Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh Miss Sunshine.

Perhaps today, starting sunny and sweet, is the first day of the rest of what is meant to be Summer...the season of warmth, sun, swim, growth, love and BBQ's!!! (our BBQ needs some tlc...wah. I hope to have it ready to rock this weekend...Canada Day Partay!) I want to wake up one morning, feed the crew (Wensday, Maggie & Larry) and then head to the swim!! I really, really want Larry to get into the a water dog. The kind that just loves to splash around and feel the coolness of the ocean spray and let loose and be free. That is what summer feels to me. It's freedom. There is no need to be bundled up with parkas, raincoats, gumboots, scarves, toques, big thick sweaters (I really like big thick sweaters...jus' sayin'), woolie socks and just too much to put on to go outside. I like that in the summer, I can get out of bed and slip on a little dress...and that's all! Easy peasy! Get my bikini on underneath of course...that way I am ready to jump in the ocean in a blink of an eye! And I am sooooo ready for jumping in let me tell you! Bring it!

Here is a little tip about the sun...well, something against the sun, in a way. I heard the other day that you can use coconut oil as a natural spf...I can't stand all of the chemicals that are in regular sunscreens. So, I decided to google it before I actually took the advice. Many people say "NO! Don't use it you fool!" (people in forums can be nasty)..."I would only use it if you have a base tan.", "I used it and burnt to a crisp!", "Do NOT use coconut oil as sunscreen if you don't want melanoma." Interesting. Well, I don't think that I will be slathering on the coconut oil, just yet...nor do I suggest anyone does. That is my tip of the day! ha ha ha! I will continue to use what I for a good organic and skin healthy sunscreen...and soak up the sun!
Here is my pretty little Impatien on my front stoop. She only gets about an hour of sun each day. And this morning, she is soaking it right up...just look at how strong and beautiful she is. And with only that measley hour of le soleil, she looks so happy. She clearly has way more patience as an Impatien than I do...I am way impatient! hee hee hee. All of my flowers on the deck are doing so good too. They get the real heat of the least 8-10 hours a day. (when the sun is not behind them darn clouds!) I am so excited for my roses to bloom. The second they will be up. I wish you could smell their fragrance through the screen too...oh yum! Sooooo many reasons to love Little Miss Sunshine! xox

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