Monday, November 5, 2012

Thank God for the sun today!

Man oh man...does the sunshine ever make such a huge difference to the way I feel physically. But more importantly, how I feel mentally and emotionally. The sunshine lifts my spirits and brightens my soul...I feel the warmth of the sun penetrate me fully...and I LOVE it! What a reprieve from the rain and chill we have been enduring. And just's only just begun! lol I am just always so grateful for these sunny breaks that we do get during the bleak months. It really does lift the clouds away. Everyone is in a better mood when the sun is shining. 

Today I decided to take full advantage of the sunshine and take the dogs for a walk in the neighbourhood...I needed to get the mail anyways. ;o) I also felt the urge to be creative and informative...using both sides of the brain! hee hee. I have seen a few videos on YouTube with the titles reading something like..."How to make a peanut butter sandwich with one arm", and others. The people making these videos have two arms but one is tied to their side or under their shirt. They fumble around the kitchen or hallway or bench where they are trying to their shoe with only using one arm. can it be a "How To" video. Well...they at least are good attempts at trying to do something differently than what you know or are comfortable with. These videos made me want to show how easy these tasks really can be with only using one arm. When everything you do is with one arm it is as normal as using two. ;o)

Anyhow...I made a video today...that was me being creative. And it is a "How To" video...that was me being informative. You can see the video HERE! Peace out!

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  1. my favorite part:
    "you should always wear a pair of proper walking shoes when going on ANY adventure!"
    great advice!
    great vid!
    love you!
    you're adorable!