Monday, September 5, 2011

Confessions of a bath tub extremist.

There are a million and one reasons why I enjoy bath time so incredibly much. One MAJOR reason is the relaxation that comes over your body and soul the minute you immerse yourself into the steamy basin...the muscles are instantly grateful for the warmth they feel. And...not that it is a necessary addition, but a glass or two of red wine during the soak sure can make things a whole heck of a lot sweeter. It's like warming the tension up from the outside and the inside...oh yeah baby...can ya feel it? (I am suddenly feeling like I need to start the water...though, right now I would enjoy a nice hot and sweet coffee to help the wine for me before noon! lol) I love it when I have at the very least an hour just to soak up the heat and alone time that a bath allows me. The aching muscles in my arm, back and neck sometimes start to beg me for that time of solitude and calm waters and the calming breaths I take once inside the realm of complete and utter satisfaction. The thing about bath time is that you can matter ANYTHING but relax. Sweet perfection. You've got nothing to do but lie there in silence (maybe some soft music if you choose) and just enjoy that moment. I suppose I do at times keep busy on the telephone while I bathe...only sometimes though. When I am taking one of my 2-3 hour baths I have been known to call a friend or two because I actually have the time to call...I am not running around doing everything else. Sorry to those that find that gross...I try not to let it be known that I am soaking...but you figure it out. ha ha ha ha! Anyways...

My lovely neighbours went away for an overnight to the big bad city to enjoy the sights...and the fun times at the P.N.E. before it's last! They have Arbutus the other geriatric dog...he and Maggie are an item...whether the two of them realize it or not! ;o) We had Arby stay the night for a sleepover...we love him a whole lot. What is there not to love about an old hound dog? (he's a real sweetheart!) Now...because my neighbours, G and Trevor are so awesome and rad and fabulous and da best neighbours EVER...they said if I wanted, I could have a bath or two or as many as I like while they are away. (I ended up having two) SA-WEET!!!! It is the most magnificent and luxurious bath I have ever had the pleasure of soaking my aching body in. The "most real and superb soaker tub" is what I am sure it must be named. Seriously. MY whole entire body and legs can stretch out and be completely submersed under water...with only my little head poking out! So, to the say the very least, I was in absolute heaven...Utopia of the bath kingdom. I got home from an epic swim in the bay with the beautiful Thalie and decided it was the perfect opportunity for me pack a bath bag full of essentials such as; epsom salts, "Auntie Pamela", apricot face scrub, pumice, hydralicious conditioner, hair pick, towel, body cream and comfy cozy pj's. Ready for a soak. G left a bottle of wine on the counter for me...awesome and incredibly sweet of her...although I had a wee bit too much. ;op But that is only because it was soooo amazing to have it...a hot and steamy bath in an excellent tub in a quiet and empty home, with some delicious red wine. I was in there for just over 2 hours and I only recharged the hot once. That bath tub is not only shaped to perfection but it keeps in the heat better than any water vessel I have had the privilege to exploit. I could totally enjoy a 4-5 hour bath in that sweet, sweet tub...and of course G enjoys a good bath...she found that tub, smart woman! And luckily, they have a well which allows bath time whenever you wish. Complete Luxury here on Gabriola. ;o) 

All right, confession time...if I am enjoying one of my sessions, (meaning; a relaxed bath, one that lasts more than an hour.) I like to hold my breath under water for long periods of time. This is something I have always made habit of during bath time. I would even do this while taking a bath with my baby sister. I remember when I was 10, I was having a bath with Steph and pretending that I had run out of breath by not coming up for a long period of time...probably around a minute or so, trying to scare her. She tickled me to make me stop and pull my head up out of the water. I was upset that she figured me out and scoldingly yelled at her, "Never tickle a dead body will turn into sugar!!! And then there is no body to bury!!" Like really??? I think I was a wee bit crazy as a kid. I was always threatening my sister with something silly. "I will NEVER play Barbie's with you again if you tell mom!!!!" ha ha ha ha ha. (So sorry Steph. I love you! hee hee) Anyhow...I have always been a little infatuated with holding my breath underwater. How long can I stay under? Can I keep my eyes open the whole time? Is there any way to use your air to re-breathe? (I have many dreams of living and breathing underwater.) I realized something about the heart recently during a bath. I can be underwater holding my breath for about a minute and my heart beat stays at the same pace. Soon after that it starts to pick up...and the dull sound in the water also raises a notch. I am no doctor or whatever, but I am figuring that is when your brain tells your heart that it is not getting any oxygen...oops! But I can still stay under for about two minutes before I feel the need to burst out of my watery cell. When we were in the pool at the HoJo in Kamloops I sank my self to the bottom of the pool and hung there in the deep end for over a minute. When I came back to the surface Clint was all upset thinking I could have scared the other guests in the pool. Ha ha ha...I didn't even think of that. Double oops. But, maybe one day, all of my "practice" in the length of time I can hold my breath will come in handy...perhaps lifesaving. Again...thoughts that come up while spending hours at a time in a confined space immersed in solace from the world. One other thing that came to mind in my bath time of consciousness, was that a reason for my love of the tub is just pure comfort. Not comfort of everyday...but the comforting preciousness of safety. Finding that state of peace while relaxing in the warm, encompassing water is like being in the womb. Provided we are being nurtured by a willing and earnest mother, being inside of the womb is the only true and pure peaceful time in our entire lives. And we can't even remember it!! Well, I feel I remember it when I am in my comfort zone. And when I realized that that is what makes me feel so happy during bath time...I wept. I wept for joy in the happiness I have inside for having a mother that loves me so very much. I wept for the love that I feel for her...I love her so very much. Man, bath time is love time. Really it is. I feel that everyone should have at least one bath a week. Let your mind go to happy places...relax in the heat. Soothe your aching muscles and mind. Rejuvenate the soul. Wakey wakey...this is's hard sometimes so we need to take the time to be good to ourselves. That is what I am trying to do for myself. And if a bath helps me do that...well...ha ha ha...well is exactly it...I NEED a well! ha ha ha. All right ramblin' Pam...


  1. You were a mean big sister!!!!
    You're lucky I still love you after all that!

  2. ha ha were an annoying little sister...or so I felt. ;o) you were actually fairly sweet...a little spoiled but sweet! lol