Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh boo hoo!

Yeah, yeah,'s that time again. The sun goes to bed far too early for my also takes forever for it to reach high into the sky to make our home sunny and hot. I would say, without a doubt, that summer most definitely is gone. Waaaaaaaah! It is sad. I agree. But this is also such a lovely time of year. We got a wee bit of rain last night and now everyone is crying. Chin up. Summer was beautiful. It may have started late according to all of us that are down here waiting til June for the heat. Then when June and most of July passes with not much of it...we become like little kids..."Where's the heat? When is it going to come? Why is it not hot yet? I wanna go swimming!" Ha ha ha ha! June had some pretty sweet days where the sun was warm and the beach felt good. Maybe not warm enough to swim...but warm enough to enjoy a sunny beach day and not have a big old sweater on. There were some grey days too...but there was no rain. We can feel happy about that...right? (I remember there was no rain just clouds, cause I kept hoping for water in my cistern! lol) The weather is the weather. It will do as it pleases or as it is being churned out to do...I will take it. I will try not to complain because I can't do ANYTHING to change it. Might as well enjoy it. 

I remember hanging out with my Opi (my mom's dad) on a super freezing cold three kids were sleeping over at Omi and Opi's for the weekend. Opi was getting bundled up to go for walk. This is winter in like I am imagining that it was probably about -30ish...that is cold. I was feeling like he was joking around, realizing that he wasn't I tried to convince him to stay inside so that he wouldn't freeze to death. He sat me down and explained to me that each and everyday is is us that has to make the effort to enjoy it. What is a little cold weather when you can bundle up to stay warm while you are walking in the winter wonderland and taking in the beauty? (Oh Opi...I miss you so terribly.) What a smart man he was. Thank goodness that he was in my life. He sure influenced me in an extremely positive way. I still talk with him...I can't hear him answer me...but I am pretty sure I know what he is saying. A man of love, strength and honour. <3's fall now...technically next Friday is the real first day...I am going to enjoy this season AND the next! Being on the "Wet Coast" means no over the top freezing cold days...but it does get bone chilling that is for sure. It's amazing what a walk on a trail at the beach can do for you in the cold months. We still get the sun on occasion. There are sheltered areas by the water where the wind can not touch you and you can sit and enjoy the scenery while relaxing on the beach in the middle of November! It's beautiful. I love the ease of summer and slipping on a sweet little dress each day. Well...the jeans came out two days ago...I am ready for the fall. I got my sweaters out now too. Bring it on. Bring on the beauty and the fresh fallen leaf scents and the harvest moon! I love it! I will not cry for the end of summer. I thank the summer for the warmth and fun dans le sun that I enjoyed. I now open my arm up wide and embrace the new season. Clint...start chopping wood!!! (now who's crying?) ha ha ha ha!!!!! ;o)
Me and Maggie October last of our many "winter" beach days. I am so excited for our new adventures this year! :o)

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