Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shiny Happy Rainbows...make me happy too.

Not only do I keep a blog, but I also enjoy reading other people's blogs too. We all have amazing things to share...don't we? Each and every one of us has our own thought, imagination, opinion and lessons that we can share with one another...so why not? ;o)

My sister, who has a blog at http://thejoyinthemiddle.blogspot.com writes some pretty good stuff. Much of it having to do with my three little nieces...whom I adore...so I get to see what is going on in their lives back east more than I would if she didn't share her thoughts and sweet days in her blog. I must admit that good ol' Facebook helps keep me in the loop too. Anyhow, Steph, my lovely baby sister...I don't know why I always still call her baby, she's 31! ;o) She posted a blog the other day about the shiny happy rainbows in her home. And I thought...you know...I like colour because of its vibrancy and the cheerfulness that it exudes in me. So I went around my home and took some shots of the "Shiny Happy Rainbows" that we enjoy on a daily basis.

My tolled bathroom cabinet and colourful towels...got more colours in the laundry! ;o)
My stripey colourful socks...which also need to be put in the laundry! ;op
My handmade faux stained window in our cute little kitchen.
My "Tammy Hudgeon" daisy chain that hangs and spins outside our living room window. My Fave!!!
The first painting Clint ever did of me...I LOVE this painting!!
My assortment of colourful bangles...who doesn't love neon bracelets? Yes!!!
Back to the bathroom where I hang our beads from the French Quarter in New Orleans.
And last but not least...a gift from my mom to remind me how special love really is. ;o)
That's some of the colour in our home. I can not wait for the day that we actually own our own home so that our walls can also be bold beautiful colours to reflect the cheer and love that live in our lives. Peace!

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