Friday, September 30, 2011


I like to see my friends and acquaintances and even strangers be happy and excited hearing good news for themselves or enjoying good fortune or whatever the joy is about. It makes me feel warm inside my heart to know that some one's life at that very moment is on the up and up. They are precious moments that need to be cherished and shared with others to rejoice together. Happy moments are da bomb baby! What bugs me more than ever are people who like to steal that happiness from others. These are people who clearly are very unhappy in their own life and want everyone else to be as miserable as them. I would like to see those people happy too...but when they want to "shit" on other people's rainbows over and over again, I just want to kick them over that rainbow so they hit their thick skull on that iron pot of gold. (gold removed of course...just a heavy, hurty pot) I have known people like this my whole lifetime. I even had a "best friend" (I will call her Lilac) when I was younger like this. Lilac hated it when something went good for someone else. So she would actually try and bring you far down while you were up. I learned to NEVER call her when I was excited for was the same for the opposite. I would never call her when I was sad, as you could hear the huge smirk on her face as you were pouring your heart out. Sadness of others made her feel happy...or maybe satisfied in some greedy, needy way that another human was down in the dumps. I think she was just never happy...never tried to find her happiness even, so she lived in her own bell jar of depression, self loathe and hate for everyone and everything else. When I look back, I see that the only reason I was her friend from age 14-27 was because we had fun party fun. She loved to dance and drink and be wild and did we got along just fine back then. I was young and naive and in my own world of self loathe and stuff...but I always was happy in a way. I am just a positive upbeat kind of gal and have been able to keep my inside feelings,for the most part, to my self. (although I am sure at times it came out through my actions that my parents at least could see.)

Anyways...I am feeling super irritated right now at a person who is a "friend" to Clint and I. The quotations used are because I have a hard time calling him that because he is exactly like Lilac. He has tried and succeeded in getting me angry with Clint...starting something up between us in a sneaky vindictive way. We have been nothing but good to this guy too. It makes me feel angry, but at the same time sad for him because he is in his own world of sorrow about his bad health issues. So he lashes out by stirring up trouble for others. I have been planning a HUGE surprise party for Clint's 40th coming up...tomorrow. This dude was fully aware of the party being a surprise. What does he do? He sees Clint in the Village parking lot last week and says to him..."What is this don't tell Clint party all about?" WTF?!? Are you kidding me dude?? Thankfully I was able to poo poo the whole thing and make Clint think I was just trying to plan something neat but was unsure of what was happening yet. (Clint still has no idea of the fun night ahead) He did this to take the fun out of the whole thing for Clint. Who does that kind of stuff?? I feel so freakin' over the top angry. Can ya tell? I wrote him an email asking why the heck he would do something so stupid. Called him out on it and he doesn't even have the balls to reply. ARGH!!!!!!

I have to let it go so it doesn't eat me up. I thought of uninviting him to the party even. But then I think that is cruel, so I don't. I just find people like that so incredibly frustrating and rude and disrespectful and almost worthless. But then I remember that we all have demons that can hold us back and allow us to do mean and bad things. It is not is their sickness. And I have to still be there to perhaps help him out of his black hole. But dude makes it really hard to care. People like him will find themselves very lonely one day if they don't change their attitudes. Argh!

The party will still happen...Clint will still be MAJORLY surprised at what is happening. Like blow his freakin' mind actually. So to all the haters and ruiners out up...don't be a douche bag...figure yourself out so that you can be a part of life. Live, love and laugh!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Some people love change...others can't stand it and avoid it at all costs. I used to be a hater and would fight change to the end...unless of course it was a change that I wanted to make to suit my needs better! ha ha! I guess I used to see change as something bad, meaning that the way I was doing it was wrong. And I sure don't like to be wrong or told that I am doing something wrong. But the word "wrong" and change really have absolutely nothing to do with one least that is something I have been learning and getting to understand in the last year or so. I can remember being told my my mom to "Please change your outfit before we go out." I saw this as a negative comment from her, like she thought that my idea of what looks good sucks and I am such a kid that I can't even dress myself. When, in reality, she is just thinking about the place or event that we are going to...the type of people that may be there and how I would more than likely feel better in a more appropriate outfit for the occasion. Makes perfect sense to me now. Like going to a wedding shower at the church with all of the walking in wearing my white spaghetti jeans, (remember those jeans that when off your legs they looked so skinny and how could any one's legs possibly fit into them...we called them spaghetti warmers. it was the 80's man!) high top runners and a big old sweatshirt would just make me feel out of place and therefore more "negative" attention drawn to me from the lovely older ladies at the church. She was taking care of my heart. I did not like to be stared at...I would generally equate that negativity to be because of my one arm, not the fact that I look like a schlep at a nice function. So I would put a nice pair of dress pants or skirt and top on and enjoy a lovely evening. My mom is one smart cookie! ;o) 

I love getting older. Well, I love getting older now that I realize with each year and incident, accident or whatever is going on...I learn from it. But I only learn if I take the time to see what was happening from all sides of the scope. I spent my youth constantly repeating dumb or bad behaviour...but I did not see it as that. I saw the things I was doing to be right and that they made me strong in some way. I remember thinking "older" people were idiots and that the things they were trying to tell me were just because they were too old to realize how dumb they really were. Ha ha...know what I mean? Exactly the way I must sound now to the "kids" when I give them advice. They just think I am an old lady and have nothing good to offer because I am so out of the loop. Well let me tell you sonny! ;op

One of the biggest changes...the hardest changes I have had to make in my life I came to recently. And it is still a huge work in progress. It's all about the attitude baby! I feel I have, for the most part in my life had a good attitude towards things. I am a glass half full kind of a least that is what I wanted to portray myself as...I could speak positively and act positively, but my mind thought differently. Always a negative banter about myself running through my head. In doing soul searching reading, I now know that those thoughts are actually my ego. I always thought ego meant that you were full of yourself. You, "wow...that guy has a serious ego problem. He thinks he is better than anyone!" That too is the ego...but so are the opposite thought patterns that run though our minds. Feeling sorry for myself? Been there a million times. I fight it almost on a daily basis still. "Why did I have to be born with one arm?" "Why is my body so funny and different than every other girl?" "Why can't I do _____ (fill in the blank with all sorts of two handed things.)?" I could continue on that cycle for my whole life. Or, I can make a change. Change my attitude about it. Sure, I am in pain 24 hours a are billions of other people in one way or why cry about it? Well, my ego is fed by me crying and whining and wanting to be different. I have gotten myself into a comfort zone of self hate, so feeling sorry for myself makes my ego strong and healthy. I don't want a big I have to make changes. I have to look in the mirror each and every day (something I have ALWAYS hated) and tell myself how beautiful I am and that I am exactly as I should be. When I am feeling low for whatever reason, I have to be the one that pulls me out of that negative space. Nothing really matters, except for making sure that I am happy and fulfilled in MY life. That I am completely happy to be me and who I am...who I am for me, not anyone else. I need to love myself fully and completely. Once I am all of these things I then can love others whole hearted too. I have started to understand how we all live in the ego and that our reactions to certain things are due to some hurt inside...we may not even know it as a hurt, but it clearly is if our life is being run by it. Change is good. Changing the way I perceive what others think of me has helped me to love myself more even. I know that the person shrieking in horror at me is not REALLY scared of me. My ego is telling me that so that I get mad because anger makes me feel strong. Oh, that is just so wrong. It's these little changes that we can do for and to ourselves that will eventually help others too. Let your light shine bright. I've been told that my whole life and I am only now coming to understand what that means. Enlightenment is us being at peace with us in every sense of the word. Just be. That is all you need. Shine your light to help others see...

I believe the changes I need are the changes I am making now. (and then some probably!) I feel happier than I ever have...but it's still a struggle...I suspect it will be forever because I am not perfect and I make mistakes and I stumble. But to know that I can forgive myself and love myself regardless is all I need to know. Life is is is fabulous...I have to remember that every day. Change is good! ;o)

Monday, September 26, 2011

You just have to love it.

It happens every single year. And when it does it seems so shocking to all those around. Like..."how did this happen? How could this happen? Summer JUST started!!!" Yep. It's fall. Officially Friday September 23rd was the very first day. Funny was a most beautiful day. We ended up taking the ferry that afternoon ALL the way to the Big Ol' Stink...Vancouver city baby! (Clint will very soon be turning the ripe old age of we took a city trip to hang out with some of his family...good times.) was incredibly hard to leave the island when the sun was beating down on us the whole ferry trip away. All I could think of was that this may very well be the last day of sunshiney heat and feeling like swimming weather. My last day of swim I suppose was September 8th...and that seems like the latest I have ever jumped into the ocean. That is a blessing in itself. I feel like we really don't have much to complain about. Sure, summer started a little late for most of our likings...but for was gorgeous all the way through. Weather is never "perfect" for all involved...that would be each and every single one of us here on this beautiful planet. There will always someone that has a gripe about the weather. "It's too hot...It's too cold...It's not sunny enough...We need rain!" Ha ha ha! I guess it keeps us all guessing. Including those meteorologists that get paid to know...they don't! ;op

Our weekend in the city was nice because it was sunny and beautiful. If it were raining it would be so hard to be there. So even though I sort of wished we had stayed and played on the beach all weekend long due to an amazingly fabulous forecast...I sure enjoyed the city because of it too. Walking around the Sea Wall near Coal Harbour...being able to walk home at 1am from the restaurant/paint studio "Raw Canvas". (you can eat, drink, be merry and then paint a canvas up. that was Clint's b-day night with the fam. Seven of us drinking beer and wine and painting times! The painting is of our two cabs dueling it to the restaurant through downtown Vancouver) We could walk home because it was warm, not raining and it was exciting walking down Granville St. when all of the silly drunk kids are getting out of the bars. Such a gong it!! hee hee. The next evening we were able to walk to Stanley Park to the Malkin Bowl to enjoy an evening under the stars (they were kind of partly fast moving cloud covered, but still nice) leaning against a big 100 year old or so cedar tree and listening to Broken Social Scene rock out for a couple of hours. It was awesome! It is fall and we are still able to do these fun "summer time" things. I love it!!'s raining. And you know, that is totally okay by me. We need water in our cistern anyways! ;op But more than's fall! Yippeee! Bring out your nice sweaters and boots. Make a fire in your woodstove (If you are lucky enough to have one in your home...we do!). I woke up this morning and the house felt chilly...a fire is now roasting. Yay! I love it. What else can you do but love it? This weather will now be here for quite a long time until the spring hits us with the first blooming flowers. I am excited for that time again...but for the moment I am going to enjoy the now...the fall. It is so just HAVE to love it! :o)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh boo hoo!

Yeah, yeah,'s that time again. The sun goes to bed far too early for my also takes forever for it to reach high into the sky to make our home sunny and hot. I would say, without a doubt, that summer most definitely is gone. Waaaaaaaah! It is sad. I agree. But this is also such a lovely time of year. We got a wee bit of rain last night and now everyone is crying. Chin up. Summer was beautiful. It may have started late according to all of us that are down here waiting til June for the heat. Then when June and most of July passes with not much of it...we become like little kids..."Where's the heat? When is it going to come? Why is it not hot yet? I wanna go swimming!" Ha ha ha ha! June had some pretty sweet days where the sun was warm and the beach felt good. Maybe not warm enough to swim...but warm enough to enjoy a sunny beach day and not have a big old sweater on. There were some grey days too...but there was no rain. We can feel happy about that...right? (I remember there was no rain just clouds, cause I kept hoping for water in my cistern! lol) The weather is the weather. It will do as it pleases or as it is being churned out to do...I will take it. I will try not to complain because I can't do ANYTHING to change it. Might as well enjoy it. 

I remember hanging out with my Opi (my mom's dad) on a super freezing cold three kids were sleeping over at Omi and Opi's for the weekend. Opi was getting bundled up to go for walk. This is winter in like I am imagining that it was probably about -30ish...that is cold. I was feeling like he was joking around, realizing that he wasn't I tried to convince him to stay inside so that he wouldn't freeze to death. He sat me down and explained to me that each and everyday is is us that has to make the effort to enjoy it. What is a little cold weather when you can bundle up to stay warm while you are walking in the winter wonderland and taking in the beauty? (Oh Opi...I miss you so terribly.) What a smart man he was. Thank goodness that he was in my life. He sure influenced me in an extremely positive way. I still talk with him...I can't hear him answer me...but I am pretty sure I know what he is saying. A man of love, strength and honour. <3's fall now...technically next Friday is the real first day...I am going to enjoy this season AND the next! Being on the "Wet Coast" means no over the top freezing cold days...but it does get bone chilling that is for sure. It's amazing what a walk on a trail at the beach can do for you in the cold months. We still get the sun on occasion. There are sheltered areas by the water where the wind can not touch you and you can sit and enjoy the scenery while relaxing on the beach in the middle of November! It's beautiful. I love the ease of summer and slipping on a sweet little dress each day. Well...the jeans came out two days ago...I am ready for the fall. I got my sweaters out now too. Bring it on. Bring on the beauty and the fresh fallen leaf scents and the harvest moon! I love it! I will not cry for the end of summer. I thank the summer for the warmth and fun dans le sun that I enjoyed. I now open my arm up wide and embrace the new season. Clint...start chopping wood!!! (now who's crying?) ha ha ha ha!!!!! ;o)
Me and Maggie October last of our many "winter" beach days. I am so excited for our new adventures this year! :o)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crabicure anyone??

Oh man...I sure do love nature. I love living in a place where nature abounds and lives in unison with us big old humans. I think for the most part people here do respect nature...although, I know trapping and shooting and other things that I would not even want to know about happen here too. There are those that see some animals as a nuisance to their life. Like, I know that it must be terrible when you have chickens and a raccoon or mink come in the night and kill seems quite frustrating. It would totally suck. And I would be a balled up mess of tears and sobs and yells if I were to wake up and go feed my sweet and nutty chickens to find them torn apart or the blood sucked right out of them. Sick. In that event, I think I would either restructure my coop, making it tougher than Fort Knox to get in, or not keep chickens anymore. And I would be right mad at those raccoon or mink that did it...maybe even some one's never really know. But I can not, for the life of me imagine then setting up trap, catching the cute little critter and then shooting or drowning it. Pre-meditatingly, taking another living beings life. (I know it is "just an animal", but seriously.) They too are just trying to get by. Live on what they know. Eating food from it's surroundings. Scavenging where they can to get food to live on and feed their children so that they can grow up. We are all from the same place...we are meant to share...but we are taking over...ahhhh....I am getting into something I can not stop. I could write forever on the way I feel about the role of human vs. nature. Touchy subject...but I am too much of a lover to be completely realistic about it all. I just think we ought to let nature thrive...that way I feel that we can thrive. friend Sonia has two sweet little girls. Eva and Sadie. I think they are like 5 and 7ish or something VERY close to that...they grow so fast...I can't keep up. ;o) And, as these amazing girls grow, they learn some pretty cool things...especially living on an island. They have taught me some really cool facts about nature in the ocean. Like...they showed me the difference between a boy crab and a girl crab. The "boy" crab is on the left in the image here...he has a lighthouse on his belly. The "girl" crab has a bee hive or football on her belly. That is how you can tell the sex of a crab. Who knew? Two little girls knew that super interesting piece of information. Thanks girls...I really appreciate the knowledge that you are passing along to me. I enjoy hanging out with these little island girls. ;o) One day they taught me about the "Crabicure". The what?? The Crabicure! I have never been to Thailand, (I sure would love to some day) but I have heard of the places you can go to and have some tea while your feet are immersed in a pool of water filled with tiny little fishies that nibble on the dead flesh on your feet and toes. It sounds a bit odd...perhaps really disgusting to some people. I feel that it is amazing and one day I would love to actually experience the process myself. But, as I learned from Eva and Sadie...I too can have a very similar adventure right here in our own backyard! Crabs feast on decomposing matter on the ocean floor. When you throw a crab trap into the water you put a chicken carcass or something meaty/fleshy to lure the crabs over and trap them. (I have also seen people use a cat food can with holes made in the top for the gross substance to slowly ooze out and attract the bottom feeders.) So, in a tidal pool, the crabs will come to your quietly, just sitting there feet and feed off your dead skin. Who needs a pumice stone when you have crabs?? It is tickly and can sometimes be hurty if they pinch too hard or keep at the same spot for too long...but, they are cleaning your feet, for free. Thanks guys, that is pretty awesome. :o) I love the way it feels as they lightly scrape that hardened foot skin off. Hee hee. I like watching their little claws pinch and then feed whatever they got into their little flickery mouths. It is pretty cute actually. At least I think so. It's nature and it is 100% fabulous and fantastic and amazing and surreal some times. Nature can totally blow my mind.

Clint and I  enjoyed a good Crabicure on our date night last night down at Taylor Bay. My feet feel good now...maybe we go back today! ;o)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


It is no surprise to me that I appear a wee bit different than the average bear. I's not like every day you see someone missing their arm. I know that to be a true statement. I have lived many, many years...I am so old & wise, ha ha I know that it is an anomaly. (That is exactly what makes me a good way, I feel.) When I notice someone missing an arm, I am surprised...but not in an "Oh my gosh" kind of way. More like a..."yeah arm's unite!!" I don't really say that out loud to them...but I suppose there is a nod of recognition if they too have noticed me. Those instances are few and far between...I can go months and months without seeing a "member" of the gang. ;o) Anyhow...what I am trying to say is that I know it is different and weird and cool and intriguing. And yet, I still can't understand the incessant need to stare til my eyes might drop out. I am pretty sure it is one of the many important reasons I have for living on an island and having the pleasure of a small community. Pretty much everyone here has a) seen me at least once, or b) knows me. There are no slow motion moments of fear of the unknown of what the heck happened to her..."oh poor darling"! They see that I live as normal as a life as any one else and know by the daily smile on my face that life really ain't that bad man. Although, summer time here brings on tourists...good for our local economy but can be annoying for me. I know...get over it. I am over it. But sometimes I get irked. This summer wasn't too bad...there were a couple of moments that I was meant to feel awkward with double/triple takes of glances. Whatevs. But, yesterday we were in town and ended up at Superstore...argh. This chick on her cel phone sitting at the sushi place just couldn't close her jaw or take her bulging eyes off of me. I think even her friend was perturbed at her total lack of humanity. It was quite ridiculous. I chose to ignore it. Clint noticed, and it must have bothered him because I heard him mumble something about the bitch and staring. ha ha ha ha! She may not be a bitch, whatever...but it bothers me that even my husband feels an irk about it. That sucks for him to have to feel bad about some ignoramus having a negative reaction to what he sees as his beautiful wife. But on the flip side of all of that...he DOES think I am the most beautiful woman in the world. So isn't that all that matters?? Sure is! ;o)

Yeah...really I have one arm. Really it's okay. You really don't have to worry...I REALLY love myself! :o)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Confessions of a bath tub extremist.

There are a million and one reasons why I enjoy bath time so incredibly much. One MAJOR reason is the relaxation that comes over your body and soul the minute you immerse yourself into the steamy basin...the muscles are instantly grateful for the warmth they feel. And...not that it is a necessary addition, but a glass or two of red wine during the soak sure can make things a whole heck of a lot sweeter. It's like warming the tension up from the outside and the inside...oh yeah baby...can ya feel it? (I am suddenly feeling like I need to start the water...though, right now I would enjoy a nice hot and sweet coffee to help the wine for me before noon! lol) I love it when I have at the very least an hour just to soak up the heat and alone time that a bath allows me. The aching muscles in my arm, back and neck sometimes start to beg me for that time of solitude and calm waters and the calming breaths I take once inside the realm of complete and utter satisfaction. The thing about bath time is that you can matter ANYTHING but relax. Sweet perfection. You've got nothing to do but lie there in silence (maybe some soft music if you choose) and just enjoy that moment. I suppose I do at times keep busy on the telephone while I bathe...only sometimes though. When I am taking one of my 2-3 hour baths I have been known to call a friend or two because I actually have the time to call...I am not running around doing everything else. Sorry to those that find that gross...I try not to let it be known that I am soaking...but you figure it out. ha ha ha ha! Anyways...

My lovely neighbours went away for an overnight to the big bad city to enjoy the sights...and the fun times at the P.N.E. before it's last! They have Arbutus the other geriatric dog...he and Maggie are an item...whether the two of them realize it or not! ;o) We had Arby stay the night for a sleepover...we love him a whole lot. What is there not to love about an old hound dog? (he's a real sweetheart!) Now...because my neighbours, G and Trevor are so awesome and rad and fabulous and da best neighbours EVER...they said if I wanted, I could have a bath or two or as many as I like while they are away. (I ended up having two) SA-WEET!!!! It is the most magnificent and luxurious bath I have ever had the pleasure of soaking my aching body in. The "most real and superb soaker tub" is what I am sure it must be named. Seriously. MY whole entire body and legs can stretch out and be completely submersed under water...with only my little head poking out! So, to the say the very least, I was in absolute heaven...Utopia of the bath kingdom. I got home from an epic swim in the bay with the beautiful Thalie and decided it was the perfect opportunity for me pack a bath bag full of essentials such as; epsom salts, "Auntie Pamela", apricot face scrub, pumice, hydralicious conditioner, hair pick, towel, body cream and comfy cozy pj's. Ready for a soak. G left a bottle of wine on the counter for me...awesome and incredibly sweet of her...although I had a wee bit too much. ;op But that is only because it was soooo amazing to have it...a hot and steamy bath in an excellent tub in a quiet and empty home, with some delicious red wine. I was in there for just over 2 hours and I only recharged the hot once. That bath tub is not only shaped to perfection but it keeps in the heat better than any water vessel I have had the privilege to exploit. I could totally enjoy a 4-5 hour bath in that sweet, sweet tub...and of course G enjoys a good bath...she found that tub, smart woman! And luckily, they have a well which allows bath time whenever you wish. Complete Luxury here on Gabriola. ;o) 

All right, confession time...if I am enjoying one of my sessions, (meaning; a relaxed bath, one that lasts more than an hour.) I like to hold my breath under water for long periods of time. This is something I have always made habit of during bath time. I would even do this while taking a bath with my baby sister. I remember when I was 10, I was having a bath with Steph and pretending that I had run out of breath by not coming up for a long period of time...probably around a minute or so, trying to scare her. She tickled me to make me stop and pull my head up out of the water. I was upset that she figured me out and scoldingly yelled at her, "Never tickle a dead body will turn into sugar!!! And then there is no body to bury!!" Like really??? I think I was a wee bit crazy as a kid. I was always threatening my sister with something silly. "I will NEVER play Barbie's with you again if you tell mom!!!!" ha ha ha ha ha. (So sorry Steph. I love you! hee hee) Anyhow...I have always been a little infatuated with holding my breath underwater. How long can I stay under? Can I keep my eyes open the whole time? Is there any way to use your air to re-breathe? (I have many dreams of living and breathing underwater.) I realized something about the heart recently during a bath. I can be underwater holding my breath for about a minute and my heart beat stays at the same pace. Soon after that it starts to pick up...and the dull sound in the water also raises a notch. I am no doctor or whatever, but I am figuring that is when your brain tells your heart that it is not getting any oxygen...oops! But I can still stay under for about two minutes before I feel the need to burst out of my watery cell. When we were in the pool at the HoJo in Kamloops I sank my self to the bottom of the pool and hung there in the deep end for over a minute. When I came back to the surface Clint was all upset thinking I could have scared the other guests in the pool. Ha ha ha...I didn't even think of that. Double oops. But, maybe one day, all of my "practice" in the length of time I can hold my breath will come in handy...perhaps lifesaving. Again...thoughts that come up while spending hours at a time in a confined space immersed in solace from the world. One other thing that came to mind in my bath time of consciousness, was that a reason for my love of the tub is just pure comfort. Not comfort of everyday...but the comforting preciousness of safety. Finding that state of peace while relaxing in the warm, encompassing water is like being in the womb. Provided we are being nurtured by a willing and earnest mother, being inside of the womb is the only true and pure peaceful time in our entire lives. And we can't even remember it!! Well, I feel I remember it when I am in my comfort zone. And when I realized that that is what makes me feel so happy during bath time...I wept. I wept for joy in the happiness I have inside for having a mother that loves me so very much. I wept for the love that I feel for her...I love her so very much. Man, bath time is love time. Really it is. I feel that everyone should have at least one bath a week. Let your mind go to happy places...relax in the heat. Soothe your aching muscles and mind. Rejuvenate the soul. Wakey wakey...this is's hard sometimes so we need to take the time to be good to ourselves. That is what I am trying to do for myself. And if a bath helps me do that...well...ha ha ha...well is exactly it...I NEED a well! ha ha ha. All right ramblin' Pam...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friend is a four letter word.

I am talking L.O.V.E. That's! Family is always le numero uno...but they also will ALWAYS be there. Family is blood, you can't, or at least you shouldn't turn your back on your family...EVER. (unless of course they have turned their back on you and there is nothing you can do but wait for them to come back and settle back into the reality of what family is supposed to be.) Anyways...Friends. Friends are incredibly special and precious gifts that we are blessed to receive in our lifetime. When we are kids we generally make friends easily with the other kids in the classroom. If we are lucky enough to stay in the same school from kindergarten through to grade 6, those friendships will grow with us through those young learned years and we will grasp the importance of what friendship really is. Of course it still will be an elementary understanding of exactly what it all really means...but it's still very important. I think for the most part, unless we stay in the same neighbourhood and go to the same high school and such as our young "first" friends...we will probably drift away from one another. And that's okay. Although, you bring technology into the picture, ie: FaceBook...and you can end up re-connecting with those childhood friends. A few years ago while visiting Winnipeg I got to hook up with four of my elementary buddies. It was a fun evening filled with memories and laughter. Just last weekend my best friend from elementary, Corey stayed on the island for the weekend as her "get away from it all". We got to have a couple quick chats during her awesome to see where each others lives have gone in the past 26 years. So awesome to see her and hug her...I am a hugger and hugs make me happy. :o)

I have always been a lover of my friends. I have always valued my close friendships and tried real hard to be a great friend...I've failed a lot in my years too I will admit. No one is perfect. But thank goodness for friends who forgive. Thank goodness for friends who are true and can love unconditionally. Isn't that the way it is supposed to be? We are all such different people and we are going to come across conflict at some point in our friendships. We just have to keep the faith in those that we love. Sometimes, unfortunately, friends take completely separate paths and we have no choice but to say goodbye. You just have to enjoy the fact that you did have them in your life and remember those good times. My reason for writing about friendship today is that I feel overwhelmingly in love with my friends these days. A lot of crap can be thrown our way...our lives get hit over the years with tragedies and misfortunes, big wins and achievements, death and loss, new life and love, sickness and health and sometimes it is just simply bad or good luck. That is the crazy roller coaster of life that we are on. It really holds a ton of is such an amazing wonderful journey! ;o) And the perfect addition to the journey are the fabulous friends that are there throughout all of it. Friends are love. Friends are happiness. Friends are shoulders to cry on and arms (or one strong arm) to hold us when we need it most. Friends are there to rejoice with us when awesome things happen. Friends are the best!

To all of my friends...I love you more than I can humanly express. Perhaps that is why I feel the constant need to hug...I feel that allows me to show my love and appreciation for you. A hug sure can go a loooong way! Show the love and you will feel the love!

Going to la beach with your gal pals is much nicer than being alone.

Celebrate special times with friends!

Oh my word...being crazy fools together is for sure always a good time! ;o)

If the three of us ever make a band...this will be our album cover.

Yikes...I could just keep adding more and more...I had to stop! Too many good times are not a bad thing!