Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Weather Walkies...

This winter seems to have been floating by...not really making itself too bold and out there like winter sometimes can do. You know, those years when winter is all up in your face with high winds and sharp rain. I can say, without doubt, that I pretty much am not a friend to that type of winter...the moody ones. We have had some cold days. (Not Winnipeg winter cold of course. We do not get -35 out here...EVER. The only positive thing I could possibly say about -35 is that it truly makes you feel alive. You feel every pore of your skin. It is quite amazing actually. I think that every person on this globe should feel that pure cold at least once in their lifetime. But that is just my opinion. ;op) Most of those super cold days we have had so far were in the month of technically they are not in winter, that's still fall. There were some pretty crazy chill days out...even during the Christmas rainy days too. But primarily, we have been blessed with amazing weather...lots of sunny days. Getting the vitamin D that we all so desperately need in these usually dark and dreary days. And now the days are starting to get longer again. It is starting to become spring! yeah yeah!

Anyhow, we have been able to enjoy some beautiful beach walks over the past couple weeks...and I just wanted to post some pics. I really love nature...yes I do!! :o)

Massive Pine tree reaching out over the driftwooded beach...water falling off the rocks from rainfall.

Tide is so nice and low that you can see the big brother barnacles...even find rotty fish!

And then of course there is the joy of having the ones you love to share the walk and sun with...yay!

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  1. I don't know why but I kind of love the fish head/rubber boots photo.