Thursday, January 20, 2011


We used to gain all of our knowledge and information from our parents and grandparents...then they made encyclopedias and dictionaries...then there came Wikipedia...and now we get so much of our daily "news and information" through Facebook! What a strange evolution of the transference of knowledge. Imagine if someone from 1650 came to 2011. We have seen an actor in a movie or TV show portray what it could be like. But for real imagine honestly...that person would lose their mind. I don't even know if they could come out of the catatonic shock there mind and body went into in the very first 4 hours they were suddenly spewed into the future 361 years later. Brain explosion. When I was 14 I tried to imagine how cool it would be to see the person on the phone that you are talking to who lives 4 provinces or an ocean away from you...insanity! I wanted to have it so bad, because how cool would that be. And now here it is. It surrounds me in my everyday. Actually, not so much. Not like in the city. In the city everyone has a cel phone. Here...I rarely even have a cel phone ring. Mine rang today...oops! I had it on while in Nanaimo shopping without Clint yesterday...Costco! And it rang today...but wrong number! ha ha! No one calls it...I NEVER use it! Anyhow...what the heck was I even thinking about earlier??

Scrolled up...Facebook. I was given information this past week on Facebook that January 17th is the most depressing day of the year. Wowzas! That is such an incredibly bold statement to make. I guess it has been "researched"...but really? Who and what makes up these kind of news making headlines. Who said it to begin with? And Why? Even if there is some kind of proof or documentation of clinics held talking to people about their depression and what day of the year is the worst... Don't they think that now putting it out there for everyone to read could even cause further depression?? Like now when people read it on yahoo news page, their local newspaper, Facebook or Twitter or whatever source you read from the gazillions of options...they read it and wonder. They wonder why are people so depressed. Then they think about what depresses them in life because they are trying to have empathy for others. It backfires. It has now become their most depressing day of the far. Boo!

Information...we get far too much of it lately.
Maggie says..."WORD y'all!"

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