Monday, November 28, 2011


I haven't been feeling too sunny these past few hasn't been sunny outside at least I am not alone. I have been letting things get to me lately. Life can often be stressful, if we allow it to be. All of us have a struggle or two to deal with. It is how we deal with our struggles that affects us...either positively or negatively. I suppose it is the change of season, into dark times, that will very often take affect on us. So the sun is not around as much as we like it to be. It comes up later and goes down earlier...not to mention that the winter has many a grey day out here in the Pacific Northwest. They say vitamin D will cure the winter blues. I believe it can help. But I also believe that keeping a positive outlook on things also is extremely important. I have been letting my life struggles take me down a bunch of notches lately. Everything that I am involved with is taxing right now. And I have taken things that people have said or done to me extremely personally...if they were meant to be or not. I have been feeling under attack. Whether or not I am being attacked should not be my concern. If I were strong I would not even think of it is a negative anything. I would just keep on my merrily way as if nothing is out of the ordinary. We all have stress and let it out in different ways. Sometimes those stresses cause us to lash out verbally, emotionally and unfortunately sometimes physically on people, inanimate objects or even pets...none of whom deserve it. As a collective we need to feel the constant flow of good or bad times love needs to be the constant. Love means acceptance, forgiveness, trust, honour, respect, empathy and even a whole lot of laughs. This is what we must remember...this is what I must remember.

The sun is out today and I am trying to bring out my sunshine too. Stress makes my heart more hurt please...bring on the warm rays of love!
outside my window right now...hello sunshine! ;o)

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  1. oh pam pam!!!!!!!! you are so sweet and honest....holy cow.......i believe it is important to feel whatever we are feeling and be curious about it....hmmmm, i wonder where that emotion is coming from? ya know...and then try to open our hearts and move past it....we'll have lots to gab about when we get together......the struggles, as you know, are our most powerful teachers...if we are aware....which you are.....xoxoxoxo doesn't mean it's easy though.....................