Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm not THAT lazy.

Well...sometimes I am. Not a total lazy sloth that sits around in her pj's and fuzzy booty slippers all day long...eating chips and chugging water. No...I do get dressed when I wake up. Although, sometimes getting dressed does take me a while...but I still get stuff done when still dans mon robe in the morning. Our house is freezing cold at the best of times. Staying in my pj's and robe allows for the comfort of not having to get undressed...exposing myself to the frigid air around me just to put some pants on. I still will need to dress warm if staying in the house. Like at present...I am wearing my winter jacket still. Never took it off when we got home from going to the Village. Got my warm "uggish" boots on still too. Maybe I ought to make a fire. The baseboards do nada and the hydro is so expensive when they are cranked. Ugh. We move...March 1st. The new place is fully insulated and dry and mice either! Yippeee!

I am sort of feeling lazy as I have not sat down and wrote anything in my blog for almost 2 weeks now. But it is not out of laziness, procrastination or not even having the time. I spent a full week in my home town...Winnipeg! It was awesome. Spending lots of time with all of my sweet nieces and nephews. My do they grow up so fast. I feel like I am missing the best years with them. Makes me want to just live in Manitoba again. I didn't even mind being there...even though it was January and a very cold month. The weather was actually quite nice for the most part. -5...+2...-15...the day I left it reached down to -45 with the windchill. Now, that temperature is quite bitey on the flesh I must admit. But honestly...if you dress warm enough, it really ain't that bad. And, when you get inside a nice warm home you are instantly warm again. Whereas out here in cold & wet can NEVER...EVER get warm. You are chilled right down to your poor little bones. I have come inside from a cold/wet day, felt like I could just fall over and die because my bones are cold and achey. I then make a hot bath (which is always so lovely) and lie in it for quite some time. When I get out I feel like I will be warm..but once I dry off...and cool off...I am flippin' freezing again! Argh...the weather out here is something else. It literally took me 5 years to apapt myself to it. It may be above freezing most of the winter...but it is still damn cold!

Anyhow, my time in the "Peg" was so amazing. Had a blast with the schveetie vuns, as I so love to call them (Oma Behnke). And of course being able to spend some good quality with my fabulous folks, my sister and her hubby and my bro and his wife. I am one of those extremely fortunate souls to actually love my family. I don't think I have ever not wanted to be around them. Living on the other side of the country is sometimes very trying. I always want to be with them when they all get together. I guess I feel jealous at those times. But it's okay. We are still so connected and never miss a beat when we are all together again. I am blessed to have been born to two amazing people and subsequently have two awesome siblings. It just keeps getting better. Through them and their totally amazing spouses...I now have 5 beautiful nieces and two sweet nephews. Could life be any better? (maybe...if Clint & I could one day have our own) My niece Elona was so sweet this last trip. More attentive to me than ever before. And so sweetly she asked me one night..."Auntie Pam. Are you and Uncle Clint ever going to have a baby? I would like another cousin." Break my heart you little sweetie! ;o) Man, I love those kids!

So, while I was in Winnipeg (spent some days in Steinbach too), we woke one morning to the city covered in hoar frost! If you have never seen hoar frost you are definitely missing out. It is so beautiful. That is what they call a Winter Wonderland for sure. My dad, sister-in-law and me decided to get out of the house, drive to King's Park and take photos of the beauty that surrounded us. I want to share some of these images...spectacular!

A little flake fell on Sharla's camera...I needed to take a pic of it! ;o)
BC may be beautiful and green...but to be able to enjoy a few months of snow is superb!

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