Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rain, rain please go far, far away!!

Literally, it has been raining for like ever!! Okay, maybe yesterday it didn't rain until 2 pm and it was actually sunny first thing in the morning. But we have been having torrential down pours...well torrential for the West Coast. When it "rains" here it is more like a mist...heavy drizzling, it NEVER pours when you are on the coast. It does at times come down like sheets, but it lasts for mere minutes before it relapses back to it's comfortable sprinkle. The kind that you can still go walking outside in and not carry an umbrella. You will get wet, but it really ain't that bad. I HATE umbrella' you would come to the conclusion that I would never, ever survive in a climate such as the coast of British Columbia. Seriously, it does not rain that bad here. If I wear a hoodie or a wider brimmed hat I stay fairly dry. If my jacket is waterproof or thick at least I can manage to stay reasonably dry. Dry enough that when I take my coat off I do not get the chills instantly. I will always take any opportunity to warm up in front of a fire though...raining outside or not. The heat that you get from a fire is like no other. I love to sit or lay in front of our woodstove with the doors ajar and soak up the heat. It's lovely. ;o) Anyhow, why do I detest umbrella''s not that I am not a fan of the brilliant colours that many umbrella's consist of. There sure are some pretty snazzy looking ones out there...some that even I, have pondered on whether or not I should spend the $20 and purchase the pretty little hand held, cumbersome rain shield. $20 that I would spend and then never get my money's worth because I NEVER use the damn thing. If I am holding an umbrella in my hand, that is it for me. That is what I am picking up something I dropped or answering my cel phone (back in the day when I carried one cause I was obseesed with texting and being able to talk with someone when you are walking up the sidewalk alone and wish you had someone there to talk to.) or doing anything at all that requires the use of at least one of your arms. I HATE IT!!!! The thoughts that run through my head at any of these embarrassing occassions go like this... "I don't want to put this damn umbrella down,the second I do people that are around me walking by and watching me are going to wonder why the heck I put my umbrella down on the ground, then they will notice I have one arm and stare at me...I hate this shit." That is a mild taste of the commentary that runs through my head in situations in which I feel socially awkward because I am doing a task that varies from how the "normal" people would do them. I obviously still harbour self esteem issues about the fact that I am visibly different than practically everyone I know. I sometimes hate it...I sometimes enjoy it. It's all right to be different, to be unique and one of a kind. There aren't too many women in the world that are congenitally "different" like me. One arm, bent femur and a dislocated left hip. I was a mess I guess. ;o) The original pediatric orthopedic surgeon that my mom was sent to advised her to have my left leg amputated. Can you imagine that??? He said it would never grow...stay like a baby leg all of my life. Thank goodness for a strong willed and loving mother who was smart enough to ask for a second opinion. Two surgeries legs are the same length. Thank you Dr. Huebert's! (father and did my knee surgery when I was 10, son did my leg surgery when I was 24!) Go team go!! ha ha.

Anyhow, the rain is depressing. My back and front yards are like miniature swamps and I am just waiting for some kind of green and icky monster to crawl out of it. I can't even go down into my garden because it is too wet and I sink into the ground. (And Maggie gets waay gross and wet and mucky and then walks back into my house.) I need to prepare my vegetable beds for the spring...compost!! Hopefully it will dry up for a few days and Clint and I can get that shit done and focus on indoor tasks. ;o)

Rain, rain PLEASE get the hell out of least til next week.

Peace out.

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