Monday, November 9, 2009

Maggie May

Have you ever fell in love? I mean like REALLY fell in love...but not with a partner. With an animal. I have loved pretty much every animal that I have come into contact with..I just totally love animals...and their innocence. Sweeties. Of course I have loved my own animals as much as humanly possible. My first pets of my own...meaning in my home not living with my parents, were Syder and Wensday. Two most lovable cats. I could now spend a few hours writing about them and how wonderful they were and are..(Syder died 4 years ago this coming December. He was the raddest.)but I will devote an entire blog to those guys at a later time...or they will have their own individual blog because my love is so deep for the both of them. But this's all about Maggie. Maggie May the beautiful Blue Heeler and whatever else is in her. lol

I spoke a bit of Maggie a couple blogs ago already. How she is the sweetest thing...13 years old and just wanting attention, love, cuddles, yummy food, warm bed and walks. Her sweetness is a bit surreal. She will just always stay by my side. I believe that we have fallen in pet/"owner" love with one another. I may not be her real owner but she stays with me quite a bit. I just want to pamper her like crazy. Make her feel like a doggie ways. She has always been the "wandering dog". Roaming around, house to house...still going to her real home but spending nights elsewhere sometimes. And now that she lives on this island she is always around the hood...walking up the road, standing in the middle of the main road on the yellow line. I never know if she does it cause she knows cars will slow down and avoid her or if she is just losing it being an old pup. Who knows... Maggie! ;o)

The first time I met Maggie was almost a year ago now, she was on the road and it was late, like around midnight. She was wandering in the middle of the street, so I slowed down and opened the window to tell her to go home,
wherever home was. I had no clue whose dog she was or anything. But I thought she was just a dirty old mangy dumb dog. A couple other times it happened that same way, at night, in the middle of the road but by this time I had found out where she lived and what her name I would get her in my backseat and drop her off at her driveway. A few months later we moved down the street from one of Maggie's homes. She lives in two is the woman who was given her by her old neighbour in West Van, she lives up the hill from us and then her son's place is up the street from us and so our places make a triangular loop for Maggie to go from house to house. She started to come over to our place when she would smell our BBQ. Or sometimes when it was raining and she was locked out of her homes she would come over and I would let her lie beside the fire to dry and warm up. She just started coming over more and more and now she is here more days than not. I get really sad and feel alone when she is not here...I miss her like crazy. My husband thinks I am a wee bit nuts for my obsession with Maggie. But he too adores little Maggie May the wonderfully sweet dog.

She left this past Friday...obviously to her other home, I was constantly looking out the kitchen window to see if she was walking up our driveway. Yes...crazy. I just wanted to know she was warm and indoors and what not. Today a friend of mine called me from work and said Maggie was there. I drove over there to pick her up. She started whining and rubbing her face on my legs and wagging her tail ferociously...she was super stoked to see me. How cute! I thought she was just out and about wandering today and happened to end up at V's work. Turns out she was forgotten at someones home last night and walked all the way back to our end of the island...long walk for her. I think she may have slept in the forest. ;o( I know that she is only a dog and that dogs sleep outside all of the time. But I don't want Maggie to. She has bad arthritis in her legs and hips. I want her to be comfortable at all times. That is important to me. And I make it my top priority when I am with there that these needs are met. I think Maggie appreciates it.

Anyhow...she is sleeping soundly on her bed right now. I can probably stop writing about her and go to bed myself! ;op But I just felt like writing about Maggie...Maggie May. I actually made a little ditty up for her. I sing it to the tune of Peggy Sue. ( well it pretty much is the song, but it's for Maggie and not Peggy!)

Maggie Moo
Maggie Moo
Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty Maggie Moo
Oh my Maggie Moo-oo-oo, ooh-oooh oooh ooooh ooh oooh
oh well I love ya girl and I need you Maggie Moo.

I say Maggie Moo for two reasons...
1. It rhymes better.
2. She has black patches on her like a cow...cute eh??

I love Maggie.


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