Sunday, January 8, 2012

Me, my camera and Daisy Blythe.

I guess I still play with is something that I have always had fun doing. Growing up, as most little girls, I was given dollies to play dolls, ballerina dolls, dolls that can walk, dolls that can drink water from a bottle a pee or cry, Cabbage Patch dolls, Barbie dolls, handmade dolls and even porcelain dolls. I think they are cool. And part of me still believes that dolls and even stuffed animals are "alive". I mean, I am not crazy, I don't ACTUALLY think that they have thoughts or dreams or reality. But, in my childlike imaginative (which I pray exists forever) part of the brain...I really do. I used to say goodnight to each of my stuffed animals, individually. Well, the ones that would be out in the open of my bedroom. For a while, I had my brother's old twin bed in my bedroom after he was given my parents old queen bed when they made the big upgrad to a king. (I always thought it was way too big of a bed...all the while enjoying the fact that the whole family could be on it watching TV early Saturday mornings. Now, I would totally buy a king size, if we had the room and extra $$. Funny how things change...anyways...) I had a good sized bedroom, so I liked having the extra bed in there. I mostly used it to keep all of my stuffed animals on. I had them in nice rows, depending on size and shape and softness. When friends spent the night for a sleepover, all of the animals were thrown into a pile on the bottom of my closet floor. I would kind of feel bad when they got "sentenced" to the dark as if they thought that I was punishing them or something. "Why is Pami being so cruel to us? What did we do to deserve being locked away? Who is that sleeping on our cozy bed?" Ha ha ha! :op Well, when they lived for the few years they did, sprawled out on my spare bed, each and every one of them got a "goodnight" from me. If they had a name, I'd even say "Goodnight Donna." (my plush deer w/ big eyelashes...I still have her.) "Goodnight Agnes." (my Cabbage Patch...yup, have her too.) I just wanted them to feel special...I felt everyone needed to feel special in one way or another, so why not the things that made me happy.  I mean these guys played with me whenever I or night they were there for me! ;o)

Anyhow...last night, I was looking for my bag of felt...I was feeling creative. In my search, I found my Blythe doll. My Omi bought the doll, for herself, a long time ago...I guess I get my love of dolls from someone else. The Blythe doll usually lived in the spare room at Omi's...I played with her every time I was there. Sometimes, I would hunt her down just to watch her change her eye (orange), ba-link (green), ba-link (pink), ba-link (blue) cool! When I was about 20, my Omi asked me if I would like to take the doll to my own home, seeing that I was so uberly obsessed with her. I love her...I call her Daisy. When searching for her last night, I knew that I had placed her in a box somewhere that was either stored in the house or in the crawlspace...she was in a box, in a closet with soft things, for safety. ;o) So today, Daisy came for a "Drumbeg" walk with Maggie, Clint, "Little Baby dolly", me and my camera. (Little Baby dolly was also a doll that my Omi had at her place. I don't know if she was my mom or my Aunt's doll. I just know I played with her too. I put the silver tinsel thing around her waist when I was 11 years old...I though it gave her felt dress pizazz.) I also brought along what I felted last night...perfect dolly beach blanket for a cool, windy grey day at the beach.

Look at the big ol' blues! Daisy knows how to work her angles. It was quite a windy day out on the always going in her eyes. She's a trooper.

I was able to capture Little Baby off in the distance. She was dreaming of the coming summer and going sailing through the Gabriola Passage. She is also there for moral support to Daisy as she can get camera shy.

Ba-link! She goes pink.

The dress she is wearing is an Omi original...tailored specifically for Daisy Blythe. That was back in about 1988!

She takes a break under her new beach blanket.
Little Baby getting her feet wet..."maybe I should try modeling!" she says. (only I heard heard her say it.)
Wow...Daisy, your eyes are so green! That was a good ba-link idea. 

All righty. My fingers are nearly frozen. You look tired...your eyes are orange...maybe it's time to go home. Do NOT eat that mushroom Daisy! This is not Wonderland...hee hee!

I had a good time walking the beach and forest with Maggie and Clint...and my dolls. A friend walked by with some visitors while I was down on the water's edge, shooting pics of a couple of dolls...awkward! He thought it was funny, like, ha ha ha, you are weird Pam. But he liked my Blythe doll...he liked her blinky eyes. I do too. I am glad I still like dolls. ;o)


  1. You are friggin' hilarious and so cute!!!
    Those dolls make me pee my pants only bc they're so nostalgic to me too!
    This post is awesome (even though a lot of those pics are creepy deepy)!!!
    Love you!

  2. i love these pix pam!!! very creative indeed.....and emotional too! heart and creativity together are magic!