Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hit it!

"I wanna rock right now
I'm Rob Base and I came to get down
I'm not internationally known
But I'm known to rock the microphone
Because I get stupid, I mean outrageous
Stay away from me if you're contagious
'Cause I'm the winner, no, I'm not the loser
To be an M.C. is what I choose 'a
Ladies love me, girls adore me
I mean even the ones who never saw me
Like the way that I rhyme at a show
The reason why, man, I don't know
So let's go, 'cause
It takes two to make a thing go right!"
~ Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock

And the two of us, plus Maggie shall make it go super right. We head out today on the fantastic road out to the eastern section of this big old beautiful country called Canada. We will be driving over terrain of mountain, desert, rolling hills, prairies and Canadian Shield. It is going to be a ton of fun, let me tell you! Well, I shall tell you all about it when I return from the Motherland "Winnipeg" with tales of wonder and fun and crazy and just everything fabulous that a road trip can be. Family reunion smack dab in the middle of all of the fun will make it that much more exciting. 

dramatized photo of what the road trip may be like! ha ha ha ha!
Bring it Canada. Give us all that you got...mosquitoes if it has to be so, some bears and deer, heat stroke, cool refreshing lakes and best of all gorgeous sunsets. Oh Canada how I truly do love thee! Take care of us...your country peeps! ;o)

Peace out people. Enjoy your summer and safe travels if you do! Now let's...Hit it! (the road) ha ha ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa! (oh man...I am already tired!)

Friday, July 22, 2011


Who doesn't love a choice piece of meat grilled to absolute perfection on the Barbecue? Or, of course a nice molded non-meat product heated up and made to look like it was grilled perfectly by the "chef" with the tongs in her hand? Mmmmmm...even corn and peppers and zucchini and mushrooms and garlic and...and...and...well the list can go on and on for hours. Barbecuing is a fabulous way to enjoy cooked food. I still can't understand why it is mostly a summer thing to do...for the most part that is. I will fire up the barby in the winter time...just not as often. I guess standing in the rain over top of the grill isn't as thrilling as when you are out in the sun and warmth of a summer evening grilling up some yummy delicacies. Oh I do love thee. And I have been a fan of the grill since I was a wee little lass. My dad is the BBQ my eyes at least. You want a steak grilled to rare..he'll do it...medium rare no problem...medium, yuppers! He may even grill something medium well or worse yet, WELL, if it is totally necessary on your part to eat meat that is tougher and drier than drywall. But you would have to beg him on your knees and make promises of all sorts for him to do something so awful to a wonderful cut of meat. I would hang out, most of the time when my dad would do the grilling for our dinners or barbecue get togethers with friends and/or staff parties in our backyard. I would watch him flip burgers and steaks...feeling up the the meat with his tongs to know what point it is grilled to in the middle. I remember our orange metal square briquette BBQ with the big wooden "joystick" that could lower the grill closer to the heat. When it wasn't on, that BBQ was so many different things...ahhh the imagination of children. ;o) I also remember when my dad came home with a propane BBQ and the excitement he had with the ease of lighting and heating it up. No more lighter fluid and waiting for the briquettes to ember up and add heat to the grill. The flick of a switch does it all in seconds. Sweet! We had more barbecues once we upgraded to propane...yum! There were even a few occasions in the middle of winter, with my dad clearing a path through the deep snow on the deck to the BBQ and grilling in -20 degrees because he had a hankering for some grilled steaks! My dad...BBQ Lothar! For his birthday a few years ago, my brother bought him an LCB branding iron so that he could brand his steaks when he is done grilling them. (LCB are his initials of course.) So cool. I wonder how many more years of BBQ'ing I got to do to get me one of them fancy things? ;o)
Last night was a wonderful evening of BBQ and a bunch of my favourite peeps...what a combo...LOVE it!!! I started off my grilling with a few packs of pork tail ribs marinaded in a "Gabriola" sauce from the local meat department. (they are so tasty...and I grill 'em perfect!) My grill was covered in ribs, sizzling away in the heat and being BBQ'd to sweet supremacy...the way meat ought to be done. And ooooohhhhh, they were tasty. That was a warm up for me. Next...bring yer meat to the cue and let me grill for you. I was at the helm for about 1 1/2 hours...maybe 2. There were about 25 people here with meat to eat...and me to make taste exactly how it should. ;o) I was a meat machine...oh yeah...there was the tofurkey wieners I grilled to make look so nice. Even that was done perfect...right Adrian?? lol I had fun. I was in my element. I am a BBQ Queen thanks to my Daddy'o instilling the proper grilling techniques into my mind and hand! hee hee hee. I wish I had a photo of me at the heat of the moment with sausages of beef, pork, chorizo and tofurkey, pork ribs, baseball steaks, salmon, zucchini and red pepper. It was fun and amazing and I feel that I did a great job. I did not hear one complaint...for I AM BBQ PAM!! :o)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I just can't get "it" out of my head!

The lists...the lists...the thousands of things I feel I must do before we leave. It's not like it is such a major thing. We are just getting into our car and driving to Manitoba...with old lady Maggie dog. I just can't stand forgetting something we need that we have and needing to purchase a "new one" because of my negligent mind. It literally keeps me up at night. How very sad is that? Very sad Pam...VERY sad. I can say with great delight and add a high pitched shriek or two, (I did it out loud when the task was accomplished yesterday) that we figured out our trunk rack thingy. We drive a 1993 Dodge Spirit...yes, I know so incredibly cool. (my Omi gave it to me because she does not like to drive anymore. my Opi bought it the year before he died and taught my Omi to drive again so that she would have independence when he was gone. Oh Opi...I miss you.) It's an awesome vehicle. Still only 88,000 kms on it...yeah!! Anyhow, it has a built in trunk rack complete with "spoiler". But in my mind the only way to use it was to get a metal doweling to attach to it to allow the bungee cords to work. I phoned auto parts dealers, auto wreckers, Dodge dealers. Nobody had what I was asking for...I even gave them all full explanation of what I was talking about and needed. Like a very smart man would...Clint realized that the bungee cords CAN in fact hook right into it. Into the spot where I was thinking the doweling would have to go through! ba ha ha ha hahaaaaaa!!!! Ah works now. We bought the bungees...we have a huge hockey bag for our tent and stuff...and we are set to go with that. Now we just need to figure out how to pack the's small. And I still need cookware and cooler and clothing. ;o)

I NEED to make a first aid kit. I need to make a break down kit with candles...heat! (it can still be mighty chilly in the mountains at night!) I need to make a fun time kit with books for reading and paper for sketching. I need to make our "get out of the car at a sunny lake spot and go for a dip in the lake/river/stream" bag with suits and towels and sunscreen. I NEED to make a few lists for our house sitter about how much to feed Wensday and all of my tomato plants and flowers. Thank goodness for Sean our house sitter...what a great guy. Wensday needs love and affection...she is an abnormal kitty that way. Two weeks of being alone could drive her 14 year old mind mad...and that would be BAD! ;o) So many lists!!

I am just an anxious kind of gal...and my ocd surely does not help these types of situations. I just can't wait to be on the road out east. I will feel relaxed and happy and excited to see the beauty of four amazing provinces, some old friends, my dad's side of the family (lots of cousins and all of their kids!), of course MY immediate family and my nephews and nieces and last but not be in the lakes of beautiful Manitoba again. It truly is a paradise worth seeing! The sandy beaches on Lake Winnipeg are insanely gorgeous...comparable to Mexico even! If you have not been there, you really ought to go. Manitoba is amazing and I feel fortunate to be there in August this year...instead of January. (well, I was there in January actually this year. It was cold! But still beautiful.) Once we are out of here...the lists shall stop...I can not wait!

I am excited for this evening. We are having our beautiful island friends over for a BBQ potluck. I shall be BBQ Pam! We want to have a fun night with our friends before we leave. I feel we have been summer hermitting this year so far...and I just can't handle it anymore. I NEED my friends to know that I love them and appreciate them. So one last night of laughs and eats and good times before we go. When we get back it is the height of summer fun waiting for us. So bring it on summer! Lists schmists...this is going to be fabulous!!!

Maggie sleeping under the umbrella on one of our beaches. Soon she will be on a beach in the Okanagan...then a Moyie Lake beach, then Lac Pelletier SK, then the lakes in Manitoba. Oh Maggie what adventures await you old lady! Oh...that is another and stuff for Maggie May!! hee hee hee xox

Am I repeating myself...repeating myself? ha ha ha ha!! (that's the ocd...sorry about two posts in a row of it all...I can't help it...consuming mind!)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Monday

I feel really tired but I am up now because I can't sleep. A million and one things are running through my head. Everyone knows that feeling...argh! I can be a stress case at times...not always peace and love with a cherry on top! ;o) I have anxiety. Ativan take me away??? No. That stuff works but is pretty nasty man...especially if you have a drink. Forget about remembering your day after that. Been there...done the no memories. I threw my pill bottle off of the Cambie Bridge about 7 years ago! ha ha ha ha! (I shouldn't have said that out loud. Not a good thing to do...litter bug! But maybe I have helped some fishies with their anxiety!) ;op I have constant lists running through my head. We are leaving very soon on a road trip to Manitoba...yippee! My family is having a reunion in Pinawa, MB. It's in the weirdest of "compounds"...but in the loveliest of spots. Right on the lake. And there are canoes to use! When I look at the map I can see a little island close to it where we can canoe to and have some away from the rest of the "big old gang" time. Maybe take some nieces and nephews...maybe my sister will want to come too. I am looking forward to it. To seeing all of my cousins that I have not seen in an eternity. We live ALL over Canada. And for once we will all be together in the same place...four days in a row! ;o) I am truly excited.

Stress...Anxiety. Those come from the lists I was talking about. The lists of things I need to get done before we leave...lists of things we need for the drive east. We are bringing Maggie (of course) and camping all along the way. Fun!!! I have mapped out our trek east already...still figuring out the way home. We'll probably do that way on the fast route...with still some chillax time. We need a little cook stove in the event we can't have a fire...I need to locate all of our camping supplies...I need to find a place to stay overnight in Van for the night before we take off (friends are not responding to my request...argh.)...I need to find the metal doweling thing that fits on our trunk rack so that I can bungee a big equipment bag to the back (small room for everything we need)...I need to find out if someone is going to live here while we are gone...I need, I need, I NEED to chill out and tek it easy and do all of these things because I have time. I have a week to do it all. Plenty of time...right???? ahhhhhhh! First thing I should do is get off of the computer! lol I gots things to do mon!

Lucky get to see my terrible morning face filled with worry! ba ha ha hahaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I swear I will look better in a few hours... ;o)

Deep breath. In through the nose. Out through the mouth...slooooowly. All righty then. It's Monday and I got to get stuff done!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's the little things...

that make me most happy. Such a cliche thing to say...but it is so amazingly true. Like waking up next to a warm body...well two warm bodies and a heavy breather on the floor. All three of them make me feel blessed to have such love and joy in my life. My husband soundly sleeping while Wensday is working every angle to wake him so that she can get her nibble on. (she is ALWAYS begging Clint for food...not me. I refuse to let her bully me...but Clint is way softer! ha ha ha!) And knowing Maggie is on her big, comfy Costco bed sleeping soundly dreaming of running down the sandy beach and eating otter makes me feel really happy. :o)

And right now...even though it is July, what is considered a summer month...and it has been raining for about 3 days...I feel excited because my little cistern is being fed with fresh water from the heavens. I will celebrate by doing some laundry...maybe even have a bath to make my sore muscles feel better. The fresh scent outside is so amazing and rejuvenating. The West Wet Coast is green 12 months of the year...but in the summer with the extra foliage and blossoms, the rain causes magnificent fragrance in the air...far superior to any perfume. The rain also means that I do not have to water anything on my deck...yes!!! I mean, I do love to take the time in watering each pot filled with flowers, herbs, tomatoes and more...I like to whisper to each plant that I love them and appreciate the growth that they have made over just a few short months. I pump them up with confidence...and a little fertilizer helps too! No watering means no heavy water can lifting and no sore shoulder...that makes me really happy. ;o)

Living in a small community makes me feel ecstatic at times. (of course there are some times when I am like "Man...there ain't much privacy when everyone knows you. I just want to get my groceries and NOT talk to 20 people in the aisles." I say that once in a blue moon when I just need my quiet time.) It feels pretty awesome when you are walking around "downtown" and almost every person you pass knows your name and gives you a smile, or a wave, or my favourite...a HUG!! I love it! I like to talk, so I like running into various people on my outings...makes the day feel brighter. I love love...and I love people...everyone.  This is a place where people care about you...and they show it. It's a place where I can give back...even if it is just through my smiles and hugs and infectious silliness. (at least I hope those that know me like me as the silly gal that I can be!) I love my makes me feel warm, safe and super happy. ;o)

There are so many things that bring a bigger than life smile to my face and an extra beat in my heart. A rose opening up and the fabulous sweet scent it gives off that first morning fully awake. Barbecuing on the deck with friends...especially if there is corn on the cob...peaches and cream! Yum! Laying on a rocky or sandy beach soaking up the heat of the sun, (it happens out here...more than you would believe) and jumping into the smooth rolling waves. Watching a pretty butterfly flitting through the air searching for some yummy goodness in the flowers that are so bountiful on our pretty island...and on my deck! ;o) Finding a big old snail quietly and slimely moving over the rocks and moss. Seeing a dog from a far hooking up with someone he knows and watching his/her tail wag uncontrollably with pure excitement. (I love dogs.) Viewing photos of all of my nieces and nephews on Facebook and seeing their smiling, cute faces enjoying the life that they have been blessed with. ( they all have the most fabulous parents...I love my sister and brother and their partners. They rock!!!) But...lately one of my most favourite things are the treasures that I have been finding on the beaches. My chitons, my huge cow tooth from the old homestead, pretty beach glass and rusty things. Yesterday I was further blessed by the beach treasure gods. Not only did I find the biggest piece of blue glass I have ever found...but it came complete with a host of barnacles attached to it. (sorry barnacles for now I have taken you from your home in the sea...and you will die. :o( But there are soooo many more of an infestation under the deep blue waters. Thanks for your beautifying my special glass.) When I spotted the blue, my heart skipped a beat...seriously. Then I ran down the side of the rock and seaweed in my cowboy boots to retrieve what I was pretty sure was going be a most spectacular piece. And it was!! Yippeeee! Clint just laughed and said "You truly DO enjoy the little things in life!"

I do. It's the little things that make me most happy. ;o)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It's in me...I've got to let it out. A rant that is burning my insides with a fierce saturation of angry thoughts I feel towards the mass media. By mass media, I am talking of those that enjoy the act of creating fear or hysteria...a frenzy about anything they think that will make them a buck either by acquiring more viewers causing ratings to go up on a show or a smut mag like the Enquirer or the like of. It can drive me nuts. So badly that I don't watch those kind of shows any longer. Except for the last few days...

I was not sun smart on Saturday while we were out for only a few hours in the face was shaded by an umbrella, but not my head obviously. I got heat/sun stroke. BAD. (I suppose it is always bad...dehydration makes the body suffer in ways you didn't imagine possible.) We were in the sun, sitting on the beautiful patio at Silva Bay for about 2 hours on an absolutely lovely, warm breezy and supah sunny kind of day. I had a lime margarita...on the was superb. Thank you bartender Ricky! ;o) Before we left I said it would suck to get heat stroke and that we should probably hit the road. (I get it so freakin' easily...drives me insane in the membrane. Low blood pressure) When we got to the car that was sitting in a cool and shady spot for Maggie as she quietly slept in the back seat with wide open windows and a bowl of water...I was instantly chilled. I got goosebumps. That was my first indication things may go bad. We left Silva Bay, went home to feed the Magginator and then drove to Descanso Bay for a swim with Kate. I was no longer heated up and needing a dip as I pretty sure I could while sweltering on the patio...I did not jump in. We stayed til sunset, because it is so beautiful, went home and shortly after went to bed. When I initially woke up Sunday am at 4 am with a fever and chills...I was 100% sure, that indeed, I DID have sun stroke. Bummer! Like seriously. I was too sick to even sit for longer than 10 minutes on the! (well, that IS a good spend a day or two away from the "box") I tried to sleep to no avail. I took a bath which ALWAYS makes me feel brought my fever back! wah! I couldn't sleep ot try and relax in the tub...what was I to do??? Lie on the spare bed and watch TV...mind numbing television. Perfect! Not so much...

Sunday, Diane Sawyer presented her interview with Jaycee Lee Dugard to the world. (if her name is not familiar to you...she was abducted by a convicted, but released sex offender at the age of 11 and was found 18 years later and reunited with her mother and sister. Tragic.) I felt it would be an interesting and compelling, a true story of a woman's fight for life. I remember the news stories at the time of her abduction and after. It was so sad to see the mother begging for her beautiful daughter to be returned safely home. It made me hope that my mom and I are never without knowing where each other sister too. Jaycee's mothers plight was a biggie...but she was using every resource to find her daughter and bring her home safely. She NEVER gave up. 18 years. wow! I wanted to hear Jaycee speak of herself and the feelings she went through. I felt that may be worth other people to know. This can happen to really can. That is also part of this tragedy. And then listening to Jaycee speak with eloquence...a demeanor of love and happiness. She went to hell and worse and was brought back...and she smiles and laughs. She is beautiful inside and out. Amazing woman...such strength. She speaks of forgiveness. She has been free for 2 years. She speaks of forgiveness...she is an enlightened individual. "Life is too short to live with hate." she responds to a question Diane poses of the terrible feelings that she must have for her abductor. Those words made me tear up. Beautiful. Forgiveness is good all around...for EVERYONE involved. But mostly the person's that simple. It seemed like a nice interview so far. As if that is good enough for the viewers. Diane has to make it rich. Probing further, Diane starts to talk about missing her mom. She talks of how she would stare at the moon through a crack in a shelter wall and think of her mom. (they used to enjoy looking out at the moon together and debating the coolness factor of the crescent versus full moon) Jaycee spoke of her longing for her mother and the intensity of it in the beginning. With months and years and babies being born passing...she still missed her dearly but was too busy just trying to survive in captivity with not one but now two babies...all from the monster who stole her. Diane probes deeper and so negatively..."Did you think that your mother wouldn't want you after all that had happened?" Jaycee, admirably responds with a "No. I never thought that." Those types of questions kept coming up and made me not want to continue watching. I hate that crap! Ahhhh...sickness!!!

Same thing happened Monday afternoon while watching Oprah. Yes...even Oprah loves the ratings and will make her guests feel uncomfortable even though they endured years of rape and sexual molestation by their two brothers and father. As if they have not been tortured enough. The only reason they came out was to express how important it is for young girls and boys to speak out and not be afraid to talk of these horrible things that your family members do to you. They want to help in the fight against child abuse that goes unnoticed. Also teaching other adults the signs to look out for...and then to keep a watchful eye on things to see if home life is actually a safe haven like it is supposed to be. But Oprah saw it more as a great show of hers yet again...oh the drama! I stopped watching that Oprah show. I don't even really like Oprah. Her head is too big! (not literally) is all glorification for the purpose of $$$. And that is truly what makes me feel so sick. Money monger's!!!! wah.

That's my rant.
This was sunset eh? :o)
Peace out.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Geri Dogs rule!

Maggie, Arbutus & I at the beach. ;o)
I, am of course a little bias when it comes to old lady or old man dogs. My sweet Maggie is the ripe old age of 17 and she is feeling fine. My neighbours dog Arbutus is 15 and even with his stiff like tree trunk legs...he is feeling fine. They are such lovey dogs. Even Arbutus, with his snobbish side glances and seemingly distant attitude while walking right past you to the food dish...he loves the love. When you get a hold of him and wrap your arms around his long and strong neck...his tail is wagging and you know he is loving every minute of it. And then there is Maggie May. The strong and silent little old lady who just loves feeling the love and enjoys having the feeling that she is wanted AND needed by her people. And we so fit that bill...we want and need her. She has enriched our lives incredibly in the past 2 years. From the times that she would be wandering out in the middle of South Road at 1 am to the cold and rainy days she would come to the door to be inside by a nice warm fire. She was looking for someone to give her love and in turn she would give us so much more.

Clint and I have always discussed getting a dog...and once we moved here, we realized that we could totally make the dream a reality. Now, we just needed to have the right place and landlords in order to do so.When everything would fall into place we would head over to the Nanaimo SPCA and rescue an older 8 years or more. It seems like the majority of people purchasing and rescuing a dog, are looking for the young and trainable (sometimes it is the human that needs to be trained) kind. Puppies are snatched up instantly in a shelter...even pet stores go through puppies like mad. But what about the lovely older pups? Just like us forever feeling like a kid, they are always a puppy. Dogs of all ages and sizes love to play around, let loose and have fun...even if it is short lived. So anyways...we wanted to give an older and abandoned (obviously) dog a lovely home. And then Maggie showed up. Like I said...we would pass her just standing in the middle of the road in the middle of the the pouring rain even. She was the ever wandering dog. I guess she always was that...

Maggie was pulled off the side of the #1 Highway in Langley back in 1995...she was about 1 year old at that time...she had fallen out of the back of a pick up truck. Because the vets at the SPCA said she was so responsive to them, even in the mass amount of pain she must have been in with her broken hip...they decided they should fix her up rather than put her down. A woman in West Van put up the $5000 for her surgery and then adopted her. Maggie became the neighbourhood dog in that section of West Van...going from home to home...being fed by everyone...lapping up the attention. One of the neighbours (Karen) ended up moving over here to the the woman asked Karen if she would want to bring Maggie to live in paradise instead of the city. Maggie now became Karen's dog and a South End dog...wandering the south side of the island and meeting all of the neighbours. It was a great lifestyle for both dog and owner...just leave Maggie outside when you leave for the day and she is as happy as pie. Because of an old dog Karen has that was also a rescue and nervous of others dogs, Maggie had to live down the road with Karen's son and girlfriend. They love Maggie tons too...but are both so busy with work. Now, leaving her outside all day in the rain is different...her bones get achy in the cold...she's an ooooooold lady! I think she was on the hunt for a permanent home when she met us. I am home all of the when we moved to that neigbourhood, Maggie started to visit. I would bring her in from the rain and set her up on a towel in front of the wood stove...give her water and a nibble of something tasty. She would eventually leave when she was ready. I started taking her with me when I would go driving somewhere as she would just be sitting in the middle of the street waiting. And I figured she is better off in the back of my car than wandering the streets...she will walk right up to a car...silly old lady! Eventually Maggie just became ours. When we moved back to the North End her owners said we should take her because she loves us so much. She adopted us!!
We may be her 5th owners...but she now has a permanent and happy home...always someone around to love. That is what she clearly wants. You can see it in her eyes when she watches your every can see and feel the love in her very soul. She is a special old lady. She is so special that very soon we will be driving all the way to Manitoba with her in the back seat! Family reunion calls us out east...let's make it super fun. We are camping in the mountains and prairies along the way...with Maggie at our side. I feel that is we leave her she will feel abandoned after a day or two. She is too old to have heart pain. So, Maggie...I hope you love to travel for long distances. And I hope you love Manitoba as much as we do...cause you're going!! ;o)

To everyone who has ever thought of getting a dog...get an oldie. They have a ton of love to give and are smarter than the average bear! Cheers to the geriatric doggies of the world! xox
This is a video of Maggie having a blast at the beach. She runs so sweet!! a teeter totter! ;o) Maggie + Sand = Fun Times. xox

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All the spiders in da house say Yeah!

It's so not a great photo of this crazy little character that Wensday was playfully chasing around and around my kitchen until it was cornered near the oven and had no escape except to wait in stillness for her to vacate the area and he could make his get away back into whichever hole he came out of. I could hear her claws scratching and paws pounding the linoleum as if she were stuck inside a small cage and furiously spinning around in circles searching each wall for her way out of the claustrophobic space. But of course she was not trapped, she was just having the time of her life with her new wind up toy. She really DID wind this guy up. When I was finally able to sweep him out from underneath the cupboard and trap him in my handy-dandy spider trap that my awesome and fabulous friend Megan bought me when we first moved to "Spider Island", (there are tons of creepy crawly spiders here...your heart would give out if you don't like the sight of's constant) he was in a state of frenzy. I trapped him in the spider trap from Lee Valley (the store that has everything you could possibly need or even fantasize having...they got it all!) and brought him outside to live in the forest at the top of the driveway. But before his release I wanted to share some "quality time" with him...just me and him, inside the clear plastic pyramid and unable to jump on me. He was running around and around scouting each corner for his could hear his feet tapping the floor of his compound. It reminded me of a big tarantula that was angry and ready to bite it's prey...or the idiot who disturbed! Kind of sickening...but kind of cool. I mean, they are super cool and interesting creatures...the spider. And when they are totally incapable of crawling or jumping on me...I am intrigued by them.

I wish I had a better photo of him...he wouldn't really sit still for long...the sun was quite efficient in it's shining on us and the plastic pyramid is not as clear as it once was. But he was actually very pretty. The orange pattern on his back looked like a stencil and bright orange coloured powder was used to dress him up. Had I been asked what I thought of him a few years back, I wouldn't even have taken a second to have a peek at him. I would have just screamed and ran away in any direction in which I felt the spider could not reach me. I am talking serious total, I am a big baby and will cry if you even pretend to throw a spider on me. I felt silly having such a fear. But there was no curing it...or so I thought. When I was a kid I was never scared of any kind of bug. I grew up in a Greenhouse filled with spiders, sow bugs, slugs, centipedes and sometimes lizards when we got a shipment from Florida of tropical houseplants. I used to pick up daddy long legs that I found and carry them around the yard and put them in a new and improved spot to make their home. Depending on my mood I would choose spots which I felt I would enjoy as a little spider on the hunt for my perfect home. We had a beautifully landscaped yard, so I would choose the spot by cool bush or tree. Sometimes they would get an upscale "downtown high rise" condo in the lollipop juniper...or I would stick them in the "country estate" potentilla surrounded by pretty yellow flowers. Sometimes I would pick off all of their legs so they were just a little round pea. I thought it was funny until all eight legs were off and he couldn't move but just lie there...and was he in pain? Soooo...squish! Sorry spider. :o( I like the Daddy Long Legs that are in Manitoba. The image above (that I copied off the net) is the type that you find there. Here, in BC, they have skinnier, longer bodies...but still the way too long legs. Harmless little guys. They just like corners of bathroom, bedroom and living room ceilings to hang out your flies and just live a happy life. Part of me wants to let them live there...but then I realize they would like it better outside. And I know that my off island guests coming over to stay the weekend probably don't appreciate the spiders in their webs hanging out over them while they sleep or are trying to conversate and enjoy some wine. (so I remove them) When I used to visit my girlfriend on Galiano from Vancouver, I would have to vacuum the ceilings of her home before I could even feel at peace in the home. She let them live...procreate and set up cities in her home. I was like..."Sorry Mel, I have to suck them all should keep your place cleaner." In reality, living on any of the Southern Gulf Islands, it is almost a daily chore if you want to keep the spiders from setting up camp. There really are just so many of them living here. I, at least have my super fantabulous device in which I can clear them out of my home and give them a lovely forest to spin their webs in. And that is what I do. 

Ages 16-33 I wasted by allowing a fear to set in against the impressive eight legged little fellows all over the world. They are truly fascinating...they CAN be dangerous too. Just be careful and take care with them...respect the spider. ;o)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sucka MC

What is a Sucka MC? In my world, (cause I use the word often) it can be good or bad...all depending on the context in which the name is used. I can call you Sucka Sucka MC and it means that you are super cool in that moment to me...something you have done has gotten me excited and giddy and therefore you are definitely a Sucka Sucka MC! I suppose it is all in the tone also...but I can not write my tone. If I were to describe it, I would say that it is a wee bit of a high pitched and so full of hysteria tone that you could only come to the conclusion that I think you are da bomb. (plus my face would be wildly Cartman smile as Clint would call it) And then there are the rare occasions in which I use the term in a negative way...but mostly for myself. Like for instance..."I am just a freakin' Sucka MC". Definition now would be that I have been duped...I am a sucker. And me no likey that!

I am totally gullible...and that's okay. Because gullibility only means that I am trusting of what others are telling me. It can make me look really foolish sometimes...but that is usually because it is done in a fun and taunting what a good friend or hubby would do. Clint plays on my gullibleness ALL of the time...but he does it out of love. ha ha ha! And it doesn't bother me too much. Mostly because now I catch him in his fun lies...I ain't that stoopid! ;o) Nor does Clint think I am...he just likes to have fun with me. It's quite endearing! ha! 

Cute little "white lies" can be funny and do not hurt. But I have fallen victim and find myself STILL at times falling victim to someone taking real advantage of me and my trusting ways. I am a nice person. If you know me you know that I would do anything for my family or friends. I care so much for those that are close to me...I even care about those that are close to the ones that I love. I am a big pile of mushy love. Don't get me wrong...I have my moments of total exacerbation and start spewing to whomever is closest to me how angry I feel about something. I might even say "I am going to blah blah blah...", you know, actually tell someone off or at least show them how hurt and angry I am. I never do. I end up venting it enough so that when my chance for "revenge" comes I generally will take the higher road and act like nothing even happened in the first place. That is something I am currently working on. I am not a door mat. So I shouldn't be trampled all over. And it is okay for me to speak up when I feel stomped...squished like the poor ant that you didn't avoid crushing with your flip flops. It is totally acceptable advise your friend/acquaintance/family member, whatever, that what they said or did to you was hurtful and unacceptable. How else will people learn to treat you right if they can't figure it out for themselves?? Some peeps just need a little more guidance, and this may be because they have always walked all over their friends and such and not a soul has ever said anything against it. Well...I have to. I didn't always...but now I feel I am too old to deal with bags of crap left on my heart. 

As of recently, I feel that a friend of mine thinks I am a sucker...feels like I will just bend over backwards while still doing the "downward dog" and make everything sweet as pie for them...while my back is being bent and twisted and breaking in half. Asking me to go above and beyond something that was previously arranged and settled and accepted...but now I am asked to give so much more. I have nothing more to give yet I find myself doing it because I feel like if I say no I am not a good friend. And I still have not gotten what I was promised over a month ago. It's really hard and I am at my wit's end just keeping my mouth shut and trying to be patient. But I am finding that my patience is wearing super silky thread thin. I don't know whether it's the fact that I have always wanted to please everyone so that they all will like me...or am I really just a plain old Sucka MC! I do know that there are many men and women that go through the same thing as I have. It's called low self esteem. And as teenagers, all of us have gone through moments of self doubt, feelings of self loath and desperation to just "fit in". Even the "popular" girls/boys had feelings of inadequacy. That's why those of us that were not in the highly popular crowd couldn't stand those kids...cause they were at times really mean and playing with major holier than thou attitudes. Yet they were also wanting everyone to like them and accept them...they too had low self esteem. It's called teenage angst! Not to say that I had it worse...but sometimes I feel like it was compounded in my life. Imagine being the shy and scared kid hoping to fit in with everyone else...but you are so completely visibly different than everyone least the mirror tell you so. Of course we are different...being the same would be soooo boring! Even now, I can actually look in the mirror these days and say "I am beautiful" (this is important to do...for everyone. love're perfect!) and really believe it. But I still have moments where I want to hide behind someone or something because I just don't feel good enough, pretty enough...normal enough. As I ponder on why I still have these feelings I can see that it is not from me...but from others. Other people's funny looks and stares are what can trigger my low self esteem. But that is their issue, not mine. I am fine...if they have a problem they should deal with it. I need not change anything about myself. So with this new found strength I should also be able to stand up for myself when feeling taken advantage of. I started last night...whimpily, by writing an email to the person who I feel is currently taking me for a ride. I don't like twisty, turny stomach churny rides. So I am getting off! I still think it can be done in a nice way but still firm in my position of "Do NOT take advantage of me!" 
I practiced my attack a few years ago on Clint...I may go easier on real offenders! ;o) (thank you Kenny Cade for this funny photo!)
"I am a Sucka MC yo!" Cool to the core. And that is cool to me. Peace out! xox

Friday, July 1, 2011


Happy Canada Day!!'s July 1st...ALREADY!! I can't even believe it. Not be a negative Nancy...but the days ARE getting shorter already. Wah! The only reason I am being such a Debbie Downer about it all is because we have yet to have some scorching heat out here. In reality, we have had some mighty fine days this year so far. Bright, sunny sparkly days that feel so good...the warmth of the sun on your body that makes your soul feel light and happy too. I can't really complain. It has not been a bad spring/summer. (others may disagree because of the grey days that have come in between those glimmerful days...but you just got to take each day as it comes man.) And today...I woke up feeling good. I still do feel good. I am just a wee bit disappointed in the grey sky that is hovering above the cool wind that hits my ankles when I open the door for Maggie to go out. It's all right though. I mean the weather may even change...right? Right! This IS the West Coast...give it 5 minutes and the day can change. Don't believe the weather man woman person on the TV or Internet. Open your sleepy eyes and look outside to see what the weather is like and go from there. Like right now the weather says it is +14 Celsius. That is more of an April temperature...but by 3 pm it could be +25! That is at least the hope I hold out for each day...and it has been working. Mornings sometimes start off cool and end up we will see what today brings. Either way...I am glad to be alive!

AND...I am glad to be Canadian. Canada is not a full on patriotic let's have a flag pole in our front yard kind of Country. (there are people that do though...and that's cool.) But I feel that we are all pretty proud of being Canadian...even with a seemingly uneducated puppet at the helm of it all. We are Canadian! I like that other Countries see us as peacekeepers and enjoy having us tour their beautiful and enchanted places. I like that other Countries make fun of Canadians for being so polite. Ever seen the movie Canadian Bacon? So hilarious! It's got the greats...John Candy, Rhea Perlman, Alan Alda, Rip Torn, James Belushi, Steven Wright. Alan Alda is President of the USA and John Candy and his crew decide to save his face by starting war with Canada (no war=no jobs in the artillery making factories) so more jobs are created. ha ha funny eh? John & Rhea and their buds are pushing through crowds of Canadians and shoving them down to the ground...the Canadian people are apologizing for being in their way, of course. You just got to find it and rent it. Great film...directed by Michael Moore of course. That guy is awesome! And he likes Canada, so I like him even more! hee hee hee.
"Vive le Canada!" ~ Jean Chretien
I AM Canadian. In fact I am a First Generation Canadian. Both of my parents were born in East Germany (when it was called East Germany...before the wall came down) and escaped in the 1950's. So, I am incredibly proud of my German heritage and always will be...I'll even teach my children (if I have any) to speak the language. But I am extra proud to be Canadian. So many people want to live here from all over the world. And I don't blame them. I have driven across most of Canada...Ontario through to BC. What a beautiful and majestic Country we are blessed to live in...and freedom reigns here...awesome! Thank you Canada! As per usual I WILL be wearing red & white today in honour of our pretty Maple Leaf flag. I will play cds made by Canadian musicians today only. I might even get up and sing our anthem if I haven't heard it yet...I am going to a beach bbq. ;o) I'd like to rile up a bunch of Canadians and have 'em join me in song. It's fun. So I gots to get out there and enjoy some of the at the Village, Potato Gun contest, free 60's dance party at Silva Bay's a day full of adventure and fun. I think I'll start it off with a coffee from Artworks and a stroll down the beach with my two favourites...Clint & Maggie...Let's go!!!

Happy Canada Day everyone!! I NEED to find my red lipstick!! ;o)
Peace! xox