Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bath time!!! Yay!

Almost like being a kid again. I loved it when it was bath time...I honestly would lie in there for what seemed like an eternity. Adding hot water whenever it started to cool down again. Sometimes I would just lay in the heat and enjoy the feeling...other times I would be playing with my Barbies or Sandy Sea Wee's. (I still have one of the mermaids!) And of course there were the times when I was younger and bath time would be with Stephie...my baby sister. We would play with the dolls in the bath too for ever. I was 5 years older than her, so I would use her young age as an excuse as to why an 11 year old in grade 7 was still playing with dolls. In reality...I LOVED playing with my Barbies and even my stuffed animals up until I was probably 13. Whatevs! So did some of my friends...in secret of course. My Barbies had a HUGE house with a closet and hangers for all of their ultra cool outfits...plus Ken would often come and visit and get funky with the ladies. Very exciting for a young girl!! lol

All right, no more talk of dolls and silliness...let's get serious..ahem. Bath time!! I love it! It's pretty much the same thing...I draw a bath...super hot water...and then submerge myself in the warmth. I have been known to lie in there for up to 5 hours. I think that Clint may sometimes think I have an addiction to the water and heat. I suppose I do. In a way it brings me back to the feelings of being a kid. My mom drawing a bath for me...filling it with bubbles...and then being able to soak in it and relax. I no longer use bubbles...that often. But I definitely enjoy the soak and relax aspect of it all. I get incredibly sore muscles and joints...a bath really can heat up those tired and overworked parts of me like nothing else can. But at the same time I relax my mind. It's almost meditation at times. More random meditative thoughts when I end up drinking an ENTIRE bottle of red wine while immersed in heat and comfort. It is a safe haven of sorts...the bath time. It's not like someone can come over and drag me out of the water. I am safe in my dimly lit, pretty bathroom. It stays warm from the heat of the bath and steamy too. I LOVE it. It makes me happy.

I feel that each one of us should take the time to draw a hot bath with bubbles or epsom salts or any other bath time pleasure...soak and enjoy the total relaxation. Have some wine or yummy juice to make it feel even more decadent. It's important I feel...and who wouldn't enjoy the peace and solitude?? I even have a comfy chair in the corner of the bathroom...so when I take ultra long bath time, I can invite Clint into the room and we can chat. It's quite nice actually. And who also wouldn't want to sit and chat with their lovely wife while she is naked in the tub?? ha ha ha!!! LOVE IT!

Stories and advice by Pam! tee hee heeeeee. :op
My steamy bath!

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