive standard...it just ain't safe!), climb the monkey bars, hug you even tighter, twiddle my thumbs, play guitar or even just have others see me as not a "disabled" woman. I do love who I am...I love the fact that I am unique. There is no one else like me. But there is also no one else like all of you. We are all so very different in so many ways. We are all snowflakes in the snow globe of the world. It is just so hard for me to see that sometimes...and that is what is so completely frustrating to me. I am a happy person, I hate when I am not feeling that way. I get all sucky and feel sorry for myself. What a waste of time! Who cares that I can not do all of those things...and more. It doesn't take anything away from my life. I need to learn to be happy with what I have been given...and also to be okay with what has been taken away from me through my pain. I have overused the one beautiful arm that I have been given. It's time to take care of me instead of trying to take care of everything else. Who cares that I can't arm wrestle the strongest boy anymore. (yeah...I totally beat a whole bunch of boys back when I was strong...hee hee. Must feel pretty funny being beat by a one armed girl! lol) I am strong willed, always have been always will be. And that too is a good thing. All right...rant is over. it's a sunny day and I am going to enjoy it. Relaxingly! :o)

12:12 the last few days...
Monday May 21 12:12 pm
No...that is NOT me in the tub! lol (if it were me I'd be pretty darn cute though, eh?) I was without my camera at 12:12 on Monday. I went into the tub at 10:30...I emerged from the warm healing waters at 12:45!!! I actually thought that I was not in there that long that morning.It felt like only a moment. I love being in the hot water...it soothes my muscles and tendons and aches. But also, the best part about the tub...I can't do anything while in there. No cleaning, no creating, no nothing but pure relaxation. And that is exactly what I need to do. That is why it is my favourite place to be...my safe haven. (funny thing though...washing my hair hurts my shoulder too!!! Argh! ha ha ha! Just got to laugh!)
Tuesday May 22 12:12 pm
What a fun day Tuesday was. I woke up to an email from my friend Chad asking me if I wanted to drive to Port Alberni with him and his girlfriend Jill to bring his 1966 Corvette Stingray (Annabelle) out of storage. The three of us and Cain the big Newfie/Pyrenees baby (oh he is such a big sweetie!) did the drive over to the middle of Vancouver Island. (he loves lying in the back seat of the truck...it's his spot!Isn't he a cutie?) The drive back I got to sit in the passenger seat of said Corvette. What a sweet ride! I didn't even flinch (too much) when Chad did some burnouts! It was cool to be in that car. Sexy!!! ;o)

My self portrait...me and the Stingray!

Wednesday May 23 12:12 pm
Me and JoJo and Maggie and Larry had a fun little time on the beach after a quick trip to the GIRO. It's pretty sweet watching Larry let loose and chase his little red ball. It is his fun time...he lights up at the beach. I can not wait for his first jump in! Maybe he will follow me into the waters...when it is warm enough. (I have ALWAYS wanted a water dog!!)

I think that right now I am going to go upstairs and get dressed and get out to the beach again...you ready dogs??

Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's all about the 12:12...

Long weekend is here...yesterday was gorgeous at every minute of the day. Planted some flowers and veggies...Clint was doing some sawing and sanding...friends came by for beers on the hot and sunny deck...perfect day. Oh yeah...we hit two garage sales first thing in the morning. The second of the two was the most intense yard sale I have ever been to...people were pushing and pulling and there was just too many of them. Swarms...like Wild African Bees! Hello peeps...we are on an island...sloooooow down! Yikes! My anxiety was hitting the milky way. We got out alive with two nice deck chairs and a rotten planter...sweet! Today, was kind of grey, but we got to the beach and Larry played with the ball...he is so good! I have been taking it easy. I guess I just did too much planting yesterday. Boo! Anyhow...all I gots in me are the days of the week...my 12:12 photos. ;o)
Monday May 14 12:12 pm
Just hanging around the house as per usual this day. I was feeling a wee bit forlorn as the day before was Mother's Day. I realized that it has been 12 years since i have gotten to spend Mother's Day with her. For the most part,she is always with my siblings...up in Winnipeg. I guess I moved too far away! ;op Thankfully, this coming Thanksgiving my mom and dad are coming to see us for 5 days. That will be a ton of fun! October is a long way off...but I am still way excited!

Tuesday May 15 12:12 pm
I spent a long time on Tuesday writing a blog...not for myself...for Clint. I think what he does is amazing. He is such a incredibly talented artist that I wish I had a mere ounce of his creativity. But I would say that it is his presence near me that motivates me to do the crafty things that I get up to. Anyhow, while I was type, type, typing away he recalled losing his change in the chair the evening before. So, being the big kid that I am, I bolted for the big chair and rummaged around between the attached cushions. I found a few coins...but I found a few other treasures too! hee hee. (The bottle caps look quite old. I am thinking 70's? Jackson Triggs...I don't drink it! I obviously did not do a very diligent job cleaning the chair when we brought it home from the Value Village! ha ha ha ha!)
Wednesday May 16 12:12 12:34 pm
At exactly 12:12, I was under the wax...the hot wax. My friend Wendy is an esthetician and she came over to wax my ultra hairy legs. (Seriously, the hairs were at least an inch long...I was manly. I must say that I do enjoy the feeling of the cool breeze in my hair!) I love the feel of freshly waxed legs, after a shower and in fresh sheets at bedtime. YES!!

 Thursday May 17 12:12 pm
Walking through downtown Nanaimo and up to the old hood. It's a nice little area...all character homes. Then you get to a little more "rough on the edges" neighbourhood, where I think they are trying to revive it. Taking it back, as they say. ;o) We went to town to get us a truck. Our car...sweet Alberto has kind of kicked the bucket. He is old and tired but still with all of his original parts. In the last 2.5 years I put 55,000 kms on it. And the parts are aching now too. When my Omi gave it to me, he had only 47,000 kms on him...now there is 102,000. (Don't worry Alberto...I WILL fix you, eventually) Anyhow, we ended up with a beast...1988 Toyota Land Cruiser. (automatic and gas...yeah, yeah...I know, all you Toyota snobs out there. ;op It could be better...I don't care, it was $700!)
Friday May 18 12:12 pm
When a man has a truck and has the ability to haul wood and supplies and such...a whole new world opens up. Clint is busy making sandwich boards for a new shop here on the island...HTF creations. They are going to look awesome when done. It will be advertising art at it's finest! can't wait til they are finished and we can drop them off at their new home. (I love watching the process from start to finish on any of Clint's project.Pure magic!)

Saturday May 19 12:12 pm
My crazy garage sale score...two beach chairs! I love them. I even like the yellow of them. Looks good with the blue house. I had a chair like these once. It was wooden with a green and white striped canvas seat. The chair was built by my Opi (Albert...who I named my car after. He bought it just before he died. Miss you Opi!) back when they first immigrated to Canada. I had left it sitting out on my balcony once during a windstorm when I lived in Vancouver still. The canvas was torn to absolute shreds...both age and pure wind force. It just fell apart after that. So, now I have these to love...remind me of lounging in the sunshine beside my Opi. ;o)
Sunday may 20 12:12 pm
I spent some time today taking photos of a few paintings and putting them up on our Etsy page. The wall to he right of Maggie is where I would hang them to take the photo. I also had to stand on that end of the couch to get a proper shot. So, not only was Maggie being surrounded by other faces, I was also cramping her style with my feet. Man, she sure will just about let you do anything around her. What a chill dog. (She is also deaf...that helps in a ton of situations too.)

Well...I believe that it is just about that time to make some tea and do some relaxing. Peace out! ;o)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunny days...

Technically, summer starts June 21st...or is it the 22nd...errrr, actually it's the 20th, right? ha ha ha! Well,it is coming, sooner than later. And right now, the weather sure is feeling like the first day of summer has passed. The last couple of days have been sunny and warm...bringing feelings of joy to the depths of my soul! Oh, how i love the sunshine. I am watching all of my plants just flourish out on my sunny deck. What could make a girl happier than that. Bright greens, pinks, yellow, purple...oooh, I have to get some more flowers! I have a little wash bucket that is going to be a little garden with lettuce and something else...haven't quite decided yet. Square foot gardening maaaaaan! This deck is going to grow good. I am really excited for how well tomatoes will do out here. Yummy!!!

Yesterday we pulled the big carpet out of the living room and put it out on the deck. Oh yeah...can't wait to have a dinner party! Clint has built us a deck table...we have no proper patio furniture. Looking online at new and used patio furniture is quite depressing. New...well,let's just say that we would have to take out a small loan to be able to afford a nice table and chairs. (I need a big table...more people can eat that way!) Used...well, it all is VERY used and crappy looking...that is why they are getting rid of it obviously. But really, just throw it out people...it's garbage. Unless your set is still in good condition and not crap...don't put it online. Bring it to a recycle depot or thrift store. Anyways...our deck is looking good. I have made a beautiful little container garden space of herbs, flowers and my roses. It makes me happy. I can just sit and enjoy the plants AND ocean at the same time. I am a very lucky lady! Now I just need to have some patience wand wait for my gorgeous roses to start blooming. The sweet scent of the peach coloured roses is so intoxicating. It dazzles all of my senses. Ooooooooh weeeeeeee!! I can't wait! ;o)                                                                 

Quick look back at 12:12...in a hurried rush this morning...ahhhh...getting picked up to get stuff in the Village. It sucks big time when you don't have a car. Car gods (van gods...we need space)...please let something amazing come up soon!! :o)           

Wednesday May 9 12:12 pm
Maggie in the back of the Element. (thank you Tina & Penny for loaning your awesome vehicle to us to pick up the newest family member!) We had a quick pop into Costco in Nanaimo before heading to the big ferry to get to Burnaby where Larry was living with his fabulous Foster Mom Carole. Maggie was like..."I hope this bed is meant for me!"

Thursday May 10 12:12 pm
Larry!! Isn't he so cute? I know that living here is going to make him very happy! I mean...this is paradise, right where we live. From the filthy mean streets of Taiwan...to the peaceful and fresh island life. Who's a lucky boy...Larry is!!!

Friday May 11 & Saturday May 12
Well...to be completely honest with you...neither of these cute Maggie et Larry photos were taken at 12:12. (totally gapped this week) I have been so incredibly distracted having Larry here in the mix, that I don't even pay attention to the time. Don't pay attention to much...I probably stink! (joking...remember...I am a daily long bath taker! lol) I am just all over trying to 1. teach Larry English. 2. show Larry that we are his pack and he no longer needs to worry. 3. teach him he does NOT have to guard his food, for he will always have food ready for him to eat...no more scavenging. 4. show Larry a true and unconditional love that he will receive in our family. It is both an exciting and an anxiety ridden time. There is just so much that you need to know when training a dog. Maggie was so easy...pre-trained. Sweet Perfection. I guess I wasn't thinking about the fact that a "street" dog would need a ton of work. But I am so into it. I've got two Cesar books from the library!! When I first saw Larry I was so excited to
give him a better life that I didn't even think about the fact that he knows absolutely nothing. Thank goodness he is house trained! No accidents. He is a calm and incredibly sweet dog. He is a mini Maggie and I love him terribly already. As you can see by the photos...they are fast friends. He even loves Wensday...maybe just a little. And he hasn't tried to eat her thinking she is street meat or anything. ;o) I can not wait to see where Larry is at in a couple months. He is growing stronger and more confident every day. He still sleeps with one eye open...but he's only been in our home for 5 days. Son...he'll be snoring away like the other animals. (that includes Clint!) ;op

Sunday May 13 12:12 pm
Happy Mother's day!! (I actually have not been able to see my mom on this day for the last 12 years...maybe next year. I love my mommy and am so thankful for her!) Checked the clock and whamo...12:12. Who is in my sights? Larry! What a good boy...just sitting on the rug. Maybe waiting for a walk?? ;o) Well, I am a mother to three very special animals. And I feel blessed to have their spirits in my life...they lift me up! I love you Wensday, Maggie and Larry now too! xox

All righty then...time to get out the door...buy groceries and toilet paper and then out to the deck to water my plant babies and soak up that gorgeous sun! Happy day to you! xox

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh Sweet Larry. (Part Une)

One night in the beginning of April I opened up a web page that was linked from my friend's Facebook page. Her and her partner had just adopted a lovely little Husky named Indy...she was rescued from an organization up North...Mixed Up Mutts! ;o) What a lucky little girl she is. The link brought me to petfinder.com. (Man, there are a ton of animals that need homes...if you are looking, or thinking about it...check out this site. Save someone. Renew a life that deserves one so badly.) Clint and I had been speaking of getting another Heeler at some point...how sweet it would be for Maggie to have a young friend to teach her impressive manners to. Until that moment in time it was more a passing conversation...we love Heelers now that we have had Maggie in our lives. We really just love animals and we sure have a ton of love to give them. Now that I was looking at photos of puppies and doggies of all ages I was becoming more attached to the possibility of saving another dog..bringing it to paradise to live a long and healthy, happy life. This is where I came across sweet little Larry.

Larry was found on the streets of Taiwan...riddled with a terrible skin affliction. He was taken in by a rescue shelter in Taiwan where they helped him and gave him love, food and a place to lay his head. Thing is, this skin problem left him with some scars on his beautiful face. (reminds me of the handsome singer Seal) Supposedly, people in Taiwan would never want to adopt an animal that does not look "perfect"...Larry would probably end back out on the mean streets. That is when "A Better Life Rescue" came into the picture. Larry was whisked away from Taiwan and brought to Vancouver where he has been living with his foster mom Carole. She has been taking amazing care of him...she has watched him change from a shy pup to a dog full of wonder and amazement and a barrel full of fun. Her three dogs have been showing him the ropes of being a dog...playing ball, running around, chasing and just having fun...a life of a dog. He too has shown them a few things also...for he has learned lots living on the street for the first three years of his life. i am sure he has many a story to share with his new friends. Thank goodness for Carole is all I have to say. She is a true "Dog Humanitarian" (or whatever you would call it)...in speaking with her on the phone, I can feel her love and compassion for the animals...even through her amazing, thick French accent. :o) I am also excited to meet her. She told me that if she didn't already have three dogs at home she would love to keep Larry for he is "The most perfect dog". I bet he is. i can tell by his photos how charming he is...in his shy and unassuming way. His face reminds me of Maggie's. And I cannot wait for the two of them to meet. It will be Grandma Maggie and her Grandson!! Too cute!!

Anyways...way back in April, I fell in love with a photo and a story of a dog named Larry. I wrote an email to the rescue about our household and our dream of giving Larry a blissful life...a life that he deserves...the love that he so deserves. Five days ago I got a call from the 'Better Life' people..."Do you still want Larry?" YES YES YES. An application and a home check later...we have been accepted to be his parents! Yippeeee! Tomorrow we leave for the Lower Mainland to bring our new family member home.

To be Continued...

The last 7 days of 12:12...
Wednesday May 2 12:12 pm
This is a huge tanker being brought in by a few wee little tug boats. They were pushing him towards the place where he needs to park to get filled with containers...containing what, I do not know! ;op

Thursday May 3 12:12 pm
Me and my super cheesy grin. I had just gotten out of one of my daily 2 hour baths...walked downstairs to grab a glass of water and saw the clock. 12:12!! Where is the camera? Quick shot of me and my cozy bath robe and hair towel. That towel has been around FOREVER!! (I was a little girl drying my hand off in my Omi & Opi's bathroom on the towel. Yep...I even cherish a freakin' towel!) ;op

Friday May 4 12:12 pm
Walking through the trails at Descanso Campground with Maggie and Clint. I stumbled across a patch of these Lady Slippers. They are so beautiful. You can always find them among a lot of moss and shade...although the sun was peaking through the trees at this exact moment making the flowers dazzle in the shine. Aren't they beautiful? Do not pick these flowers if you find them. They are endangered and belong where they live. They won't survive if picked...so don't even bother. (a friend of mine yanked one out of the ground her first visit to Gabriola...I almost fell over. I brought it home and replanted it in fertile soil...dead the next day. So sad.)

Saturday May 5 12:12 pm....
I got's nothing...no photo...no desire to try and draw where I was. For I was in a coma...a drug induced coma. I went to see my Dr. the other day...he was not there but his locum was. He decided he needed to take care of my "situation" himself. (I was complaining of pain in my shoulder...what else is new?) He asked for a list of all of the drugs I had been on over the last 10 years to deal with my pain. he took it upon himself to prescribe this drug 'Cymbalta' to me. I generally only take the advice from my specialist in terms of my arm pain. I have been seeing him for 10 years...I have been off drugs for about 7 years because NOTHING helps. I have learned to live with my pain and deal with it on a daily basis. Well, Cymbalta really did me in. No concentration, jittery feelings, stars when I get up from being down, dry mouth, depression...among other things..oh yeah...TERRIBLE taste in my mouth all day long. Saturday I was a zombie. I could not stay awake. i almost fell asleep in the tub. I had to get out and lay down. Comatose the entire day. Boo!!!
Sunday May 6 12:12 pm
Tug boat, logger man running on the booms, swallows flying around. Lots going on this day outside my window. I love watching the men run across the logs...it is so very cool to me. (reminds me of the National Film Board vignette from way back in the 70's...the "Log Driver's Waltz". One of my faves ever!!)

Monday May 7 12:12 pm
(the photo was actually taken about 12:43) My car has been running really rough lately...took it in to get fixed, spent $300...still runs bad. It makes me very sad. The car is VERY special to me. Was my Opi's. I haven't been able to wash it for a long time. We never had a lot of water to use at our last place. Here, we do. So out came the hose, the sponge and a sparkling white car came out of it. Isn't Alberto beautiful? ;o)

Today, Tuesday May 8 12:12 pm
I have been sitting here writing this blog. Yep, in my bath robe and hair towel cause I just got out of my bath tub! ;o) And now, Clint just walked in and we are going to take Maggie for her last lone walk...for tomorrow...Larry comes home! ;o)

I can't wait for all of the stories that I will have about Larry and Maggie together! yippeeee!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oh Controversy...thy name is mud!

I know that I have a past blog post named "Controversy"...it had to do with the new Fire hall that needs to be built on our sweet little island. The reason it caused such an incredible public stir was the fact that there was absolutely no public consult. And I felt that the ones upset by that had a valid reason to be so...the monies for the new hall come out of property taxes, and the proposed hall was going to cost a minimum of $4.5 million. So, yeah, that is totally understandable. If I was paying big bucks for a massive project, i would want to be in the know and be part of the whole process. Come to an agreement with everyone, to make it a comfortable discussion for the whole community. There was a lot of hatred spewed over it all. Threatening comments made and just a whole bunch of bullshit on both sides of the fence. It ended with a referendum that just happened only weeks ago. The vote was 54% in favour of the big expensive plan. Great, it's over...next chapter.

(still needs finishing work on the pencil)
The latest uproar is all about public art. (although, I suspect there is some ill feelings overflow from the whole "fire hall" episode...let it go!) The Gabriola Arts Council made a decision to make 2012the year of making public art. We are known as the "Isle of the Arts"...but there is not much art to be seen when you drive onto the island. (besides the artistic work of nature of course...which is beloved by all) Grants have been written and subsequently approved in order to make this happen. One of the projects the Arts Council came up with, was to paint some of the Hydro poles around the island. Brilliant!! What a wonderful idea...painting the ugly eye sores with some colour and cheer. Something for peoples of all ages to enjoy...something for the tourists to cherish as a memory from their visit to the beautiful island of Gabriola. For the last few months there have been newspaper articles about the project, Facebook posts and a flyer that everyone received in their mailbox. All of a sudden, when the first pole is being done, a few people decided they were uninformed of all of this happening and are against it. That's fine...everyone has a right to their opinion. But in reality, what is SO wrong about a 30' pole getting the bottom 8' of it painted?? I can not see the problem myself...as they will be painted with the artistic integrity of this island. No monies are being taken away from this community nor does anyone have to personally pay for it through taxes or what have you. It is fully supported by the Arts Council here, who has gotten permission from BC Hydro to paint "their" poles. (as we all know, the poles are 100% the property of BC Hydro.) None of the painted poles will be in view from some one's home. And approximately only 12-15 of, let's say 10,000 poles on the island will even be touched. I think some people just like to get their knickers in a knot and spew their negativity against something so positive. On top of it all...my super duper talented husband is one of the artists involved in this pilot project. He is feeling under attack by these negative Nancy's. Brutal. Our house is full of anxiety, tears and a ton of frustration over this. Clint came up with the brilliant idea for one of the "feature" poles. It is a big pole when you get up the ferry hill. And now it looks like a big ass pencil! It is so cool. While the four artists involved with the project were painting the pencil on Saturday, about 100 people passed by...ALL of them with thumbs up or hoots through their windows while driving by. Positivity reigns!!! And that is all that matters. There is no need for public consultation on a project such as this. There will never be 100% approval of something so beautiful and all about fun and imagination and most of all community. I have heard so many people also say..."My kids love the pencil...they are so excited!" And isn't that the main thing...what we want to hear? The children are our future...let's make it bright and cheery for them!!

All righty...12:12 project. (I hope nobody tries to shut my project down! lol)
Saturday April 28 12:12 pm
Where else do I spend a better part of my days...le tub!!! The sun was trying so hard for the most part of the day to shine upon us all. As long as I can sense it...i am happy. As you can see on the left...I have a Hummingbird feeder set up. ;o) I love to watch them feed as I lay in the warm relaxing and soothing water. It's nice to be in that state of comfort and still get to enjoy the beauty of all nature outside my window. I feel so lucky to live in this home.

 Sunday April 30 12:12 pm
I had to get to the pencil to see the ground detailed work that Clint did. Loose leaf!! I love how the pencil looks smashed into the paper. How witty! How can you think this is terrible. Clint spent 2 hours cleaning the sight up...garbage, dirt, weeds, dead squirrel...trashy little piece of land. Now look at it! Fun!!

Today...May 1 12:12 pm
I got nudged off of the computer. This NEVER happens. Clint hates the computer...he is old school. (I love him that way!) But the sad part of this photo is that he is feeling attacked by the very community we cherish and have grown to love. We moved here to get out of the city. To be in a place where we didn't need tons of $$ to live happily (like millionaires). A place where he can be the staring artist working from home and being a caregiver to me...because I need that. I came here for peace and to have a life that I can still enjoy even though I am unable to do most things that I used to. Right now...it feels so terrible. My tears right now over all of this negativity and pain are too much. Time to take Maggie for walk in the meadow of wildflowers.