Friday, November 13, 2009


Yes...I am still here. Just missing in action on the computer for the last little sorry! ;op I ended up going to the Big "PRETTY SHITTY" City, as I like to call it. Don't get me wrong. I do love Vancouver...quite a bit. I mean I lived there for 9 years prior to escaping the bustling centre of far too much activity with little to no meaning. And I did enjoy that hustle and bustle for a while. I honestly just got sick of the Orphan Annie eyed peeps there. Remember her eyes in the comic books?? She had white pupils no iris...just blank eyes. And in turn those blank, dead eyes gave absolutely no emotion what so ever. Like, her words in each frame would make you imagine that their is emotion. That she had feelings, real feelings about her life and her dog and the people surrounding her. But by looking at her face...those eyes...nothing, nada. And that is exactly what I started feeling about a lot of the residents of Vancouver. I totally had a core group of amazing friends who were so cool and thoughtful and full of many emotions. But that was just my small group of peeps that I met and started friendships with since leaving the grand old city of Winnipeg, in friendly Manitoba. The rest of the lot...well, I suppose I should say that the lot of them that have their lives downtown mostly. Cause it was there...downtown, that I started to really despise. The vibes there can be so insane. For instance...walking down the street, passing someone on the sidewalk, you smile at them and say hello. They hold their purse tighter and don't make eye contact. Or, they give you a sort of menacing scowl because they think you are a piece of shit. Or, if you try to make conversation with someone at some sort of establishment downtown...they really don't want to know, or care to know what you have to say. They know enough people, have enough friends and aquaintances to speak to you. It would be a waste of breath on their part. Fake. Fake. Boring and crude. Maybe others don't see it this way. But I certainly did. Now that I am far away from there...I feel better about people. I have regained my sense of security in the fact that there truly are some fabulous caring people out there. There still exist communities where everyone looks out for one another. Where you feel like you are in this big huge extended family. When you know that if you were in any sort of trouble, or bind or just needing an ear to listen...someone is just around the corner to be there. It's an amazing feeling and I forgot all about how it does feel. And how it goes. And how I am that same way. I started missing Winnipeg like crazy before moving here. I am glad we made this move cause I don't think I could stand the frigid winters out east ever again. lol

Anyhow, I went to the Couv to hook up with my folks who came into BC to see me! :o) (And Clint too of course...being that he is their son-in-law and he is an amazing husband that cares and loves and treasures their daughter as much as they do.) Well I met up with them there...spent a night in Burnaby at my Uncle's the ferried out paradise. I LOVE having them here. I get such a charge when I am with family. Family is #1 man. You may not choose who your parents or siblings or grandparents or cousins etx are...but when there is such amazing love within the family, I cannot imagine any better feeling in the world than that unconditional pure, simple love. I am blessed with the bestest family! ;o) Thank God. I feel sorry for those that who do not have a close relationship with theirs. It's sad to me. Hopefully people that are in that situation have great friens who are a support to them. I know I treat my friends with shite families in a way where they feel a lot of love and encouragement and that nourishment that your family can give you. But I suppose I am that way to my friends that have the loving family too. I mean, like, I really just love the people in my and friends and community. Love really does make the world go round. Without love we have a blackhole of despair. A smile, a hug and helping hand all go a long way...truly an amazing thing.

Bed time for Bonzo...that would be me. Got another long day of fun with my folks...hip hip hooray!!!! ;o)


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