Thursday, December 23, 2010

All right...rant on...

Why thank you...I think I will. ;op

T'is the season for an over abundance of radio and TV commercials advising you of exactly what your loved ones want for Christmas. But, of course some random marketing executive in New York or LA has that knowledge to tell me where to go and buy that perfect gift for my husband or wife or daughter or son or mother or father or Oma or Opi or friend or WHOEVER! Because... how would little ol' me...who has only grown up with these lovely people and gotten to know them on a personal would I even come close to coming up with the perfect gift. (Not that a gift NEEDS to even be bought of course.) I especially love the commercials when they "trap" a consumer who already has their perfect gift that was so amazing to get...but tell them that it is the lamest gift EVER. You know what I'm talking about. "Ma'am...what are you doing in the board game section?? Get out of there!! Don't you know there is a reason they are called 'BOOOORED' games?" Why get a game that allows for your family to get together and enjoy laughter and conversation and getting closer to one another when you can bring home a computer or video game. Sit in front of the idiot box and don't even look at or talk to one another! That sounds like a great idea. Who would even want to know their children as a human being? That is ludicrous...that is so 1950's! When your child or husband or wife or who ever is the vid game lover in your family has their face glued to the TV set for hours and have the freedom to do whatever you want. This is how the media makes it sound so good to us. You don't even need to have a real relationship with anyone in your family anymore. Like that is supposed to be a good thing. It's just how the world seems to be these days. And because everyone is doing the same thing, we shouldn't feel bad about not caring for or spending time with those we love. Oh sure..."my wife sits on the couch beside me while I play hours of Grand Theft Audi'crappio. So we ARE together...that's spending time...right?" WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would fill the whole rest of a long paragraph with more exclamation marks if it wouldn't look redundant...or childish. I just feel like super strongly about this whole deal that is going on in the lives of humankind. They even make phones that can open up a series of apps on your screen and work faster so that while you are out with your children at the park you can still fart around on your telephone AND internet while you are sort of paying attention to the kids that are so very desperately wanting only YOU to for REAL pay attention to them. This way of life only creates silence in the home...silence in your life. Soon enough you will text or call your parents/spouse/kids/friends when they are sitting in the chair right next to you. Maybe humans will lose the ability to use their vocal chords. Soon we will be like robots...mechanical voices...deadpan stares...hard like steel on the inside, but still with that old time human feel. Not that you would even ever touch someone...oh my! No...we won't even have that. You send your boyfriend xxoo's to his cel phone that is now actually part of his face. To make don't make love with your spouse...ewwwww! You get your eggs and sperm extracted from your body by a computer...and it only takes 1 1/2 minutes! And then your baby is then incubated in a special "womb-like" substance filled aquarium. So, now, as a mother to be you can get back to your special "second life" game...pretend you are a human! That would be so fun...imagining what it would be like to have a real voice to call your friend up and chat for hours...or hug your child with your arms...maybe even a soft and loving kiss on their forehead so that they can honestly FEEL the love.

Living on an island where we don't even have one traffic is sweet and slow. It's a life where we can still feel the rush of the city life as we all must work, go see the Dr or dentist, drive to get the groceries and everything else that everyone else in the world does. I just feel a nicer pace here...just slowed down so that we enjoy all the tasks we have to do and then even more enjoy the things we love to do. Like walking down to the beach through the forest...meeting your friends for a Sunday Caesar at Silva Bay Bar & Grill and enjoying the beautiful scenery of sailboats and little islands and ocean with mountains way in the background...planting and growing veggies and flowers in the garden...painting or deco-paging or sewing or reading or whatever the heck makes you FEEL good. We can make life a rush if we choose to...just like city dwellers can take it easy if they really want to. I know there are lots of peeps out there that do take time and enjoy...start converting or something. Maybe the media should focus more on celebrating family life and outdoor life and liking life for what it offers. Breathe in the sweet air...I suggest doing this in a park far away from car exhaust. Smell the air...smell the roses...go for a bike ride with someone...take a nice walk with the kids and start exploring the life that lives in nature. Make at least every other night the night that you spend time with those you love...NOT watching TV (which lately I admit to wasting hours upon hours in front of my very own idiot box...but I also take long walks and try and be a little creative every day.)...conversating. Talking and laughing and maybe if you can convince your husband who hates playing board games, actually physically can not stand it and has a hard time enjoying a frustrating little scrabble, which I can enjoy each other. And I feel that deep down inside Clint loves scrabble too! lol I don't know...I just think family is so important. And by family I mean the ones closest to you. The ones you live with...even if you are just room mates. You share a space...and if you are sharing that space and actually enjoy one another's company...well, I feel that too is family. All of a sudden I feel as though I am rambling...ha ha ha!!! I think it's time to stop this should stay in my head!

Just enjoy life.
p.s. it's a family of mushrooms...they always stick together. ;o)

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