Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Random Laundromat Thoughts...

Here I am…again at the laundromat, that also brings me eggs, toast and hashbrowns. Mmmmm…it comes on a styrofoam plate that usually has melt marks on it when the food is all gone…but it still hits the spot! Plus it has WIFI which I do NOT have at home and That fact alone is really starting to irk me. ;op And the fact that all we have at home is iron water which puts rust into the water that comes into the house causing all things that can soak up water to turn orange. Not fully orange…but you will find rust spots all over your laundry. All I do at home is darks and underwear that I don't care if it has rust spots on it. (I will treat Clint & I to fresh undies when we move outta there…a getting out of da country and into the town present to ourselves!) I like that there is a laundry line though. Yesterday I washed Larry's van seat blanket while I was giving the van the "treatment"…rinse, wash and chamois of the exterior plus the hubcaps, and a full interior clean with vacuum and windex and those cleaning wipe things. It took no time for everything to dry up nice…the van and the blanket. Super sunny hot day with a good wind…perfect for outdoor drying. The van is…was spotless. I have to drive 7 ams up that friggin' gravel road to get anywhere…ugh! All that work…5 hours I spent on Windy the Windstar. She almost looks like I never even washed her. Seriously…we REALLY need to get out of that place. Too bad. The country really is so very lovely. I open the door and all I will ever hear are crickets or birds or moos from the cows across the street. I like it when I can hear the cranes flying across the pasture. It was pretty insane when I realized that the odd shriek like sound I kept hearing were big old birds. They are amazing birds…just like the blue heron but they are more creamy grey coloured. I will miss seeing them when we leave the country. Ohhh…and my barn swallow family that I watched hatch and grow up and get flying lessons from their mom and dad and I think an auntie and uncle maybe too with their little ones. I felt like sometimes they were even showing off to me their fabulous flying skills. I know I am strange that way…but I really feel like Snow White sometimes! lol Animals always seem to like me and I will talk to them and watch them and they get used to me and hang out. They haven't sewn any dresses or swept my home yet for me…one day. ;o) I am pretty darn sure that the animal kingdom are just like us but more wild and untamed…yet compared to some people they are the socialized ones! They feel joy and pain and sorrow…but I feel that they also get over it. They live completely in the moment. Joy is more of an overall sensation they have as they have zero stress. Until of course a stressful moment happens…like a predator chasing them or a big storm that is threatening their home. But when it's over…if they live through it they don't relive that moment over and over and allow it to affect their mood for days, weeks, months or years. They live through it and just keep on keeping on. That must feel nice…to never play the "oh, woe is me" game. It gets so old, yet we all do it. I am sure there are some of us who never complain or feel sorry for themselves…but that takes mucho strength. You have to be a Buddhist monk and in constant meditation! My mind is far too busy to get there…maybe one day. Enlightenment. ;o)
Anyhow…it's another beautiful day in the neighbourhood. Sun is shining, cool clouds are pure white and are float float floating around. The mornings and evenings have taken a turn…they have that fall chill. The days are still getting quite hot. I had to sit in the ice cold water that I filled into my blow up pool yesterday after the epic van detailing job. Then I took Larry on a walk to our camp site home…we walked pretty far and it was so hot and beautiful. I had to jump in the wavy water. And it felt delightful. Oh how I love to be in the waves…I just love the water so much. Nice to be on the lake…my prairie ocean. In a few months that "ocean" will be frozen over and I will be ski-cooing all over it! So strange that the same body of water that feels so warm in the middle of August will actually freeze for 4-6 months and then become warm enough within weeks of thaw to swim in. Amazing if you think about it! I might want to try ice fishing this winter. I really don't like to fish cause it makes me kind of sad. But if I am going to eat meat I really ought to catch it myself…otherwise I am a hypocrite, I have been told. That too makes sense to me. Perhaps I should just not eat meat. Or maybe only fish…become a pescitarian! 
Oh my…these two cute old ladies just walked in with mounds and mounds of laundry! They are too cute. Little Icelandic women speaking together. What a strange language it is…sounds so very different to me. There really are no words that I can ever pick out to get any sense at all what they are talking about. But I love to listen to the conversation. Although presently, the weird guys laundry is in spin mode and he is using the triple loader so it is causing quite the deafening sound. And he keeps reading something on the machine that is in Spanish and saying the spinning of the laundry is so romantic. What!?! I just want my laundry to dry already so that I can get out of here and take Larry on a nice walk somewhere. I also have to fold the two loads…ugh. I hate folding laundry in front of people. They love to watch me in their peripheral (like as if I can't notice them doing this.) to see how I do it with only one arm. Of course I must look strange as I do it because I use my chin to hold a t-shirt whilst folding and towels too...I must look almost comical at times. So I kind of play this game in my head that I am teaching them whilst paying little to no attention to them. But still…I find it quite embarrassing. I work as fast as I can with looking like that is just the way I am...efficient! ;op Will I ever get over myself? I will be 99 years old and still self conscious…oh brother, I hope not! lol
Well, weird guy keeps wanting to talk to me and I keep typing furiously so that he thinks that I am deep in my novel that will be a NYT bestseller! ha ha ha ha ha! He grosses me out too…but I shouldn't say those kinds of things because that is not nice. Even though the only reason I now see him as creepy is largely due to the vibe he is giving me...with his greasy hair, John Lennon glasses, army jacket on a warm sunny morning and his moronic tone of voice. ew. But doesn't he see that I am wearing a wedding ring??? I am actually holding my hand in front of my face periodically in a way that it is like a target that you just can't miss. Sooooo annoying. Why can't people notice these things and then back off. Obviously I am not really interested. But it is hard for me to not engage when I am being spoke too. Phew. He just left. As he walked out the door he was saying something about enjoying my laundry time and then said good-bye…adding "you will probably be gone before I get back, eh?" Like YEAH!!!! Too funny. Mine must almost be dry his will take at least half an hour. I gots to get a move on it. ;o)
I'm coming Larry...

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  1. oh that was a nice detail shot of Pam's day!! thanks for sharing...xoxo