Monday, September 26, 2011

You just have to love it.

It happens every single year. And when it does it seems so shocking to all those around. Like..."how did this happen? How could this happen? Summer JUST started!!!" Yep. It's fall. Officially Friday September 23rd was the very first day. Funny was a most beautiful day. We ended up taking the ferry that afternoon ALL the way to the Big Ol' Stink...Vancouver city baby! (Clint will very soon be turning the ripe old age of we took a city trip to hang out with some of his family...good times.) was incredibly hard to leave the island when the sun was beating down on us the whole ferry trip away. All I could think of was that this may very well be the last day of sunshiney heat and feeling like swimming weather. My last day of swim I suppose was September 8th...and that seems like the latest I have ever jumped into the ocean. That is a blessing in itself. I feel like we really don't have much to complain about. Sure, summer started a little late for most of our likings...but for was gorgeous all the way through. Weather is never "perfect" for all involved...that would be each and every single one of us here on this beautiful planet. There will always someone that has a gripe about the weather. "It's too hot...It's too cold...It's not sunny enough...We need rain!" Ha ha ha! I guess it keeps us all guessing. Including those meteorologists that get paid to know...they don't! ;op

Our weekend in the city was nice because it was sunny and beautiful. If it were raining it would be so hard to be there. So even though I sort of wished we had stayed and played on the beach all weekend long due to an amazingly fabulous forecast...I sure enjoyed the city because of it too. Walking around the Sea Wall near Coal Harbour...being able to walk home at 1am from the restaurant/paint studio "Raw Canvas". (you can eat, drink, be merry and then paint a canvas up. that was Clint's b-day night with the fam. Seven of us drinking beer and wine and painting times! The painting is of our two cabs dueling it to the restaurant through downtown Vancouver) We could walk home because it was warm, not raining and it was exciting walking down Granville St. when all of the silly drunk kids are getting out of the bars. Such a gong it!! hee hee. The next evening we were able to walk to Stanley Park to the Malkin Bowl to enjoy an evening under the stars (they were kind of partly fast moving cloud covered, but still nice) leaning against a big 100 year old or so cedar tree and listening to Broken Social Scene rock out for a couple of hours. It was awesome! It is fall and we are still able to do these fun "summer time" things. I love it!!'s raining. And you know, that is totally okay by me. We need water in our cistern anyways! ;op But more than's fall! Yippeee! Bring out your nice sweaters and boots. Make a fire in your woodstove (If you are lucky enough to have one in your home...we do!). I woke up this morning and the house felt chilly...a fire is now roasting. Yay! I love it. What else can you do but love it? This weather will now be here for quite a long time until the spring hits us with the first blooming flowers. I am excited for that time again...but for the moment I am going to enjoy the now...the fall. It is so just HAVE to love it! :o)

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