Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just a sec...I need my wine...

All righty then...let the typing begin. It's December 30. I don't even know what to think at this moment. I know we are supposed to sit back during this time and reflect on the year we just survived. I know some people will have had the most fabulous year ever so far in their life. Maybe they just landed their first ever "real job" and have been getting a regular paycheck and feeling the freedom of major financial woes as they were previously used to. And that can make for a good year. I also know there are some people who experienced a whole other type of year...begging on the street for money just to be able to find a cheap snack or if they are lucky, a hot meal for the day. Maybe even if it is just a warm six pack of beer. We judge the homeless for drinking...but in reality drinking keeps them warm and tricks their body into thinking that they don't need sustenance to keep on going. They do what they can to survive. And of course there are those people who just cruise through year by year not hating it or loving the year past...they don't pay attention to anything. Every day is the same...what's the difference anyways right?? I don't know if that is a good way or bad way to be...just on the fence and complacent with all the goings on in life. Where's the thrill, the excitement...the chaos? These are life things's okay for it not to be NEVER will be! That's the beauty of it...makes it completely interesting.

My life this past year. I can say it was the biggest and scariest roller coaster I have ever been on. And I have been to most of the major Theme Parks in North America...I LOVE the big rides. I have only ever puked once! ;op Between facing personal demons and major life struggles...relationship woes...feeling overjoyed with happiness for the love I actually do have in my life when I take the time to see it all surrounding me. All of these things and more made for a tumultuous year. But through it all I have learned so very much. And I think...I believe that I am a better woman at the end of this year than I was at the beginning. So good-bye to you 2010. I had high hopes for you thinking everything would be rosy and rainbowy and happy days always. It was year of the year. I was 35...sounds like a great number. But being pathetic to myself in the past caught up with me this past year. It's time to have self respect...and I think I actually have it now. I have taught myself to love and respect myself...I am important and worth it. We all are. We really need to love ourselves more and feel happy within because we are GOOD PEOPLE.

I welcome you 2011...bring it on! Cheers to a rocking New Year! Peace out!!

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  1. Thanks Pam.
    I think we've managed a parallel even though we've just met.
    You're one of the elite awesomes on this rock.

    See you soon lady and keep waving, it makes me smile.

    Bry ala feedlot.