Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dans le city again.

Back in the Big Stink we were. And this time...we actually enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. Stayed in a house at Trout Lake Park...just the two of us. Well, we brought Maggie and Wensday with us...nothing like a 4 hour trip via ferry and car with one dog and one cat. Oh yeah, we also had a big painting stuffed in the back seat with Maggie...so Wensday had to sit up front with me...mostly in her cage...she's insane!!!
But she stuck it out...we arrived at the "city" home...and she totally chilled out. It is so awesome that she is a pretty chill cat that. She was surely not always that way. Any time I moved into a new apartment or house she would have a melt down...full on. Panting under couches and chairs and beds for 7-10 days...lurking around the place with this crazy shrieky/chanty/staccato type growl/meow vocal thingy. Quite irritating actually. Just have to ignore her. Since our move to the island...she has chilled and is happy with whatever we put her through. Took her to Tofino with us once too. hee hee!
The house at Trout Lake was awesome. Little one bedroom, one block away from the park. Every morning we would get up and walk around the lake with Maggie. It was extra fun because it was frozen...mostly solid. I don't think I have seen it that way before...quite amazing actually. The ducks and seagulls still come out every day and sit on the water..frozen water. They just hang out. And everybody else still comes out to jog or walk their dogs...just a big old playground. Nice to be near the water in a park in the middle of the city. As island as you can get actually...I loved it. First time back there in nearly three years where it felt so sweet. The sweetness was also because we didn't have to ask someone else to stay at their place and inconvenience their time. It was us in our place to do what we needed and wanted to do and when we wanted or needed to do it. City perfection. Still having a bit of time to be able to chill with a friend or two. Even if it was a one hour squeeze in. :o) It was a good trip to the city. In fact, I almost was going to see if we could stay one more night. Ha ha ha! I must admit to still having some affection for good old Vancouver. Old Lady...I kind of "heart" you.
Anyhow, the city was good. We got to spend some Christmas/New Years with Clint's brother and wife...and her parents and niece. It was fun. Got to work on a puzzle..seriously...my idea of a good time. I loved it! ;o) It's great to have the "second family" you are blessed with through marriage. I think it is one of the greater things in life. I always dreamed of getting married and having more brothers and sisters and parents in laws. I do not have parents in laws...Clint's dad died almost 9 years ago now...he still has a step mother. But we NEVER talk. She has her life. She doesn't see the necessity in having more family to love and love her back...strange eh? I'm glad that my parents love Clint. They really do...and it feels so incredible. I truly see it as a blessing. Not everyone will love everyone else. We are all so very different. And believe you me...my parents and Clint are as black and white as can be. But they all love each other so very much...and I LOVE that!!!
So...back to the city. It was great. Had Pho the first day...so yummy...beef noodle soup...can't go wrong if you go to Pho Quyen at Fraser & 23rd. Best EVER!!!!! The food, the things to see...Ikea...ha ha...we had an excellent time. It made me appreciate the things I first loved when I first lived in Vancouver. I am just so grateful to live on Gabriola now though. This is definitely where it's at...if you ask me...and it's only my opinion that matters! ;op Paradise island...I don't think we'll leave.
Soooo...dans le grand city de Vancouver we enjoyed the frozen lake...

And even the road trip home...
you know...the kids...they got along as best they could. It was a really fun trip!! :o)

Looking forward to what the rest of 2011 has in store for us...the adventures and the pleasantries.
Peace out...xox

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