Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh Miss Sunshine.

Perhaps today, starting sunny and sweet, is the first day of the rest of what is meant to be Summer...the season of warmth, sun, swim, growth, love and BBQ's!!! (our BBQ needs some tlc...wah. I hope to have it ready to rock this weekend...Canada Day Partay!) I want to wake up one morning, feed the crew (Wensday, Maggie & Larry) and then head to the swim!! I really, really want Larry to get into the a water dog. The kind that just loves to splash around and feel the coolness of the ocean spray and let loose and be free. That is what summer feels to me. It's freedom. There is no need to be bundled up with parkas, raincoats, gumboots, scarves, toques, big thick sweaters (I really like big thick sweaters...jus' sayin'), woolie socks and just too much to put on to go outside. I like that in the summer, I can get out of bed and slip on a little dress...and that's all! Easy peasy! Get my bikini on underneath of course...that way I am ready to jump in the ocean in a blink of an eye! And I am sooooo ready for jumping in let me tell you! Bring it!

Here is a little tip about the sun...well, something against the sun, in a way. I heard the other day that you can use coconut oil as a natural spf...I can't stand all of the chemicals that are in regular sunscreens. So, I decided to google it before I actually took the advice. Many people say "NO! Don't use it you fool!" (people in forums can be nasty)..."I would only use it if you have a base tan.", "I used it and burnt to a crisp!", "Do NOT use coconut oil as sunscreen if you don't want melanoma." Interesting. Well, I don't think that I will be slathering on the coconut oil, just yet...nor do I suggest anyone does. That is my tip of the day! ha ha ha! I will continue to use what I for a good organic and skin healthy sunscreen...and soak up the sun!
Here is my pretty little Impatien on my front stoop. She only gets about an hour of sun each day. And this morning, she is soaking it right up...just look at how strong and beautiful she is. And with only that measley hour of le soleil, she looks so happy. She clearly has way more patience as an Impatien than I do...I am way impatient! hee hee hee. All of my flowers on the deck are doing so good too. They get the real heat of the least 8-10 hours a day. (when the sun is not behind them darn clouds!) I am so excited for my roses to bloom. The second they will be up. I wish you could smell their fragrance through the screen too...oh yum! Sooooo many reasons to love Little Miss Sunshine! xox

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sweetness of Summer

Happy First FULL day of Summer!! Wheeee! Let the fun begin, I say. Yesterday was quite a beautiful day for could have been sunnier, I suppose. But during our morning walk it felt hot enough for me to jump suit on me...and too many houses looking at that beach! lol I feel like there was even a different smell yesterday...spring is over and the new season has come in...and I am happy about it. Even just knowing that it is now actually summer...rain or shine...I feel fine! My favourite season is upon us...and it is beautiful outdoors. Pretty colours everywhere I look from all of the flowers...low, low tides to find special beach treasures (glass and china!)...sunny and perhaps overcast days but the air is warm. Hallelujah! I am so happy.

What makes me feel even more joy...the baby birdies that hatched yesterday. I went to see if there was any change to the eggs that I had been watching...there were two little skin sacks and an egg in there. Today, I found three little sacks when I went to check on them. Ohhhhhhh! Soooo cute! So amazing! I caught them on video...momma is never really impressed when I check on her nest...but she lets me get away with it. (I mean no harm..she knows it!) It just blows my mind to know that these alien like furry skin sacks will turn into a sweet little Black-Eyed Junco...cute birds with a beautiful song in their throats. Have I ever mentioned to be a fan of nature's beauties? ;o)
Wonderful time of year...time to be outdoors as much as humanly possible, I say. ;o) So...that is what I am trying to do as much as possible...get on out there and enjoy it! I only wish for more HEAT! ;o)
Wednesday Jun 13 12:12 pm
Hanging out on the deck...watering my flowers and herbs and little garden foodies! I love gardening...even if it is only on my deck in containers. Nothing like the beautiful colours, fragrances, edibles and watching life grow. I really enjoy growing things right from seed. Even if you just have apartment can still enjoy pots of annuals and herbs. All you need is sunshine and time to water and love. ;o) (Grow a little love wherever you can.)

Thursday June 14 12:12 pm
Baaa ha ha ha ha ha hahaaaaa!!!!! I LOVE this photo!!
Clint has been working on an art piece for the Annual Object Show at Artworks next week. He is collaborating with the fantastic Lindsay Godfrey (jeweler extraordinaire) The object this year is a mirror. This is a tiny portion of this crazy piece that Clint is building and painting...i can't wait to see the finished product...too cool!!

Friday June 15 12:12 pm
Where else but the beach would I want to be at any time of the day that is sunny. The water is getting warm and I keep having the urge to jump on in. Clint did on this was cold...he screamed! ha ha ha! I stayed on the rocks. (I wonder why the sky doesn't ever seem to be as blue as it can be during the warmer months...I mean it is always the same sky out there...what changes??)

Saturday June 16 12:12 pm
Oh, sweet Maggie May...what'cha doing cutie pie? " know, just panting and walking and enjoying each day that I wake up!" Says the dear sweet old lady dog. hee hee. I love her so much. Having Larry around has given her such a kick start to her days. She jumps around and plays with him on the beach. Fast friends. Buddies! (we were walking along Orlebar this day...I always forget what a beautiful beach it is there. And that bench is absolutely perfect for sunsets!)
Sunday June 17 12:12 pm
Tee hee...I love this picture. (the mirror is on the kitchen table still from Clint working on the "object" why not utilize it in my time photo op.) And yum! Clint just made a batch of chicken soup...he makes the best soups. (I make a pretty mean soup too!) We were just sitting at the table enjoying the delicious hot meal and it was time!! Make sure you always cool your soup down before putting it in your mouth! lol When something is too hot...Clint likes to call it "Gates of hell hot"! I think that is pretty darn funny!
Monday June 18 12:12 pm
He looks concerned, doesn't he? Well...he is waiting for me to throw his ball...the ball that went away with tide two days earlier at Orlebar. Larry just wouldn't go in deep enough to retrieve it. i went in to above my knees, getting my pants wet, but still could not reach it. We watched it slowly get taken out to sea. (I guess some other lucky dog will have that ball now.) Here we are at Taylor Bay for the first time with Larry. We took him to go check out the Galleries. I don't even think he cared that much...he just wanted to play. ;o) Larry and Maggie both don't care too much about the spectacular views at the beaches that we take them to. Dogs...well, they just want to be with their "pack leaders" and get some exercise and have a fun time! Oh, a dog's life!
Tuesday June 19 12:12 pm
Antony...a wonderful and tangible piece of history! ;o) This is Antony Holland. He is an amazing talented actor, director, writer and just plain awesome dude! There is so much that we can learn from our oldest generation...he is 92 years old. (I love listening to all that he has to say...a lot of wisdom behind those kind eyes and sarcastic lips! hee hee.) He has recently written a great show about his time in WWII...he spent 1940-1943 in Egypt and Libya with the British army. The stories, poems and songs that he shares with his audience bring a fresh perspective to those times. Soon, there will be no one to talk first hand of those days. We must cherish the words that are spoken for it will only be text in a short while. I have a lot of respect for anyone who went through WWII. (and of course the recent wars too.) I suggest you see Antony's show (or book him at your theatre)..."One Man In His Time". I left with tears of sorrow, joy, wonder and a good feeling knowing that I can take home some memories from a time I don't know much about. Love you Antony!
Wednesday June 20 12:12 pm
Summer Solstice...yeah baby!!
My favourite day of the year. Not only is it the beginning of my favourite season, it is the longest day of the year! I was woken by the light of the sunshine at 5:30 am! How glorious is that? Wicked awesome! We took the pooches down to our fave beach spot...Tinson Point. The water was warm...the sun was bright...the air was delicious...what a perfect start to a wonderful season. It's only 12:12 at this point and we have done a whole lot of fun already. The rest of the day was a blast too. Ending it with three amazing friends sitting on their deck at False Narrows and eating lots of yummy food! (freshly caught sock-eye salmon...mmmmmmmmm!) Thanks Wendy and Mark! And Kathy too...our car pooling buddy you guys muchos grande!! Summer is always better when you have good friends to spend time with! Cheers to lovely people! <3
Thursday June 21 12:12 pm
"C'mon you guys...are we going to the beach or whaaaaat??" They say this only with body language...neither of them make a peep...or a bark i should say. These two are the quietest dogs I have ever known. We have heard Larry bark on two separate occasions now. Both times were at a clam that spat at him...and he dug and dug to try and get him out of the sand. His bark is as if he is some big bad dog. It is so cute. First time i heard it, my eyes scanned the entire beach looking for the dog coming over to us.No other dog...just Larry and Maggie. tee hee. I love these guys a whole heck of a lot. Our lives are fuller having them in it.

Time to stop typing and do some more relaxing. i am just so stoked about the summer and the fabulous things that we will all get to do during the months of fun dans le sun! Yipppeee. Bring on the heat!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dad's rule!

It's almost the end of the day. But all day, all I could think about was my dad. I remember being a kid and Father's Day was always some kind of car ride to somewhere...some years it was Skinners to go and get 5 'foot longs' and cokes, sit on the rivers edge, at the 'locks' to enjoy the deliciously cooked dogs watching the water flow...running around with my little sister and big brother...just being silly and having fun. After a while we'd all hop back into the Cordoba and take the "scenic drive" back into Winnipeg...driving up River Rd, parallel to the water and the fancy homes, (olden days fancy...early 1900's...way cool) the old cemetery and everything else that we would notice as kids (mass bullrush ditches, frog ponds, playgrounds, olden days rock walls...) all along the was fun times. It was great...even for being a kid. It seemed like a very longtime that we were away from home...probably 5-6 hours. But it was cool. I have fond memories. I had an amazingly great childhood. At times, I envy those times. The days when life was pretty darn easy. Mom and dad took care of everything for all of us. I mean...there always seemed like there was a ton of things to enjoy yet always something to complain about...oh kids! I miss those easygoing, carefree, stress free and over the top exciting days. Yet...they still live in me. I am excited and happy over the simplest things...walks on the friends hanging sky with puffy white is pretty good. It is if you want it to be. ;o)

Anyhow...cheers to all of the amazing daddy's out there...and mommy's too! Y'all rock. Take care of your wee ones. Have fun and be silly. You are lucky to have little ones to teach and show life's beauty to. It is a blessing. Have fun with it! ;o)

This pic is from sooooo long ago. November 2009 to be exact. But it was the last time both my mom and dad were here. Good times. They come back for Thanksgiving this year. It i going to be so much fun! Yeeeeeeee hah!!! ;o) Can't wait. Love to all of the dad's AND mom's in the world. You guys rock! xox

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ay yi yi...keep up the momentum...

They will just keep on adding I gots to get this up to date! C'mon can do it! lol (sometimes I need to be my very own personal cheerleader...goooooo me!) hee hee
Tuesday June 5 12:12 pm
These guys are definitely two of the sweetest dogs around. I thought Maggie was quite the anomaly when she came into our lives...she NEVER barks. Literally...we have heard her voice on maybe 5 or 6 separate occasions in the last 3 1/2 years. And it was usually in fun. Having Larry now for 35 days...we have heard him bark twice. And both times were at the beach, he was digging after a clam that just spit at him...he barked at it! ha ha ha! His bark is so deep for just a wee little guy like Larry. (Here lie the two of them, waiting patiently to go to the beach. They are too cute for words!!)
Wednesday June 6 12:12 pm
It's a sunny day
No way
Let's get out and play
Send our troubles away 
Gonna ride to the beach
Windows open
Breeze breezing
Carpe Diem...
Seize the Day!! 
Off to enjoy some beach strolling, rolling and orange ball throwing!

 Thursday June 7 12:12 pm
Ahhhh, yes. Looking at my face brings me back to how I felt that poop!! I am surprised that I was already downstairs at this time.  My whole entire body was aching...begging me for bath time. But filling a bath felt like too much work. I had to get feeling better...that evening was my good friend Andy's 19th birthday party. He had been looking forward to that day since November. He REALLY wanted to go to The Surf Pub and enjoy some "Margarita's!" Well...he got his delicious lime margarita, on the rocks...made to sweet perfection. Andy did not find it sweet at all. In fact, he said..."I can not drink this. It tastes like sea water!" Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh Andy! Happy Birthday young man! :o)
Friday June 8 12:12 pm
The lovely and fabulous Lesley Harris! I was invited over that morning to paint together. (Not that I am much of a painter...I like to play...I am just not an artist like many of my talented friends. But I sure love to play avec them all!) Lesley is amazing...she does intricate beadwork, painted portraits of people and animals (Clint gave her a couple lessons on faces and she has just taken off with it...she's good! And thankfully has her own unique style too! hee hee) I love Lesley. She is a special woman. A good friend and also very my momma! xox
Saturday June 9 12:12 pm
Oh yeah baby!! It's summer. That means that toe nails get painted and the digits adorned. Lindsay Godfrey has been making some beautiful toe rings as of late. These ones are in her display at Artworks in downtown Gabriola.  She is one busy woman I tell ya! Making beautiful silver jewelry and now crocheted leather and suede special pieces too! Lindsay...your talent never ceases to amaze me! :o) (I have quite a few pieces of her awesome stuff. She has been a jeweler for over 35 years. Pieces in Vogue magazine to boot! And all of it gets made in her studio on beautiful Mudge Island!)
Sunday June 10 12:12 pm
Oh Larry Boy! What a looker you are. I still see the sadness behind those beautiful eyes...but more light and happiness is shining through. You're doing so good buddy! We had just gotten home from a looooong walk with my friend Genni, her husky Aphro(dite) and our other friend Stephanie's sweet collie Uke. Those dogs are puppies...Larry was a bit shy of their exuberance. But it all worked out. The walk was fun...through the forest...oh, and through some gross and ugly tent caterpillars. Yuck! Man...t'is the season of those little guys. Devastating full on orchards. They had better turn into some pretty butterflies at least!! ;op

Monday June 11 12:12 pm where could I possibly be? Dans le bath tub of course!! ha ha ha! my safe place. The place where all I can do is relax and not touch anything. But silly me brought my ipod...meaning I can still check my email!! lol I should NEVER bring it with me. Yet, on this particular day, it helped me with my 12:12 photo op. hee hee hee.

Tuesday June 12 12:12 pm
Aren't they pretty?? I just love summer and the flowers that I plant and watch grow and fill up the containers they were planted in. Colour everywhere! I just love it!! We had tried to catch the 11:20 ferry to go shopping in town. Got to the line up at 10:45...overloaded already! So we took the doggies for a walkies on the beach to come back and catch the next one. Well, the 11:20 left at we got back to the line and it was almost already full. "You know", said Clint, "perhaps we'd be better off taking a later ferry that isn't busy and we don't have to wait so long." Oh yeah!!! Out of line we went and back home to relax a little...and Clint could work a little more. It all worked out. And the trip was only 3 hours instead of what could have been 5!! arm is done with the typing...good timing. Today is a fresh new day. The sun is out...the birds are is beautiful. I have a smile on my face and love in my heart. Hallelujah! ;o)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Just a slacker slacking...

No...actually, I am definitely not a slacker. But I HAVE in fact been slacking on my 12:12 project. I have been taking the photos, just letting them add up...but not taking the time to put them up. Because of this I now have 13 days to go over. That is a lot of typing...ugh. My wrist is not into typing these days...nor is the rest of the appendage. Alas, I must get to it. it goes...

Tuesday May 29 12:12 pm
Heading out for a walk as per usual...can you sense sadness though? I had just stopped into chat with a friend over some stuff that was getting crazy. (NEVER try to explain feelings via will NEVER be understood and hence taken wrong, therefore causing people to get their panties in a twist!) The person was not up for a chat and it was not a good time. These things can happen. And these situations can really help open up our eyes to many things. One of the things I learned was about the whole email thing...always speak of things in person or phone. Plus, I learned a few other key life lessons re: relationships. to love them! ;op
Wednesday May 30 12:12 pm
On the regular beach that we love taking Larry to...I think he really loves it too! A juvenile eagle came flying above our heads and was perching him/herself up on top of this big arbutus tree. The eagle kept fidgeting, not finding a good spot to hang out. (Isn't he huge?...I love this shot cause you can see his wing spread) I guess this guy must be one or two. I think once they are three they get their white heads. I love Eagles...great majestic birds. I just want to know how we stop the poaching of these beautiful creatures. People shoot them down and cut their talons off and rip out their feathers. I would like to cut off the poachers feet!! (kharma can be a beatch...remember that you evil poachers!) Sorry...a little rant off.... ;op
Thursday May 31 12:12 pm
Maggie at Tinson Point! I like how she kind of is camouflaged with the sand and barnacled rock on the beach. Maggie is the sweetest dog ever. And I feel like she has gotten more life in her from Larry being a part of the family now.She chases him on the beach and they play. It really is super sweet and it warms our hearts each and every day. (all animals make me so happy...they truly are so good for the soul. If everyone had an animal in their life, there would be a lot more happiness.)
Friday June 1 12:12 pm
First off...Happy Birthday this day to my wonderful friend Tammy! (also...RIP, Syder the bestest cat ever and Marilyn Munroe who also shared this day as their day of birth.) Who's the ooooold lady with the mini afghan wrapped around her? Oh, it's Maggie May! Eating her breakfast...yes at 12:12! Isn't she the cutest thing? I really do think so. Nearly 19 years old. Oh Maggie...I sure do love you!
Saturday June 2 12:12 pm
Speaking of the beautiful she is feeding Cricket some treats. :o) I spent the day with Tammy at her studio for her 2nd annual Spring Studio Sale! (Tammy is an amazing fused glass artist. Her pieces are vibrant and full of life and love...just like her!) You can check out her blog and website to see her fabulous creations. I am a proud owner of quite a bit of Tammy Hudgeon glass. (you could call me a groupie! lol)
Sunday June 3 12:12 pm
I happened to spend some time in the beautiful Artworks last Sunday. And I love these little fishies. Aren't they cute. (I especially love that they are the kind of fish that you will NEVER have to flush down la toilet! hee hee) Peeps out here buy them to put in their ponds. The Heron and Raccoon will not eat a ceramic fish!

Monday June 4 12:12 pm
Another Happy Birthday day...this time to my mommy!!! It sure would have been nice to see her in the truck too...coming along for the beach walk. She is too far away from me. :o( (Hmmm...I wonder how many kilometers it is from Gabriola Island to Dallas Texas?) Google: 3895.5 kms!!! (mom & dad are coming this Thanksgiving...driving from Texas to Winnipeg then to here then all of the way home again. Wowzas...that is a road trip extravaganza!) :o)

Yikes...I need to stop for now. It literally feels like my arm might fall off!!! lol (what else can you do but laugh...I mean really!) Time for a's 11:11...stick time! Then beach walkies after...okay Maggie and Larry? ;op

Friday, June 1, 2012

My Social Experiment Video Flog!

I started this blog a few years ago to feel better about the book that i had started writing years prior. Yeah, yeah...the book I started many times have you heard people say that? Probably a lot in your life, if you think about it. Writing a book is a huge matter the type. (mind you...a Harlequin romance novel couldn't take THAT long. As long as you have a healthy, insatiable sexual appetite! hee hee) My book was to be somewhat of a memoir...not that I am an old lady with tons of experience having so much to write about my life and the wisdom I have gained.  ha ha not quite. But, my life sure has been incredibly eventful being the one armed child, girl and woman that I am. Anyhow, I got about 22 pages of a book written and then I just stopped. I felt overwhelmed by the process...and didn't feel as though my writing could stand up to other published writers. (I write very much with my emotion...just like talking to me.) I am starting a whole other project now. And the very beginnings of this project is a little video I made to put on You Tube..."My Social Experiment" video. As I have written previously in my blog...I get a ton of different reaction when I walk in a room or walk by a crowd of people...stopped cars at a red light...people at the beach...wherever I go, I am the one who sticks out like a sore thumb. (for the most part) But all I get is the look on someone's face...not knowing them personally, I really have NO idea what that look even means. Maybe sometimes I judge them thinking they are judging me...but that is not the case. Who knows right? Well...with my little video, people can post what they think when they first see me. I want honesty...even though some of it may hurt my feelings. It is incredibly interesting to say the least.

Check out my a comment...share my video. Let's see what "People Have to Say". ;o)

Peace out!