Sunday, January 19, 2014

How I Love The Beach...

I have always loved spending time at the beach…who doesn't? As a kid it was to swim and play, as a teen it was to tan and get out of the city and as an adult it is to notice all of the beautiful objects and scenery that you will only find on the shores of a lake or ocean. I honestly could spend an entire day beach combing and staring out on the waters or laying on the warm sand underneath the heat of the sun. These days…being winter and all, there ain't too much laying down happening. There is a lot of "Larry, lets go walk on the beach for a little while before we get too cold!" We live 30 seconds from a great beach…and we can't wait until the water comes alive again. But for now we will walk the boardwalk and watch the skidoos speed by on the ice and snow covered lake. I'm actually very excited for the spring thaw to happen. There will be some gorgeous images to capture during that time. But for now I will just have to look at my pictures from this past summer of the fun times we spent on Lake Winnipeg taking notice of the special features surrounding us. ;o)

From the Summer, through the Fall and into Winter months.
The change is so beautiful.

Me and my "friend" hanging out On the Lake…that's right…there's about 20' of water underneath us! 

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