Monday, November 21, 2011

100 mile diet.

In the last few years I have heard about the 100 mile diet from various sources...basically, we should be eating food that was grown locally. I would say that I am a firm believer in that belief. Seriously...corn that was organically grown up the street and harvested in late August...or corn grown in a greenhouse using pesticides and GMO seeds...what sounds more appetizing?? I'd rather enjoy corn seasonally. Same with all other veggies and fruit. Give it to me when it is grown naturally and is in season because that is when it truly has the most fabulous conditions for proper maturation and delicious flavours. The four seasons of what yields at the time.

Same goes for me when purchasing "stuff" least this is how I have been thinking in the last few years. I buy products from a local store. In a way...right now I could be considered hypocritical...I buy local because there are no "box store" outlets here. The only "chain" business here would be the Credit Union, the AutoPlan, the Co-op, the Realty Office and the Auto Pro I buy gas, snacks and car insurance from a big business. Everything else that I buy is bought from a store/shop that was started up owned by someone locally. To go to the Wal-Mart or Costco or Winners I need to take a ferry...I can't be bothered. (I still get over there once in a blue moon...I do, at times, shop at really get a lot for less...can't help but save $$) It also generally makes me feel a whole heck of a lot better to give my dollars to someone that I know...or at least people who live in my community and will be able to eat and pay for the roof over their heads because I bought a bottle of wine, cheese and a beautifully handmade wooden cutting board while browsing in their shops. It just makes you feel better. Part of the "feeling" better is the shop owner's outward heartfelt gratitude to you for purchasing the items you need in their shop. The huge sparkly smile that goes from cheek to cheek...nothing like it. Times are tough. There are so any big companies with massive buying power to stomp out the little guy...the mom and pop shoppes across the globe. Look at photos of downtown cores in cities across the world...third world countries even. You will see the golden arches...McDonald's. For real. I have often thought about and felt bad about the family run restaurants that used to pride themselves in the fact that they had a running business in the core of their city...what has become of most of them? Run out of business. Tourists don't even have time to relax and enjoy their vacation...they run around needing to see absolutely everything they have heard about or read about. Show me the ruins, pyramids, jails, towers, bridges...blah, blah, blah. What about the culture, the people? No time. Got to get fast food...oh sweet McDonald's is here...Big Mac anyone?? sad.

Again, times are tough man. We got to keep it together...we got to hold each other what we can to keep humanity alive. The 100 mile's Christmas time. I don't want to say that you got to get out and buy, buy, buy. But most of us do like to give gifts at Christmas. It's about family and love and enjoying it all together...sometimes that love makes us go out and find something special for someone that we love. Well this year I am doing just that. Special gifts for the people that I love most and barely family. We are spending a "Down Home" Christmas in Texas this year. All of my family core will be here. First time in many years. Like most everyone we know, money is frighteningly tight this year...but we want to show up bearing from the heart. Most of them will be made by us. Clint has been working on a beautiful portrait of my parents from Christmas 1968...soooo cool! I have been making personalized plates for all 7 of my nieces and nephews...when they eat dinner they can always think of me. ;o) I bought a beautiful fused glass window hanger from the colourful and fabulous studio of Tammy Hudgeon for my Omi. She will adore the colours sparkling into her apartment from the glass tree that was handmade on the little island I live on. I have a few more gifts I need to buy...this weekend...Crafted Booty at Feedlot Studios. Nov 25 from 5-9 pm and Nov 26 from 10am-4pm...20 fabulous Gabriola artists combining their wonderful works of art into a boutique style Christmas Craft Sale. Ceramics, cards, sewn treasures, knitted objects of desire, jewelery, paintings, mixed media pieces, is all going to be there and it is going to be fantastico!!

I bet there are a ton of local craft fairs near you. have fun...go check them out. Meet some new and cool and creative folk. Maybe get inspired yourself. I know online shopping can be a breeze...but also so lonely and boring. Hook up with your friends...check out some local sales...go for a much deserved glass of wine at a local restaurant after and talk about the unique and fabulous things that you just were lucky enough to see. We live in an amazing world filled with hidden talents. Some of that talent is all about the eye some makes you feel good!

A cross stitch and beach glass framed scene I made for the sale...cute eh? ;o) During the power outage last week we played with clay (all in the kiln with colourful glazes now)...Crafted Booty on the mind! Way more cooler stuff than this to see at the sale...come check it out if you're on Gabriola this weekend. Be there or be square with not as cool gifts. ba ha haha!!! peace...and of course...I hope that everyone enjoys a lovely season with family, friends and good times. xox

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