Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Easy Tiger...

I find that it is way harder to take it easy than I would have thought, a mere 8 years ago. I mean...who doesn't like to just sit and laze in the sunshine with a cool breeze...sit on the grass and pull the freshness into your olfactories...enjoy a little cat nap on a rainy afternoon. These all sound like lovely moments to enjoy in a day. I have been known to take part in these types of activities...of course. But even when I know I ought to spend an entire day doing mind just will not allow me to. This brain of mine likes to repeat such things as..."you NEED to get on top of the laundry that has been piling up"..."you NEED to vacuum the floors, those animals are hairy!"..."you NEED to get to the bathrooms, keep 'em clean sistah"..."you NEED to water and tidy your plants and flowers" NEED to fold that clean laundry"..."you NEED to do CAN'T just be lazy!!!" And these are the statements I NEED to stop my brain from telling me. I do NEED in fact to get to doing these things, as do most people in the world do, of course...but I also NEED to take care of myself, as should everyone else in the world too. ;o) I have to find a way to get these things done so they don't pile up on me. Once it piles up I am a motionless sloth with a full shot of anxiety with a paranoid chaser. All i need to do is a little each day...that is what I say. Yet, I still end up feeling like I am just not doing I am falling behind on the things that NEED to get done, including taking care of myself physically. This is my challenge...has been for quite some time now. You think I'd have it licked...but I don't. My pride always gets in my way. Still thinking to myself that I can do it's just housework...easy peasy. Well, on an arm that has been through the ringer and taken a beating for a lifetime (and still has a lifetime to keep on), activities of daily living can be grueling and really hard on me. Meh.

Perhaps I need to make myself a chore schedule. Like the one we had on our fridge growing up. The stuff we HAD to do on Saturdays. I was the duster...everything wood in the home was dusted by "yours truly" every Saturday. We had lots of wood in the Opi was a carpenter...wood is beautiful. ;o) Pretty easy schedule, even though I thought it was a big job. (Andy had to vacuum the entire house) Anyhow, perhaps if I made myself a chore schedule...a small job to do each day...I would stay on top of it and there would be less for Clint to have to take care of when he gets home from work. Yes! My job today is to finish this blog and then create my chore water my plants. (my tomatoes will whither if they don't get their water.) ;o)

Life is about finding the perfect balance between all that is in, relationships, health, home and fun times. I think that it may take a lifetime to find the right way to handle it all...that is part of the joy of getting old I guess. So, therefore, aging is a VERY rewarding process...bring it on! But...go easy tiger! ;o)

A collage of 12:12's in the past two weeks. Freaking out over spiders on my deck, enjoying the sun shining through one of my "peace"ful Tammy Hudgeon glass pieces, sitting on the couch staring into what is in front of me ;o), Larry still in bed at 12:12!! (he is catching up on 3 years of sleep), mmmmmmm tomatoes on my deck, tide didn't wash away the rock man last night, dusting off my typewriter with Tammy glass in the paper feed (perfect display!), monkey sitting on the deck enjoying his last moments of his body (head soon to be cut off to make pyjama sack), mmmmmmmosss!!!!
Almost time to get to the beach! Happy sunshiney day to you! :o)

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