Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just Rock It.

I feel the need to recognize two special animals today...two animals that know/knew how to rock it. Wensday Wiener Beener Bendy sweet, sweet old lady kitty. Wensday just turned 15 in February, and it was today, 15 years ago that I brought the little squirt home. She fit in the palm of my hand...she was the runt of her litter and the cutest, most wee kitty there. She is definitely not wee anymore. A 15 pound big kitty she is...but still as sweet and gentle as ever. And then there was Schwarzie...he was an amazing little buddy. Bichon/ yeah, he was sometimes a bit barky...but he was rad. His birthday would have been today. He would have turned 21...that would be quite the ripe old age! He died at 18...I still miss him greatly. Animals rock! I feel that we are so fortunate to have the privilege to "own" an animal that becomes part of the family. They are so special and I am thankful for all of the fabulous pets that I have had in my life. Yay!

Nike says "Just Do It"...I say Just ROCK it...and ROCKITHARD! I have been watching a ton of movies and a whole lot of television these last bunch of days. (thank you inventor of the magical PVR) The other day I finally got to a move hat I "taped" about a month was the Def Leppard story. I am not ashamed to admit that I was, and still am a forever Def Leppard fan. I can't think of anything that they did since the early 1990's, but they are always played on the radio still. Rock 101 and Jack FM play them often enough for me to still get  to enjoy rocking out to them. I remember friends saying to me that I only was a fan because of the one armed drummer! ha ha ha! I mean...I did think that his missing arm was quite cool. Not so much that his arm was missing, but that he was missing an arm and was still a huge rock star. A huge rock star that had kicking talent on the drums. I knew that he had some kind of accident in his early twenties that took his arm. But beyond that general knowledge, I had no idea what happened to him and how he came through all of the struggles that accompany the loss of a limb. I also had no idea what an inspiration he is to me...and I am sure to anyone that hears his story. He freakin' rocks it!

Rick Allen is his name and beating the drums is his game. He joined Def Leppard in the VERY early years, 1978...he was only 15 but became their full time drummer instantly. They quickly rose to fame, especially after Pyromania which was released in 1983. They were all high fluting Rock Stars by that time...doing what many rock stars do...drinking too much, drugging, sleeping with too many woman, blah blah blah. That drinking caught up early with Rick. He crashed his car being a reckless, (and drunk) "I am in my fancy speedy car" cocky kind of driver...they exist all over unfortunately. His car flipped over a whole bunch of times after it careened off of the highway, his girlfriend was in the car too. She got scratched up pretty bad...but he had his arm ripped off. They attached it but it got gangrene and had to be amputated. He fought it. He was so scared that he could not do his favourite thing in the world anymore...rock star drummer. The doctors took his arm. He went through a depression...but it was short. He just needed so badly to get back to work...get back to rocking out in front of his fans. According to the movie, Joe Elliot (lead singer) was the only band member to have faith in Rick...or at least wanted to give him the chance to at least give it all he's got. And give it, he did. He just kept at it and at it...if he stumbled he got right back up. He didn't care what he would look like to everyone else...he was determined to do what he was obviously put on this beautiful earth to do. When Rick got back on the drums they finally put out their next was 1987. The album...Hysteria. And what a kick ass rock album it is. Even if you say you are not a fan of Def KNOW that album is da bomb. "Pour Some Sugar On Me", "Animal", "Armageddon It", "Love Bites"...just to name a few. ;o)

Anyhow...not all of us are going to have an arm taken or even a leg. But we will all go through the loss of other important things in our lives...we lose parents, spouses, children, marriages, jobs, businesses, homes and of course our beloved pets. And it's always a good idea to know that we can get through it...we can conquer the pain and heartache...we can come out on top. We all have so much inner strength. It somehow can hide from us. Things that have happened in our past can keep us down on ourselves and refrain us from being the amazing person that is inside of all of us. I feel that I am finding my strength and I just keep getting stronger. It may have taken me nearly four decades to get it going on...but I am so excited about it. And the more stories that I hear of others battles in life, it only gives me more strength. We are an amazing race...the human race. I love life and all of it's many lessons! And in my life...all I wanna do is Rock It! I am going to rock my head to sleep. Good night! :o)
This was Sunday at Rath Trevor Beach in Parksville. It was my "Honey, can you please get me out of the house for I have been cooped up in the spare room for a week now and am going C-R-A-Z-Y". We had a nice walk, through the trails and up the beach with sweet Maggie. This here, it's my "yeah, I am cool" face. ;op

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  1. You friggin ROCK. I loved reading this. Thank you.