Friday, October 1, 2010

Sunny Fall Days...

October 1st...what? Where did my summer go? It's Clint's birthday today...39 years ago today he came into this world. Beautiful healthy baby he's a beautiful, sexy and amazingly talented man...that I like to call "baby".

Technically September 21 is the Autumn equinox...but for some reason I always see today as the true beginning of Fall. The smell outside is different today...that fresh but fading scent. The scent of summer has faded and the wet green grass is coming back to refresh the green earth. I love that out on the west coast winter stays green. It's pretty amazing when you grew up with white and freezing cold winters to now send your winters surrounded by lush green forests and walks on the beach with lapping waves...I really do love it here. defense of the I truly am a "Prairie Girl"...I LOVED those white winters. The sun shines pretty much daily...glistening sparkles off the snow. Blinding at times...but it's like the world has been covered in diamonds...or cubic zirconia's! lol's super sunny outside. Must be +20 or something. I am hanging out down at Silva Bay enjoying the beautiful sight and scent of the ocean...Maggie at my side. I am going to get back outside now and continue reading 'Weed Man - The remarkable journey of Jimmy Divine'...what a book...what a guy! Very interesting read...go out and get it! ;o) So out I go...into the hot sun and cool ocean breeze.

Peace out party people! ;o)

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