Saturday, April 28, 2012


I finally made it down to the Skol last night...Friday nights are Karaoke! I have not been for quite some time. I think it was before Christmas even...wowzas, I have got to go way more often than that! Karaoke is a night of fun...for SURE fun! You don't have to be able to sing to do Karaoke. You don't have to sing at all when you go to Karaoke. It is intended on being a night of letting loose, opening up your pipes and busting out a few tunes. It is not intended for any kind of seriousness...perhaps that is why they do Karaoke in a bar! ;o)

We headed over to the Skol after attending a beer and burger night at the Garbiola Golf Club. It was the kick off to the Second Annual Isle of the Arts Festival...they made it a night of "Coffeehouse" where a whole bunch of people got up with their instruments and sang some great folk tunes. It was a packed house by the time Clint and I  arrived...standing room only. (I am not a fan of standing too long...especially when I have to eat a burger!! lol) When two of my friends showed up (on a ladies night out) they were already ready to leave...they too do not like standing room only. ;o) I mentioned it was Karaoke night at 9pm...they finished their drinks and off they went. We convinced another friend to join us and left shortly after to join them. And am I ever glad that we did...what a blast! There was a good crowd. (except for the waaaaay to drunk guy who wouldn't leave our table alone...he drank my beer, kissed my friend on the lips, got mad and stormed away from us, came back and apologized, tried REAL hard to sing The Joker by Steve Miller, busted out on the floor when I was singing What I Like About You by the Romantics, he danced with a stool over his head and grabbed the other mic to make an attempt in joining me. He sucked! He was told to 3 times! lol) There always has to be at least one bad drunk at the Skol on any given night! ;op Anyways...Karaoke is a good time for all. I enjoy the people who can not sing...and they sing so hard and loud and give it their is awesome. Sing like no one can hear!! I ended off my night of songs with an old favourite...Bad Medicine, Bon Jovi. Oh yea. That song is incredibly wordy and loss of breathy...but it is so much fun to sing and rock the stage. And when peeps come to dance to your song...that feels the best! Karaoke make fun time for all! Get your pipes to your local "watering" hole and bust out a few'll make your soul feel good. :o)

Short little re-cap of the last week of 12:12...
Sunday April 22 12:12 pm
Warm Sundays are nice. Maggie and I love to be out on the deck chilling like villains when it is warm and sunny. (As you can see it was partly sunny...but sunny nonetheless!) Shortly after we headed out in the car, to the beach and enjoyed a lovely walk. I love my Maggie walks. ;o)

Monday April 23 12:12 pm
I like to sit out on our bedroom deck after a nice long bath. And when the sun is heating it up,it sure feels nice. I am supposed to be taking it easy and I will. It really is one of the hardest things for me to do to be honest. I like to be busy doing stuff...but right now I am busy taking care of myself for the first time ever. And you ain't that bad! ;op (like my deck art? Pretty Lavender plant and a Batik print done by the talented Rohanna Laing. "Dancing in the rain forest after the rain is JOY")

Tuesday April 24 12:12 pm
We were on a walk with the old lady...of course! I could have taken a sweet pic of Maggie and Clint walking along the ridge of the valley looking down upon the sheep farm and the ocean past that...but there was this amazing, fire red flower! Isn't it beautiful? I have no clue what it is...if it is a weed or a wildflower. But I loved it. And it was 12:12. ;o)

Wednesday April 25 12:12 pm
(This Photo is NOT taken at 12:12 pm...more like 9:47 pm. ;op I got a hot pink chunk in my hair by the lovely Judy of Cherry Bomb Hair Studio...she da bomb!) Again...I forgot my camera this day. It was so busy. I met with a woman who is doing Art Therapy here, that I am doing. I got forgotten on the email list for the first meeting. So Jaki Deere (amazing woman) wanted to give me a session to talk about stuff. Got picked up by the fabulous Kate and Mariko so that we could get tea then head to the elementary and do some clay with the grade 3 kids. That was are GREAT! 12:12 I was in Mad Rona's with Kate and Mariko, sipping a peppermint tea and enjoying good conversation. (I love my friends!)
Thursday April 26 12:12 pm
I have been slowly buying flowers and then planting them into pretty pots to place all over my decks. There is nothing better than your outside world being filled with colour and life. I love spring and the warm and rejuvenating feelings it brings with it. I was outside enjoying the bright sunshine yellow of the Gerbera daisies. I placed them on a plant stand right under neath my kitchen window...that way I can be excited about them each time I have to be at the sink...doing dishes! hee hee hee (there has to be some way to brighten that chore up!) ;o)

Friday April 27 12:12 pm
At 10:30 am I stepped into the heated, watery abyss that holds me in...but cuddles me so sweetly. ;op I got out at 1pm...which I kind of foresaw. Hence, me bringing my camera with me. Just to spice things up, I figured I would do a video instead of a photo. Videos are always fun to watch...right?

Today is an exciting day here...Isle of the Arts Festival community pole painting starts today. It kicks off with one of the main hydro poles when you arrive in "town" getting painted. Clint is heading this up with a few other artists on the island. It is going to be a big pencil! (I'll take pics...don't worry!) By the end of next weekend some of the neighbourhoods will have their poles painted by the community that lives there. Each area of Gabriola will eventually get done...different colours, different themes. It's about times that a place called the "Isle of the Arts" gets some colour splashed around. ;o)

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