Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oh my...waaaay behind the times...my time

Friday March 30 12:12 pm
I was taking another stay at home and do nothing but watch TV or movies and rest my stupid arm day. But...I had done that for a few days already and was feeling incredibly antsy. (I can get that way when I have nothing going on.) So, what did I do? Well, I had been wanting to create myself a jewelery holder for a while now. I had this awesome piece of beach wood that I felt was perfect for my project. I have a bag full of wicked little driftwoods to. This is my DIY jewelery holder for my bedroom wall. Just like a piece of art! ;o)
(stupid blogger keeps rotating my pics! I can't figure it out...boo!)

Saturday March 31 12:12 pm
I had yet another rest day...seeing as I ended up NOT resting so much the day prior. ;op While tubbing it I was obsessively watching the Tugboat below playing with and rearranging a HUGE mass of log booms. It is so freakin' amazing what these little guys can accomplish. I have great respect for the Tugboat dudes...they truly ARE dudes! ;o)  (look at his smoke pluming out of his stack...working hard there buddy!!)

Sunday April 1 12:12 pm
Desperately needing a change of scenery...we headed to the "Big Island" to do some nature walking. I really wanted to just get away...so off to Rath Trevor Beach we went. (Parksville, BC) At 12:12 we were waiting in line at the ferry to cross over. I noticed earlier that the odometer would soon break the 100,000 mark. (Alberto is a 1993 Dodge Spirit...low mileage eh? Omi driven for most of it's life. Since it was given to me Thanksgiving 2009, we have put nearly 60,000 kms on it! ) I am a numbers kind of gal...so I felt this was a great photo op! ha ha ha ha!!!

Monday April 2 12:12 pm
Yep...tubbing it again...and watching the Tuggies work it again. I have no idea why they kept bringing more and more logs those days. It was like the whole ocean below was nothing but great big log booms. Fun for me anyways...watching the Tugs push and pull...the men running all over the logs like wee little ants storing their food for the winter. (ugh, ants! Our home has a bit of an ant problem. But as of today, I think I may have rid the home of them...I hope! If not, unfortunately the exterminator will have to be called. I don't like killing them...so cute. But not so cute when they are all over your kitchen counters!!!)
Tuesday April 3 12:12 pm
My two lovely friends Mariko and Kate! I love these women...a LOT!! I finally dragged my sorry butt over to Feedlot Studios to get my ceramic on. I wasn't quite physically ready for the task...but I HAD to get my glazing finished for my garden stakes for the Crafted Booty sale. :o) I always have a good time with these women...whether playing with clay, walking the dogs, drinking some wine or enjoying an awesome Mariko meal. I love my friends...I am lucky to have such good ones. ;o)

Wednesday April 4 12:12 pm
I was not inside of this lovely cross stitch/mixed media painting. I totally gapped this day. I don't even think I had my camera with me. But, I spent the entire day dreaming of spring actually being warm and sunny and full of flowers on the ground and fluffy white clouds breaking up the beautiful blue sky above. I can't really complain...it has not been all that bad. We have had sunny days. But we keep getting grey ones too...mixed precipitation...even snow still (on the big island), so I am just really looking forward to the days when we can soak up the heat of the sun. The days when I wake up gleefully singing about the sun and the fun things that I plan on doing that day. Maggie walking, beach strolling, flower planting, reading the sun beams...ahhhhhh.

Thursday April 5 12:12 pm
Day one of Crafted Booty, "Spring Fling" edition set up. Down at the Feedlot Studios, transforming an empty space into a beautiful boutique of hand crafted items...ceramics, jewelery, paintings, glassware, leather work, crocheted things, pillows and the nicest kids clothes made by Wendy Stok...she should be selling her clothing in a Yaletown shop for kids, seriously! Anyhow, Kate and Clint did all of the grunt work of set up. Maggie May pictured here was around to help out however she could, of course! (can you see her doppelganger to the left...oh Kate Wood, so talented!)
Friday April 6 12:12
Day 2 of CB set up...the sale starts tonight! Don't worry...we were ready. We were BORN ready! hee hee. I enjoy helping up with the display work. Such pretty things all over the pop up shoppe! I felt excited about the cute little shot glasses I painted...ocean theme. Aren't they cute? Beside them are the salt bowls that Mariko made...too cool. They sold like hot cakes! (the salty's...NOT my glasses! lol)

Saturday April 7 12:12 pm
Spring Flingers! The day was so gorgeous outside. Our day started slow at the sale because of it...but who can complain about that?? It was so nice to have the double doors wide open letting in the fresh ocean air and just look at the glow of the sun coming through the doors and skylights! What a day it was. There were some peeps in at 12:12...finding handmade treasures to bring home with them. Who doesn't love sunshine AND retail therapy?! ;o)

 Sunday April 8 12:12 pm
Happy Easter!! Can you believe it has already come and gone? I can't. I missed not being with my family...Easter is always family dinner and tons of fun. It sucks that we all live so far away from one another. ;o( But..so good that I have my "family" here. 6 of us got picked up from El Verano beach and boated over to the beautiful Mudge Island...cob oven pizza at  Chad's place. What a fun day it was. I love being over on wee little Mudge...for a small island it has BIG presence. The moment I hit the land...I take in a huge breath of it's fresh air. It smells different there...paradise! <3

 Monday April 9 12:12 pm
Clearly someone did not have her camera on her..boo to me again!! I went to do the final tally of sales, get peeps $$ ready for them and take my things home. So...this is me doing that. Don't I look good? ha ha hahahaahahaaha!!! All right...now that that's over...what's next? ;o)


(sorry for grammar mistakes and such...I am not editing today...this took forever already!!! ba ha hahaha!)

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