Friday, November 6, 2009


I am getting pretty stoked and I just wanted to quickly write it before I go to lala land...that is IF I actually fall asleep. One of the things I like with my insomnia is that for the short periods in which I do fall asleep even if it's totally lucid...I always dream. And if I am enjoying a dream and wish I was still in it when I wake up...I can will myself back into it...most of the time. Now THAT I know I like, I like that a whole bunch!! :o) excitement, where does it stem from you ponder??? My parents are coming out west to visit us! Wheeee! I am so freakin' happy, elated, just, well, you know beside myself with bliss. ;o) I love my parents, we are close. We have an awesome relationship and I am truly grateful for that. In fact I love my family more than I can even believe at times. I hear friends speak of their family, and quite a number of my friends DO in fact talk this way...they genuinely "enjoy" the company of their family members but can go without seeing them. That makes absolutely no sense to me at all. I can not imagine not seeing my parents or siblings as much as I possibly can. And it's not as often as I would like being that there are three provinces between them and me. I also have 5 nieces and 2 nephews, whom I adore. Who I would throw myself under a moving train for, if that was ever put in front of me as a situation that I was dealt with. I never imagined I could love a child so much. I have always liked children...always been the one to entertain them when there was a function of any kind. But I liked it, I like being a kid myself sometimes...well, quite a bit actually. I love laughing. Best feeling in the world besides been madly and deeply in love with your partner. I would love to be a mother myself one day. Although imagining the intensity of love I would have for them really freaks me out too. But I want that love. I really do.

So...yes. My folks will be here next week! Yay! I hope it does not rain the whole time they are here. They came out last October and it did most of the time. Sunny weather please bless us! (insert sun dance here) My mom loves beachcombing, finding all of the purple starfish and weird jellyfish with the flowerlike brown centres and all of the mussels and broken oyster shells from hungry and greedy seagulls tearing them apart for breakfast...and, to enjoy all of the ocean's splendour, well it sure is way better when it's sunny out. ;o)

Peace, love & daisies.

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