Monday, June 11, 2012

Just a slacker slacking...

No...actually, I am definitely not a slacker. But I HAVE in fact been slacking on my 12:12 project. I have been taking the photos, just letting them add up...but not taking the time to put them up. Because of this I now have 13 days to go over. That is a lot of typing...ugh. My wrist is not into typing these days...nor is the rest of the appendage. Alas, I must get to it. it goes...

Tuesday May 29 12:12 pm
Heading out for a walk as per usual...can you sense sadness though? I had just stopped into chat with a friend over some stuff that was getting crazy. (NEVER try to explain feelings via will NEVER be understood and hence taken wrong, therefore causing people to get their panties in a twist!) The person was not up for a chat and it was not a good time. These things can happen. And these situations can really help open up our eyes to many things. One of the things I learned was about the whole email thing...always speak of things in person or phone. Plus, I learned a few other key life lessons re: relationships. to love them! ;op
Wednesday May 30 12:12 pm
On the regular beach that we love taking Larry to...I think he really loves it too! A juvenile eagle came flying above our heads and was perching him/herself up on top of this big arbutus tree. The eagle kept fidgeting, not finding a good spot to hang out. (Isn't he huge?...I love this shot cause you can see his wing spread) I guess this guy must be one or two. I think once they are three they get their white heads. I love Eagles...great majestic birds. I just want to know how we stop the poaching of these beautiful creatures. People shoot them down and cut their talons off and rip out their feathers. I would like to cut off the poachers feet!! (kharma can be a beatch...remember that you evil poachers!) Sorry...a little rant off.... ;op
Thursday May 31 12:12 pm
Maggie at Tinson Point! I like how she kind of is camouflaged with the sand and barnacled rock on the beach. Maggie is the sweetest dog ever. And I feel like she has gotten more life in her from Larry being a part of the family now.She chases him on the beach and they play. It really is super sweet and it warms our hearts each and every day. (all animals make me so happy...they truly are so good for the soul. If everyone had an animal in their life, there would be a lot more happiness.)
Friday June 1 12:12 pm
First off...Happy Birthday this day to my wonderful friend Tammy! (also...RIP, Syder the bestest cat ever and Marilyn Munroe who also shared this day as their day of birth.) Who's the ooooold lady with the mini afghan wrapped around her? Oh, it's Maggie May! Eating her breakfast...yes at 12:12! Isn't she the cutest thing? I really do think so. Nearly 19 years old. Oh Maggie...I sure do love you!
Saturday June 2 12:12 pm
Speaking of the beautiful she is feeding Cricket some treats. :o) I spent the day with Tammy at her studio for her 2nd annual Spring Studio Sale! (Tammy is an amazing fused glass artist. Her pieces are vibrant and full of life and love...just like her!) You can check out her blog and website to see her fabulous creations. I am a proud owner of quite a bit of Tammy Hudgeon glass. (you could call me a groupie! lol)
Sunday June 3 12:12 pm
I happened to spend some time in the beautiful Artworks last Sunday. And I love these little fishies. Aren't they cute. (I especially love that they are the kind of fish that you will NEVER have to flush down la toilet! hee hee) Peeps out here buy them to put in their ponds. The Heron and Raccoon will not eat a ceramic fish!

Monday June 4 12:12 pm
Another Happy Birthday day...this time to my mommy!!! It sure would have been nice to see her in the truck too...coming along for the beach walk. She is too far away from me. :o( (Hmmm...I wonder how many kilometers it is from Gabriola Island to Dallas Texas?) Google: 3895.5 kms!!! (mom & dad are coming this Thanksgiving...driving from Texas to Winnipeg then to here then all of the way home again. Wowzas...that is a road trip extravaganza!) :o)

Yikes...I need to stop for now. It literally feels like my arm might fall off!!! lol (what else can you do but laugh...I mean really!) Time for a's 11:11...stick time! Then beach walkies after...okay Maggie and Larry? ;op


  1. nice pix pam!!! i love the pic of cricket! hope thalie sees this!

    and maggie with the afghan! sweet.....