Sunday, September 12, 2010

Is it rainy season already???

I can not even believe it...September is here and with it the rain has already started. Where did my summer go?? We had some hot days...I got out most of those hot days and jumped in the ocean. We spent many a day walking down to the beach to enjoy. We camped over on Mudge Island. We had bbq's and paddles over to our private tiny island. It was an amazing summer...but man, was it busy.

Became one of those summers with many visitors...which I LOVE having over. We live in such a special place that we enjoy showing off and sharing paradise with those people that we love. Having guests over entails keeping things together in the household...keeping me on my toes...and letting me love it all too! ;o) This summer I also got myself wrapped up in a couple projects that took much of my time and energy...I may have all of the time in the world...but my energy is usually on low...not because I don't want to be busy and doing things that are interesting and creative. It's my arm, it's muscles, tendons and nerves that help it do the things I want to do just don't like to help me out when I need them...which is all of the time. It's like my arm is against me. Like my evil twin! Mwah ha ha ha haaaaaa! But I OVERCAME adversity and won. I may be sore...but I did it all! ;op

Our good friends were married this summer and I wanted to give a gift from my heart. I made the centrepieces...a little bit of me and a lot of Gabriola went into them. White shell sand in a beautiful glass the sand were thorny branches painted beautiful gloss black. On the branches there were pennies hung for good luck. They were married on Friday the 13th. :o) Guests were to take a penny from the tree and leave a wish they wrote on a tag. (That part was their idea.) Very cute. They looked great and the couple were pleased...that made my heart feel good.

The wedding took place in Vancouver. Clint & I traveled over there for a couple days to enjoy the city know...sushi and ANYTHING we want! (remember, we live on an island where there are 4 restaurants to choose from...diversity is sensational.)YUM!!! The wedding was gorgeous...a fairytale actually. Beautiful couple with an exquisitely adorable little baby, er I mean 15 month old little girl. Ceremony took place at breathtaking Ferguson Point in Stanley Park. When we drove into the park (BUSY Friday afternoon in downtown Vancouver during peak tourist season) we first got to Prospect Point and there were parking spots available...should we park here?? "I don't think Ferguson is that far off...maybe a 10 minute walk at most" I say to Clint who just wants out of the damn car. We park...I go pay and get a ticket...we start walking and I decide best thing to do for my feet is to carry my 3 1/2" heels so my feet aren't sore when we get to the spot. The sidewalk is asphalt. The soles of my feet burn and blister. I don't even notice they are burning until we have been walking for 1/2 hour and FINALLY get to the spot and I put my super sweet hot shimmery pink 3 1/2" heel BCBG shoes back on. Ouchies!!! But I HAVE to keep the shoes on as I have to stand in front of the crowd of family & friends to read an EE Cummings poem during the ceremony...heels DO make your ass look rounder and legs longer. Fashion ahead of smarts...right?? ;op Anyhow, they we are, overlooking the ocean (and those nasty barge container ships that just loiter in the area there) out towards the Gulf and Vancouver Islands, the ceremony finally took place and they were married in front of their family & friends. The couple looked fabulous of course...Taryn so gracefully and peacefully walking down the pathway to her husband to be, the uber handsome and dashing on his wedding day, Syx. It was all so very nice. Just a beautiful ceremony that was very real and loving and enjoying the fact that we all believe in true love...because it still does exist and it conquers ALL! So, while I truly am lavishing in this wonderful event between two of my good friends...watching them profess their love...I look to Clint loving him and taking in the moment. I know I said some sweet things to him, but I was still so very pre-occupied..."MY FEET ARE
EFFEN KILLING ME!!!!" I softly but painfully scream into Clint's ear. And by this time though the ceremony is over...thank goodness...and Clint walks back to retrieve the car that is SO far away. What a gentleman. I wait on a picnic table...I called my mom to pass some time while Clint has to walk ALL the way...30 minutes back to the car. The only thing I can think about is how I now just want to wear my flip flops for the rest of the day and night...even though they don't lift my ass nor give me those "they just go on forever" legs. And actually...I just want a beer!

We get back over to Main St to the Heritage Hall where the reception will take place...where we also spent a few hours of our morning setting up the centre pieces and helping. Next door to the hall is the Five Point restaurant. We decide to go in for a snack and beer to wait for the reception to start. BEER! We finish the last drop of a tasty draft beer and I want to go back to the car so that I can at least try and wear my pretty hot pink shiny shoes that I left in the front seat...time to take the beach worn but very comfy okabashi flip flops off. Get out to the...uh...WTF...I am 100% sure this is where we parked the car!!!!! Give me a cigarette! (I do not smoke. Though I am an ex-smoker.) Our car that was parked just perfectly...3 feet away from the edge of the sidewalk, allowing plenty of room for passenger and vehicle...has been towed! Some other girl that also was in the Five Point had hers towed too. Vancouver sucks!!! $150 ticket...eff you Vancouver! ARGH! After retrieving our car from the impound lot we made it back to the reception, ate yummy hors d'oeuvres, chit chatted with some awesome peeps, drank wine and beer, got tandemly screeched in as honourary Newfies, listened to some talented peeps perform songs and then headed back for our last night out in Burnaby...where we stayed with my Aunt & Uncle who took great care of us for the stay. Prepared meals for us so that we could sit down together and have at least that time for visiting, they gave us a comfy room and space just to do our own thing because it was such a whirlwind trip. And that was soooo appreciated. Uncle Walter & Tante rule! <3>

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