Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ay yi yi...keep up the momentum...

They will just keep on adding I gots to get this up to date! C'mon can do it! lol (sometimes I need to be my very own personal cheerleader...goooooo me!) hee hee
Tuesday June 5 12:12 pm
These guys are definitely two of the sweetest dogs around. I thought Maggie was quite the anomaly when she came into our lives...she NEVER barks. Literally...we have heard her voice on maybe 5 or 6 separate occasions in the last 3 1/2 years. And it was usually in fun. Having Larry now for 35 days...we have heard him bark twice. And both times were at the beach, he was digging after a clam that just spit at him...he barked at it! ha ha ha! His bark is so deep for just a wee little guy like Larry. (Here lie the two of them, waiting patiently to go to the beach. They are too cute for words!!)
Wednesday June 6 12:12 pm
It's a sunny day
No way
Let's get out and play
Send our troubles away 
Gonna ride to the beach
Windows open
Breeze breezing
Carpe Diem...
Seize the Day!! 
Off to enjoy some beach strolling, rolling and orange ball throwing!

 Thursday June 7 12:12 pm
Ahhhh, yes. Looking at my face brings me back to how I felt that poop!! I am surprised that I was already downstairs at this time.  My whole entire body was aching...begging me for bath time. But filling a bath felt like too much work. I had to get feeling better...that evening was my good friend Andy's 19th birthday party. He had been looking forward to that day since November. He REALLY wanted to go to The Surf Pub and enjoy some "Margarita's!" Well...he got his delicious lime margarita, on the rocks...made to sweet perfection. Andy did not find it sweet at all. In fact, he said..."I can not drink this. It tastes like sea water!" Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh Andy! Happy Birthday young man! :o)
Friday June 8 12:12 pm
The lovely and fabulous Lesley Harris! I was invited over that morning to paint together. (Not that I am much of a painter...I like to play...I am just not an artist like many of my talented friends. But I sure love to play avec them all!) Lesley is amazing...she does intricate beadwork, painted portraits of people and animals (Clint gave her a couple lessons on faces and she has just taken off with it...she's good! And thankfully has her own unique style too! hee hee) I love Lesley. She is a special woman. A good friend and also very my momma! xox
Saturday June 9 12:12 pm
Oh yeah baby!! It's summer. That means that toe nails get painted and the digits adorned. Lindsay Godfrey has been making some beautiful toe rings as of late. These ones are in her display at Artworks in downtown Gabriola.  She is one busy woman I tell ya! Making beautiful silver jewelry and now crocheted leather and suede special pieces too! Lindsay...your talent never ceases to amaze me! :o) (I have quite a few pieces of her awesome stuff. She has been a jeweler for over 35 years. Pieces in Vogue magazine to boot! And all of it gets made in her studio on beautiful Mudge Island!)
Sunday June 10 12:12 pm
Oh Larry Boy! What a looker you are. I still see the sadness behind those beautiful eyes...but more light and happiness is shining through. You're doing so good buddy! We had just gotten home from a looooong walk with my friend Genni, her husky Aphro(dite) and our other friend Stephanie's sweet collie Uke. Those dogs are puppies...Larry was a bit shy of their exuberance. But it all worked out. The walk was fun...through the forest...oh, and through some gross and ugly tent caterpillars. Yuck! Man...t'is the season of those little guys. Devastating full on orchards. They had better turn into some pretty butterflies at least!! ;op

Monday June 11 12:12 pm where could I possibly be? Dans le bath tub of course!! ha ha ha! my safe place. The place where all I can do is relax and not touch anything. But silly me brought my ipod...meaning I can still check my email!! lol I should NEVER bring it with me. Yet, on this particular day, it helped me with my 12:12 photo op. hee hee hee.

Tuesday June 12 12:12 pm
Aren't they pretty?? I just love summer and the flowers that I plant and watch grow and fill up the containers they were planted in. Colour everywhere! I just love it!! We had tried to catch the 11:20 ferry to go shopping in town. Got to the line up at 10:45...overloaded already! So we took the doggies for a walkies on the beach to come back and catch the next one. Well, the 11:20 left at we got back to the line and it was almost already full. "You know", said Clint, "perhaps we'd be better off taking a later ferry that isn't busy and we don't have to wait so long." Oh yeah!!! Out of line we went and back home to relax a little...and Clint could work a little more. It all worked out. And the trip was only 3 hours instead of what could have been 5!! arm is done with the typing...good timing. Today is a fresh new day. The sun is out...the birds are is beautiful. I have a smile on my face and love in my heart. Hallelujah! ;o)


  1. Hi Pam, this is Rilla, I don't know that we've ever introduced ourselves, but I'm a fellow Gabian. Brent and I own Brent G Hair & Spa (most people go ooooooh... when I make that connection, so that's why I'm sharing... haha). I discovered your lovely blog through someone else's blog (can't remember who now, sorry...) and I've been thoroughly enjoying reading about your goings on. I'm finally getting up the nerve to come out of lurking zone and say hello. Hello. Oh, and I like you, I think we could be friends. I blog a little too. Nothing too serious, just Gabe & family stuff. Keep writing. I'm reading. :)

  2. Thanks Rilla! :o) I once got my haircut by your lovely husband. Find me on FB...send me your blog link. We should meet. :o)

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