Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I LOVE sunny November days...

Man...what a beautiful day todays was. I dragged my sorry butt out of bed around 9 am...again, did not sleep well. :o( But...when I opened the curtain in the bedroom the sun was coming through the trees already. One of the nice things about fallen leaves...more sunshine! I wanted to have a busy day and actually do taking care of business stuff. I have been lazy a lot arm has been killing me. It is just really sore these days...gets tired and numb when I do too much. So, I thought that because of the beautiful day I would do it all...all that I could. Did some dishes that were in the kitchen from last night's dinner...checked a bag of clothes and kitchen stuff ready for GIRO...drove to Whalebone and took Maggie and myself on a walk down the trail through the forest and staring out at the ocean...we had a most lovely walk. (Maggie is my neighbours dog who started coming to the house and hanging out. Now she stays here quite a bit...I LOVE Maggie. 13 year old Heeler. She is the sweetest ever. Always stays by my side wherever I go...too cute! So I take her on excursions often.) After the Maggie and Pam walk I went to GIRO to drop the bags off and found an awesome lamp...sooo cool, 70's lamp, long dark green ceramic stand attached to a teak base and teak upper piece...yippee!! Anyhow, after that I went and picked up some onions for my borscht from the Village...stopped in at the garden centre to see Kate, she was getting off work so we went to get wraps and sit on the patio so Maggie could hang out with us. She wanted my wrap...but I don't imagine she would have enjoyed falafels and cucumbers too much. Felt perfectly satisfied with my wrap I went home and walked down into the garden to pick some beets. I ended up weeding a bed and pulling out one row of the dead corn stalks. Man those suckers have the toughest roots ever. I actually had to use a pitchfork to free it from the I love gardening. But it takes a lot of work and again kills my arm...wah! Everything I want to do hurts my freakin' arm. I wish I could go back to the way things used to before my arm started pooping out on me. Argh!
Ummmm, sorry for the rant there. Hee hee! I cleaned up the beets and started to create my borscht. It ended up tasting so amazing. Boiled the beets while I sauteed butter, finely chopped onion and celery with dill weed and salt...took the beets out of the water once boiled for 20 minutes or so...pour that water into my pot with the onions, add sliced onion and let simmer for 20 minutes...I added 3/4 tetra pak of organic veg broth and then 5 cups of water, sort of cubed beets and more dill weed salt and sliced cabbage...bring it to boil then let simmer for like an hour or so...oh yum!! It is soooo good.

See...drawn out stories. I am sorry, I can't help it. I feel the need to give as much info as possible for some reason. Clint loved my soup...of course. I did too! Perfect end to a perfect day,to me, in paradise. Now I get to go to JoJo's to watch ANTM! ha ha ha ha haaaa! It's my total sinful pleasure. I don't get why I enjoy watching 19-23 year old girls bitch, backstab, fight and degrade one another...but I really, REALLY do! I'll probably bring Maggie of course...she is here. :o) Sometimes I feel bad that she spends so much time with us. But she has been a wandering dog all of her 13 years. House to house of the homes that she knew. My neighbour's mom is the "owner". She lives up the hill from us and he lives down the road. Maggie goes between their homes...but started one day to come to our place. To be honest, at first I totally thought she was a rubby dog. I would see her hanging out on the middle of the main road...just standing on the yellow line...gazing out at who knows what. I started letting her in my car and took her to the base of the driveway of my neighbours. Maybe she caught my scent and knew that we lived just down the road...and maybe, just maybe the succulent smell of the bbq got her to come over more and more often. I have actually now spent $$ on Maggie. Oops! She is old and her hip is sore...I bought a $20 bed...and I've been buying cans of soft food case she likes it better than the hard food which I also make her eat. But she wants the soft on top of the hard. Her real mommy gave me a costco sized bag of dog food for her. That was nice. ;o)
Anyhow, there I go rambling again. I don't even remember what I was talking about anyways. I got to get to Joelle's and pour myself a glass of my favourite red wine and watch the aspiring models. I must admit that I really do love watching the photo shoots...always pretty cool make-up and setting. I modeled for quite a few years. I still do it once in a blue moon if the project is of intesret to me. It's's like acting. But you get super cool photos of yourself in the end and you never had to memorize lines. ;o) So I gots to get off this computer So funny that we sit at a desk for so long all of the, play, research...whatever...computers rue the world! Aahhhhhh!

Peace out.

p.s. GIRO is our island's recycling organization. You bring stuff in that you don't use and they sell it. You buy stuff for cheap that others have brought in that they don't use. Genius! ;o)

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