Friday, August 17, 2012


The Premiere of "The Cult of Brother XII" was a sensation! There were only a FEW empty was PACKED. It was amazing. Ohhhhhhh, what a feeling...what a RUSH! It was fun watching my friends be so fabulous on stage...super talented I tell ya! And then to actually get to join them twice on stage...ohhh yeah! What a fun evening. Sushi and beer after fun to be in the big city. ;o) Hard work ALWAYS comes with rewards...we just have to remember that and life is easy peasy! Well, life will never be "easy peasy", but when you take time to enjoy each sure makes life pretty darn sweet! peace. :o)

This is my only photo from said "opening night"...this is at ACME restaurant, post performance. Where we all enjoyed ice cold bevvies and delicious foods...mmmm sushi!!! The look on Joelle's face is exactly how we all felt...PURE EXCITEMENT! Cheers to The Musical "The Cult of Brother XII" and to the 5 remaining performances. Yeee ha!

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