Friday, February 25, 2011

The heat is ON!

It's time to pull the plug on this old computer of least until Tuesday when Shaw comes to hook up at the new place. Checking my emails for the last sad. Ha ha ha! It is kind of funny how it does almost feel like I am going to miss it. Who really cares. It's just a dumb computer that I stick my face in front of for, well...sometimes hours and hours. Some of those times I am doing stuff that is actually constructive for one reason or another. But there are times when I am just creepin' on Facebook looking through my friends new pics or wall posts...end up checking out people I don't know because a friend of mine was tagged in their album and it is not private so I get a note on my "home page...ahhhhh!!! Maybe I should have ordered Shaw to come out next next week. Take some time away from this box...slender box. Why am I worrying about not getting computer time right a time when I should be freaking out about my move!!

I am nearly ready. I have been packing since the beginning of January. I am as ready as you can be. Just the minor things needing to be put in boxes. Tommorrow those are the things going to the new place..boxes. The men are going to do all of the furniture on Sunday. I will be hanging out at Artworks staying warm, drinking coffee...maybe creep on FB! ba ha ha ha!! I just want to be moved. I wish I could I dream of Jeannie us outta here...blink and there we are. I even would do it with the boxes still packed when we magically appear. I like the unpacking and setting up my home. Right now we are staying in a house...echoey house. Boxed up...kind of sad but I love change! It will all be good. New LL is da bomb...bonus! :o)

Ah well...time to unplug...get back to some boxing!! ;op


Monday, February 21, 2011

It's coming down...It's coming down...

It's, coming down...I love Cake...the band. They write such clever songs. Anyone who says they don't like Cake (if they have heard them) are lying. Playful and witty are they. :o) Anyhow, what IS coming down? Well, for the lyricist in Cake...his girlfriend is leaving him. Moving out of their house she is wearing his red sweater! ;op It's coming down for us now because we are in the final days of getting all of our crap sorted, purged and boxed up so that we can start our move on Saturday. I actually don't mind boxing things. In fact, I HAVE to be the one who does it. That way it is done my way. And if anything breaks while in the box that I is my fault. It is much easier to be at fault than to want to fault someone else for making you feel bad. And yes, I do feel bad when things break. Even though it is only a "thing" object that I have in my home. Everything I have either comes from my childhood (yes, pack rat supreme), or it was handed down to me from my parents or grandparents...or I bought the item of furniture or knick knack because it gave me a happy feeling when I saw it. Perhaps reminding me of childhood...or happy carefree times. Or it is vintage/retro and I love it. But it is still just stuff...right? This is what I have to tell myself. My brain knows this as fact to be true...but the other side of my brain that is mostly attached to my heart makes me believe it is so much more important than just a ceramic bunny.

The Ceramic Bunny. If I hadn't already delicately packaged it in a smaller box to be placed into the big box that is currently residing in...I would take a photo of "her". She is so sweet. And when I was three years old my mommy made her for me. Back in the 70's my mom was taking a ceramics class. She made us quite a few things...from knick knacks to cookie jars, piggy banks, platters and bowls. Well, the bunny I have had for 33 years. She is supercali-fragulistic-expialidociously special to me. About 6 years ago or so she fell off of my desk. Shattered! I am pretty sure that I cried when I knocked her over. Yes, scary and true. Well, I didn't just sweep up the pieces of her broken body...nope. I gently picked them up so as not to further break them and I crazy glued her back together. She is just really funky now. Clint...he thinks I am a little on the edge of absolute craziness. I may be. But, once she was put back together, my heart felt better. She will always stay on a shelf above my desk. I love her. So what?

It's time for more boxing and cleaning. I do have a very clean stove and oven landlords should be happy. ha ha! Not that I care really. But we are just the type of people who return things as we were given them...and usually we return them's true! ;op
I have been doing "spring cleaning" for the last month and a bit also. That way, once everything is outta here all I need to do is a good mop job and a bit of surface cleaning touch up...then I'm done! Yeehah!! I am excited to get out of this place. It was the summers. Winters in this house are the opposite of's so freakin' cold and moldy in here...brutal!!! The new place...forced air heat via propane. Yeah baby! I can't wait to have the ability to decide that in a flash I want to heat up the house...and flick!..the heat is on! We will still have a wood stove too...which is nice. I love wood heat. You need to have a constantly raging fire to keep just the front of this house warm. more! We are moving on the North side. We's gonna have a castle in the sky. Not exactly. But a place to call our home and enjoy a sweet life once again.

So hooray for moving's on the way. 5 more sleeps til the chaos begins. Bring it!

And, because I would way rather be in Mexico right now...with Clint at my side...I will leave with a fave of mine by Cake. "Mexico"

I had a match, but she had a lighter
I had a flame, but she had a fire
I was bright, but she was much brighter
I was high, but she was the sky

Oh baby, I was bound for Mexico
Oh baby, I was bound to let you go
Ahh haa, ahh haa
Alright, alright, alright, hey

I don't know much about Cinco De Mayo
I'm never sure, what it's all about
But I say I want you and you don't believe me
You say you want me but I've got my doubts

[ Cake Lyrics are found on ]
Oh baby, I was bound for Mexico
Oh baby, I was bound to let you go
Ahh haa, ahh haa
Alright, alright, alright, hey hoo, hoo, hay

I had a match, but she had a lighter
I had a flame, but she had a fire
I was bright, but she was much brighter
I was high, but she was the sky

Oh baby, I was bound for Mexico
Oh baby, I was bound to let you go
Ahh haa, ahh haa

I might not be in Mexico...but I have these two absolutely beautiful beings to be at my side in all that I do! xoxoxoxo

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tek it easy mon!

Perhaps I should have been born in Jamaica...I really love this phrase! Because honestly, most of us do not even know how to take it easy. We live on the edge of human destruction. Meaning, we are destroying our own selves by living with so much anxiety. Having anxiety does not always mean that you are having feeling of anxiousness. Like Dr's will prescribe medication (drugs) for anxiety/depression. And those drugs can help people with a chemical imbalance in their brain that doesn't allow the serotonin to run rampant and therefore bring us happiness...or feelings of happiness. Then there is also just pure anxious; "I am running late. I'll just get breakfast at McDonald's on the way while speeding down the highway to get to work." "I need to get a good parking spot so I have to drive super fast to beat the crowds...get outta my way!!!" You know what I mean. Aggressive/angry drivers. They surround you when you are in the city. I used to be one...and I hated it. Always pushing the envelope. I always got up in time...but I doddle a little sometimes or start doing something that can wait but I feel the need to get it done minutes before I need to leave the house. And now...Oh my gosh! I'm late. Got to get a moving. So I speed to my destination...leaving cars and pedestrians in my wake. How terrible is that? Although, after receiving my only two speeding tickets within three months of one another...I learned quickly to slow the heck down.

Now I am an islander...much like a Jamaican. I just don't have beautiful dark skin. :o( Island life is the opposite of the city. I will attest though, that even the Lower Mainland is more laid back than out east. (Although the east is catching up and getting far more laid back). But here on the island...we are on island time. It's great. I love it. If I had had any heart problems, I would not have them anymore after living three years in paradise. I am pretty chill these days. Of course I can still have a freak out once in a while...what would life be without a little wee freaky out day here and there? Monotonous. ha ha! It's especially lovely to drive at the posted speed limit. I mean, you see so much more when you slow down. Driving through the "tunnel" here. When the sun is shining in the mornings it is so beautiful going through the tunnel. The sun beams are working hard to get through all of the trees...and it looks so amazing. The green is sparkly and alive. The forest sings with wildlife and breathe of chlorophyll enhanced air. I don't know what I'm even trying to's just so pretty. Smells so fresh and beautiful with the window rolled down. Take in the scent and beauty of nature in full out for squirrels and deer crossing the road though.

I know that a drive through the busy city may not be as beautiful as that. But, if you slowed down you would see so much more. People walking their dogs, flower beds outside buildings and houses, a cool shop you have NEVER noticed the 587 times you have driven that same route. Tek it easy mon. Wake up and have coffee and toast with your spouse or roommate in the morning. Leave at a decent time so you don't have to speed and feel frustrated before you even start your work day. Sometimes our jobs are frustrating enough...if you tek it easy before and after can feel a lot better. It's true.

Take a moment and smell the flowers...go for a nice stroll in your neighbourhood after supper and enjoy what surrounds you. We try and make life so complicated it seems. And it really isn't that bad. I bet the rate of heart attacks would go down...totally. Life is pretty darn amazing...when you enjoy the little things. Money will pay your bills and put a roof over your head...we all need to work to bring home the bacon. But your frustrating job can stay at don't need to take it home with you. When you leave the office/restaurant/job site or whatever...leave it all behind. Drive/bus home from work and tek it easy.

Obviously from my vantage point now I can say all of this. I live in a peaceful paradise. But life still runs like anywhere else. People need to work and go to school and all of the same things that city people do. We are just fortunate to be surrounded by the intense beauty of nature and can take the time to enjoy it. Although, there are quite a few peeps out here that still have not learned to tek it easy. They fly by me on the road at high where you off to buddy? Life is here for us to enjoy. Let's all try and do that...enjoy life. Sounds pretty grand to me!
Here we are "Tekking it Easy, Mon!" Peace.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Love "Holiday"

I have to admit, that I...the woman who loves love so very NOT a fan of the "holiday" they refer to as St. Valentine's Day. I know it technically is not even a holiday...but it is marked in red letters on pretty much every bought calender. And...did you know that there are actually 3 saints that went by the name Valentine?? They were all executed for being Christians. So, some how this day was originally meant to observe these men's lives and their life given in the name of Jesus. Technically, Valentine's Day then is meant to show our love and admiration for Jesus. ;o) Ha ha! Now, because there are way more non-believers than believers...St. Valentine's Day was changed to Valentine's Day and it became about honouring your lover...or, those that you love. This comes in the form of purchasing flowers and chocolate or diamonds and rubies...or whatever you think your "lover" will absolutely die for...and therefore save your butt for not being lovey enough the rest of the year. Kind of like how Christmas went from being a time of honouring the birth of becoming a day when you have to make purchases for everyone you know. That way they know you care about them. ha ha hahahahahaaaaa! What a funny world we live in.

It seems to me that every "holiday" on the calender has now become some day that you have to go and buy someone something, or else you are not a good person. Over the last 10 years or so I have been combating this in my own world. I would way rather create something for those that I love on Valentine's Day or Christmas or Easter or whatevs. Then it truly does come from the heart. But I also try really hard to make a conscious decision each and every day to show my love to those that I do love and care for. As this should be regular custom...don't ya think??

I will original hate on for this particular holiday...Valentine's Day, started a very long time ago. I was never one of those girls that had boyfriends. So all of my Valentine cards that I gave away at school were always for my friends...cause that is all I had...friends. (not something to complain about, I know) I was jealous even in grade 5 when Cathy Slobodian and Brooks Hamilton dated. They dated all the way into grade 7!! She got to kiss and stuff...wah! I felt like I just wasn't good enough for any boy to "fall in love" with. I kissed a boy, on the lips at church camp...Shawn Bullman. That was summer before grade 7 I think. We sent letters to each other for about 6 months after summer camp was over. He lived in in Winnipeg. But I felt like he was my boyfriend for that short time. Then there was all 6 years of High School. Every single Valentine's Day...student council would sell single flowers to hand out to "secret" Valentine's all day long. When they would come to our name was never called. Wow, what a way to make kids feel good about themselves. Let's set these kids up for heart break. Give the "cooler" kids something further to brag about. Another notch in my "I am so ugly, no boy will ever love me" belt. I would buy a flower to send out every year...who ever my crush was that year. I'd never sign my name...but they usually guessed it, I'm sure. But never said anything. I even crushed real hard on one of my brother's friends for years. Each year I would send him a secret rose to his house. (my dad used to sell cut flowers at his Greenhouse and did major roses for Valentine's) Of course David knew those came from me. But he never said anything. :o(

I just never thought I would EVER find true love. I had a boyfriend in grade 10...lasted 4 months. He was from another school. I dated another guy in grade 11/12 from my neighbourhood...that lasted 7 whole months!! He broke up with me saying I was not intelligent enough. Wowzas...that makes a girl feel good. :o( Another guy dated me for 4 months when I was 19 and living in my own apartment with my roommate Merritt. He dumped me too! Said he wasn't into it anymore...the day before he told me he loved me! Argh!!! Then, a year later I met Jody. Man he was an incredible handful. I think I would compare him to the Tasmanian Devil. But he said he loved me...I believed it. Didn't think anyone else would ever say it to me again. So, I married him...I was 22. Oh silly Pam. That lasted 2 1/2 years before I picked up my pride and walked out. No one deserves to be treated that terribly...NO ONE!

During that time, I knew Clint. We met the same day Jody and I met. At a Tragically Hip Concert in July 1995. Clint and I became fast friends. He was so easy to talk look at too. He is a major babe! Well, our lives seemed to come together in 2002. In a most perfect way. I was head over heels for one of my best friends. How exciting. Everything seemed perfect. He was out of a terrible relationship...I was too. We both learned a lot from those bad marriages. Ours has by no means been perfect. We have had some major hurdles and hurtful days too. But the difference being...we love each other so strong and true that we were able to wade through the piles of heaping trash to get back to one another. And love one another more than ever before. I have the most loving man in my life. And I am grateful each and every single day for him. I love you Clint!! xxooxxxx

Last night we went and got some chicken and stuff to make a yummy dinner. A 4 litre pail of chocolate ice cream for desert. mmmmm. It was a fabulous dinner. We enjoyed each others company like any other night. as long as we have one another...we are happy. So cheers to love today, yesterday and fer sure tomorrow too! I love love.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweet Sweet Wensday.

This month my sweet little 'sleepy' Wensday turns 14! Hard to believe that I have had the little runt for that many years even. (I call her runt...cause that's what she was...runt of her litter) I can remember going to the "Kitten Kaboodle" on Provencher in the beginning of April 1997 to get us a new kitty...a friend for Syder. Syder was my big fat orange cat ever! Seriously, he was. But...Wensday has evolved over the years and become a super sweetie. Although, she was not always that way.

I chose Wensday out of a litter of 8 kittens...not just cause she was the runt...but, I liked that about her too. She was the last to come to the front of the kennel. She had poo on her face...and she came up behind all of the other sweet little purring and meowing kitties. Stood behind them and stared at me...with the smudge of poo on her face. How can someone not fall instantly in love with that? ;o) I took her out of the kennel and held her to my chest. She was so in the palm of my hand. Once cuddled up against my beating heart...she snuggled in more and softly purred while falling back asleep. Sold!

We brought her home with us...still sleeping on my chest the whole drive home. We introduced her to Syder. Instantly, Syder thought she was pretty cool. Wensday...well, she started hissing and spitting and jumping up and down like a little Mexican Jumping Bean. It was hilarious to watch. Little Wenny trying to look big and tough to the big 18 pound Tom Cat...Syder. It wasn't long before they became super not long I am talking like maybe an hour. Once Wensday settled down and had some water and a nibble...she was laying with big ol' cuddly Sydes. Syder would lay on his side and Wensday would suckle his as if he were her mommy. It was quite sweet. I wish I had that on video...but I feel it is an even more special memory in my head. It was a very sweet time between the two new friends. And Syder...he took care of Wensday like as if she were his little baby. Man, he was a good cat. I miss him.

Anyhow, little wiener Wendy...she was a mess. She did not want to cuddle with you except for on her terms. Which wasn't too often. Once in a while she would jump up beside you and lay next to you while watching TV or reading or whatever. But if you touched her for too long...she would take off. If you ever tried to pick her, she would squirm out of your grasp. That is where she got the nickname...Bendy Wendy. When people would come over to the house Wensday would dart through the "hole" and into the basement. She was incredibly anti-social. Syder always hung out with the peeps...always. I can't really blame Wensday for her fears too much. My ex was a pretty rough dude. A lot of yelling and throwing of inanimate objects was going around those days...even I was always on edge. And little Wensday...well, his loving was rough to her...Syder too...but Sydes was a big cat and could take the rough love. Wensday did not appreciate it and I feel that is what made her a skittish and insane kitty.

Fast forward 5 years...I am living in Vancouver...Clint and I are now married and we have 2 happy cats. Wensday still not super social...but more loving because Clint is so loving towards her...soft and gentle pats and cuddles. Syder is happy too...but he is dying. :o( FIV. The saddest thing I ever have had to encounter with an animal. Watching my little angel deteriorate...I cry right now thinking of it. Eventually, we had to put him down...he was only 8 pounds at the time...went from being a big, strong and healthy boy to a shell of his former self. Dry my eyes. Anyways...after a few months of mourning between Wensday and I...Wensday started to show some self confidence. She started emulating was quite amazing to watch. After a while, even all of his little idiosyncrasies like laying on the bed to one of our sides and cuddling during the night...eventually being between our heads. When going outside, instead of being afraid of anything that moved...she would hiss at neighbourhood cats coming into our yard like as if she were the Sheriff of that land. (that was all her...Syder welcomed his hood buds.) But, like Syder, she would come now when called in. That was more hunting for where scared little Wensday took off too. When people would come for a visit...Wensday would search for a higher up place to sit where we were hanging. That way she would be face level with the company and feel like she too is part of the group. All of these little things have shaped her into a most fabulous and awesome kitty...almost exactly like big bro Sydes. That is nice to see.

Everyone that knows Wensday loves her...and I like that. I used to kind of...ummm...dislike her. Found her a tad annoying with all of her running away and bendiness. But now, gosh...I just love her to pieces. She makes me smile. She still gets annoying when it comes to food...she is now a little piggy. Feed me...Feed me...FEEED MEEEE! But I'll take her exactly as she is. She is my Wendy Wiener...Bendy Wendy...munkeem (Clint's nickname)...Wensday. I love her.

On February 16, 2011 she turns 14 years old. And she has really aged well I must say. Better than wine! ;o) Happy Birthday Wiener!! Want a treat?? hee hee!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Schveetie Vuns...Beach Glass & Erotica...

MY Schveetie Vuns!

A 1 1/2 hour beach stroll with my trusty
companion...Maggie...and I find a ton of beach glass. A few blues in there! And last but not least...Erotica. More art piece for the Erotica Show.
So what do these three things have in common?? They all make me very happy. ;o)

MY Schveetie vuns! I am a lucky lady...I am an Auntie to 5 beautiful nieces and 2 handsome little nephews. I don't feel I could be any more blessed than that. When I feel sick I like to think of the things that make me me a smile on my face. And, thanks to my recent visit to Winnipeg...the happy thoughts foremost on my mind are my Schveetie Vuns. Why Schveetie Vuns?? That is how my Oma referred to all 12 of us Grand kids...with a very strong German accent. Oh, how I miss my sweet little Oma. Little, because she was 4'10" cute! And she was a big old Schveetie Vun herself. So I have little Omaisms that I use all of the time. It keeps her loving attitude with me always. And I am so thankful for having had her in my life. Everyone needs an Oma Behnke! ;o) I made all of my nieces and nephews Christmas presents this year. And I wanted to personally deliver I brought them on my trip instead of mailing back in December. The "gifts" were a little piece of me and a little piece of my Opi. To them he is called Opi Opi...they unfortunately never got a chance to meet him. They would have loved him! But, because Omi is still around, he is talked about all of the time. He was an incredibly amazing man. He was a carpenter...built lots of beautiful furniture for their home and others. He also used to make these awesome little wood lathed goblets and thingy majiggy's. They were so beautiful. He used wood from his plum trees, birch and maple and apple too. I have a few of them...they too make me smile. I was given a bag full of similar pieces last summer. The "not so polished" ones some guy made here a long time ago. I decided to use them to create pretty little things for my Schveeties. They loved them! They loved them even more because Auntie Pam made them and they got to learn a little more about the amazing Opi Opi. That makes me incredibly happy. :o) This is a pic of all of them.
Beach glass...oh how I love to find it. Generally, I find brown, brown and more brown. A lot of brown beer bottles out there. This last time I found some blues...and greens...and that makes me happy...seriously happy. I's the small things. It really is. I have a ton of beach glass. I love collecting it. I plan day...making something beautiful out of all of it. Haven't decided what yet...but it'll be awesome! Lately, I have been finding beach china! That is like really supah exciting to me. Those pieces make me smile extra big. I am pretty sure I even jump for joy when those pieces are in my clutch. Happiness is a pocket full of beach glass! ;o)

Erotica. Every February, Gabriola Artworks has the "Erotica" art show. It sure can be a fun opening night. Peeps wearing skimpy, pretty, sparkly things. Bums & boobies are everywhere. I like to arrive in a corset and sexy jeans. This year I was! Couldn't even fathom wearing a corset when I felt so chilly all day long. So, we managed to sneak in early and leave early without anyone noticing...tricky us! It sure is a fun night though. And it's also fun to see what the artists come up with using the Erotica theme. Sexy stuff! Most of my hard core thinking gets done while I am relaxing in the tub. That is where I was when I came up with my Erotica piece...and there I my tub! The piece of wood I used is a burnt and drifted boat board that I found on fave beach. I have been staring at it for nearly a year...trying to figure out what to do with it. I needed to make something special with such a special piece of wood. And Erotica jingled my bells! hee hee! So my piece transformed into something awesome. I was really proud of myself. I really am not too artistic...I like to play and create. Usually cute things. And this piece is really cute, and sexy and funny. I was excited for people to see my creation...and I was excited to bring it home and have it on my wall. Well...wouldn't you know it. It sold opening night! Yes!! I feel so happy about that. That makes me smile. And better friend AND hairdresser bought it to put in her salon. So I still get to enjoy it. Life seems pretty sweet sometimes. We don't even have to look that far to find the good stuff!
Those are my three things that are making me smile right now. I will always have a smile on my face when I think of my Major Schveetie Vun...Clint. But it's good to have many other things that bring a smile to my face and keep my heart pumping! Love is in the air! Peace!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Sitting here listening to the high winds blowing like mad through the massively tall trees in our yard...listening to and feeling that wind whistle through our house...trying to keep a nice hot fire attempting to enjoy a fairly warm home...feeling like there are cotton balls with rubbing alcohol and olive oil stuffed in my ears and head. My brain stem feels like it may let go of my spinal cord and my head flop to one side of my body. I feel sick. I thought late this morning that I might start to feel better as I walked down the beach trying not to get blown over by the mighty wind. Found a lot of beach glass...mostly brown and whites. I like finding lilacs and blues. Lately, I have been fortunate enough to catch my eyes upon pieces of china...yay! That made me happy; gave me energy for a few hours. That started to fade as the hours passed. I feel done. Finished. I don't want to do much...but there is so much to do.

Moving day is fast approaching. We are moving to the North side of the island...yep...leaving behind the quiet and relaxing and sunny South side of Gabriola. I have gotten pretty used to the peace and quiet that is the South side. There is not much here but houses on acreages, quite a few gorgeous beaches, Lily's Boutique, one restaurant (rockin' restaurant...Silva Bay...props SB!), farms, a boat school, timber framing school and a couple B&B...oh yeah, Silva Bay Inn. Funny that in one sentence you can name everything on one side of the island. It's lovely. But I am looking forward to the conveniences of life on the North end. We can walk/bike to the village. We are going to save on gas as we won't have to drive "all the way to the North end to get EVERYTHING". We are moving into a warm, tightly sealed, double pane windowed, no mice home. We are going to save money! That is good. That makes me feel better in my inside of my head...underneath the cotton balls. My brain. :o) And our landlord is so super cool. That is a MAJOR bonus! I just don't feel like packing right now though. I have already packed over a dozen boxes and we have been purging.

Got rid of our davenport today. I loved that thing...but it's going to a good home and will be used and loved. Got to lose my organ. I was so incredibly excited to get it. That was my lucky day. Driving down South Rd...sign on someones driveway "Free Organ". Screeeech! Later that day it was in my living room. Best free item ever!! Anyways, I got to give it to a friend. But again...she will love it and appreciate it and play it. So that's a good thing. And purging is good once in a while. I'm okay with it. I still will have keepsakes and mementos and cherished things that I will forever hold on to. I am a pack rat and I have many pieces of my heart scattered throughout my home. Furniture my Opi made, cool plastic 70's spacey like chairs I had in my bedroom from age 3 on, ceramics my mom made when I was a little girl, a singer sewing table that was my Oma's, radiogram that my Omi got from her first job as a house cleaner (the family bought a new one for Christmas in 58, so she got the old one), and I can't forget my stuffed animals and little kid stuff. It would break my heart to lose those sentimental items. I know it is just stuff...but I love that stuff. Makes my heart feel good.

Time to get off the computer...make some tea and watch some movie or silly TV show with my handsome husband. Poor guy is also sick. I bought a bunch of Mr. Noodles...mmmm. Easy and yummy food...or sort of food. Maybe I should put some broccoli in with it...mmmm steamed broccoli and Mr. Noodles.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm not THAT lazy.

Well...sometimes I am. Not a total lazy sloth that sits around in her pj's and fuzzy booty slippers all day long...eating chips and chugging water. No...I do get dressed when I wake up. Although, sometimes getting dressed does take me a while...but I still get stuff done when still dans mon robe in the morning. Our house is freezing cold at the best of times. Staying in my pj's and robe allows for the comfort of not having to get undressed...exposing myself to the frigid air around me just to put some pants on. I still will need to dress warm if staying in the house. Like at present...I am wearing my winter jacket still. Never took it off when we got home from going to the Village. Got my warm "uggish" boots on still too. Maybe I ought to make a fire. The baseboards do nada and the hydro is so expensive when they are cranked. Ugh. We move...March 1st. The new place is fully insulated and dry and mice either! Yippeee!

I am sort of feeling lazy as I have not sat down and wrote anything in my blog for almost 2 weeks now. But it is not out of laziness, procrastination or not even having the time. I spent a full week in my home town...Winnipeg! It was awesome. Spending lots of time with all of my sweet nieces and nephews. My do they grow up so fast. I feel like I am missing the best years with them. Makes me want to just live in Manitoba again. I didn't even mind being there...even though it was January and a very cold month. The weather was actually quite nice for the most part. -5...+2...-15...the day I left it reached down to -45 with the windchill. Now, that temperature is quite bitey on the flesh I must admit. But honestly...if you dress warm enough, it really ain't that bad. And, when you get inside a nice warm home you are instantly warm again. Whereas out here in cold & wet can NEVER...EVER get warm. You are chilled right down to your poor little bones. I have come inside from a cold/wet day, felt like I could just fall over and die because my bones are cold and achey. I then make a hot bath (which is always so lovely) and lie in it for quite some time. When I get out I feel like I will be warm..but once I dry off...and cool off...I am flippin' freezing again! Argh...the weather out here is something else. It literally took me 5 years to apapt myself to it. It may be above freezing most of the winter...but it is still damn cold!

Anyhow, my time in the "Peg" was so amazing. Had a blast with the schveetie vuns, as I so love to call them (Oma Behnke). And of course being able to spend some good quality with my fabulous folks, my sister and her hubby and my bro and his wife. I am one of those extremely fortunate souls to actually love my family. I don't think I have ever not wanted to be around them. Living on the other side of the country is sometimes very trying. I always want to be with them when they all get together. I guess I feel jealous at those times. But it's okay. We are still so connected and never miss a beat when we are all together again. I am blessed to have been born to two amazing people and subsequently have two awesome siblings. It just keeps getting better. Through them and their totally amazing spouses...I now have 5 beautiful nieces and two sweet nephews. Could life be any better? (maybe...if Clint & I could one day have our own) My niece Elona was so sweet this last trip. More attentive to me than ever before. And so sweetly she asked me one night..."Auntie Pam. Are you and Uncle Clint ever going to have a baby? I would like another cousin." Break my heart you little sweetie! ;o) Man, I love those kids!

So, while I was in Winnipeg (spent some days in Steinbach too), we woke one morning to the city covered in hoar frost! If you have never seen hoar frost you are definitely missing out. It is so beautiful. That is what they call a Winter Wonderland for sure. My dad, sister-in-law and me decided to get out of the house, drive to King's Park and take photos of the beauty that surrounded us. I want to share some of these images...spectacular!

A little flake fell on Sharla's camera...I needed to take a pic of it! ;o)
BC may be beautiful and green...but to be able to enjoy a few months of snow is superb!