Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Got to start somewhere...

Recently my husband and I flew to Winnipeg from Vancouver...for a few amazing reasons. 1. My baby sister had her third baby girl on September 8th...Hadley Grace...what a sweetheart. (I am a blessed Auntie.) 2. She had her 30th 3 days after Hadley was born. 3. My daddy'o turned 60 on October 8th. 4. It was Thanksgiving and I have not celebrated the holiday with my family for quite a few years. 5. My Omi was giving me her we were driving it back to our island paradise. Unfortunately Omi was in TO while we were in the Peg. :o( So there was much to be celebrated in the fine province of the great cities of Winnipeg and Steinbach. Oh...we also partied in Gimli...yeah Gimli!!! Props to the peeps of Gimli, MB. xox was while in Steinbach, Manitoba at my sister's place where I decided that having a blog of my own may be a good thing. I also thought that I would start it straight soon as we got home. We took 5 glorious days to drive home through this beautiful country of I was a wee bit distracted I suppose. But anyways, we got home 2 weeks ago and I am just starting this today. I guess's not that long ago...but shows my procrastination at the very least, being that I was SUPER STOKED on this whole blog thing to begin with. Blah, blah, blah.
I have felt my whole life that absolutely no one in this gargantuan world understands me and why I am the way I why I react certain ways to stuff...taking things personally always or wanting things to go exactly how I want them too and if not pout and be miserable and feel oh so sorry for myself...but all of this is always done in private. Unless of course the situation is with my family...then pout away dear Pami...pout away! ;o) But seriously, I honestly most of the time feel alone. Not that I am...there are plenty of others missing arms or other limbs...maybe even all of their limbs. Again, I still feel alone. Most of those peeps had their limb or limbs amputated. They do know what it was like to be like "everyone" else. I have always been Pam...the one armed girl. The one that some people felt very sorry for...not believing that I could even function as a regular human being. But the title "one armed" I use fondly now that I am so mature! ha ha! Well I do use it. It is MY celebrity. It is the one thing that completly seperates me from all is my IS me. And I like it...mostly.
So that's that. That is my very first blog entry...ever! Yeesh...pretty bad eh? Well I am tired...been having my insomnia again lately. And right now I hear my husband lightly snoring and I just want to cuddle up in bed and fall alseep...if my mind lets me. ;op will come to find that I am a rambler...I am really sorry about that. At least you can take a break from reading...if I were chatting with you, you'd be trapped in to listening to me for hours! Seriously, I LOVE to talk! But for you I will blog...
p.s. the pic is me and my man driving through part of Saskatchewan on our way home...he was just REALLY is a beautiful province. Prairies rock!!

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