Friday, December 10, 2010

Let's eat!

Tis the season to eat a little more and then eat a snack a little later cause there is some yummy food to eat. I would way rather splurge on delicious treats for the household...having snacks for when people stop in...or just to constantly much on ourselves. The only things I truly need are; love...I am married to an amazing man and have sweet animals to love me and love back. Shelter...we are fortunate enough to have a lovely home to rent that we can stay dry and warmed up by the wood stove. And FOOD...we are incredibly lucky that each day we can wake up have a cup of warm tea or coffee, a piece of toast with an egg, if there are some in the fridge...and then get on with the day. So as we spoil ourselves with lots of yummy treats for Christmas...starting with my birthday this weekend...we are also spoiling ourselves with love. Eating makes us happy therefor we are happier to one another making each day feel so wonderful. I would like to carry this on through out the year. Maybe not over spending at the grocery store...but the super happy and lovey part...yes!

I know there are many people around the globe who will not be indulging in fatty yet scrumptious meals...and sadly many who won't even get a nibble of a piece of bread. The world seems so messed up to me when this is the reality of society. We by no means have fact like most we are always in the debt not credit end of the spectrum. And we for sure don't always have a fridge full off delicious snacks and meals and juices and what ever yummy thing I could think of to enjoy. But I have love. Love, I feel is the number one. When there is a lack it's as if the essence of life is dim...what's the worth. So my wish this season is that everyone on this planet is at least stuffed with love...from a spouse/family/pet/neighbour/stranger passing by on the street making eye contact and a smile that can warm the soul...I just want everyone to have and feel love. Love makes us strong.

Pass the gravy...but more importantly...pass the love on!


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