Monday, December 6, 2010

Would you like to swing on a star...

I TOTALLY would!! Oh, ha ha...I can't, it hurts. Boo! Super lame and super depressingly true. I just realized last weekend that I no longer can enjoy the sport...err I guess it's an activity...but I can't swing anymore. I find that makes me feel really fabulous. NOT. I find it intensely irritating when I figure out things that I like to do and they actually cause me pain. In's not like these activities have ever been the centre of my universe. Nor does not being able to enjoy them truly affect my life in a horrible way. Life is still amazing and there is always much to enjoy. But still. It ticks me off.

Take, for example...bowling. I really, REALLY love to bowl. Honestly. Ever since my first time playing 5 pin. You know...the small balls that are so cute...and they always have bright colour swirly psychedelic designs on them. I love bowling. The first time I bowled 10 pin...THAT was super exciting for me. I'm pretty sure that by the time I was 12 I had seen every episode of The Flintstones. Fred doing his little ballerina tip toe to score the big strike! I was finally able to try it out myself. (Every one who has bowled 10 pin for SURE has done Fred's little bowling dance). For a little while, when I was 24...I bowled pretty much every Monday night. 10 pin of course. A bunch of us who worked at Grapes would meet at the Polo Park lanes and play a couple games. And not to toot my own horn or anything...but I probably scored about a dozen turkeys in my day. Yes I did! ;op (For those of you who do not know bowling terms...turkey is when you make 3 a row baby!!) But, unfortunately, back in 2003 after a game at the Grandview Lanes down on Commercial Dr...I woke up the next day and following 4 days in major pain. Me poor arm! It just killed me. Lame! At least I can still on occasion watch some peeps play the game. I usually ask to throw the ball once or twice in some one's turn. And it still kind of hurts...arm and my pride...ha!

Same goes for darts. Now I have probably only played, perhaps 20 games in my whole entire life. I'm almost that really doesn't add up to too many games. But, when you are drinking at a pub and there is a dart board can sometimes be a testament to your will if you stay away from the board. Those little sharp darts...they call you...lure you in. Sing the song of the dart sirens and you can't help but ask someone for a game. Which I always inevitably lose! But I don't even's just a fun silly game. Darts is another game where you are doing repetitious movement. That is exactly what makes my arm hurt so bad. So, I no longer play darts. I miss ya poky guys! ;o) And pretty much every other little sharp object wielding or ball throwing/hitting/dribbling or stick pushing or racquet swooshing game there is. Too bad. Good thing I really am not into sports playing participation but rather sport's actually a lot more fun. Not strenuous at all. :o)

Anyhow...back to the latest and most devastating loss of certain activity of which I had the most fondness for...SWINGING! I can never ever ever walk by a swing set and NOT hop on to a swing and at least take a few high soars. I love to swing! It is such a free feeling...almost like flying...except for the fact that you are on a seat that is attached to chains which are attached to a thick metal apparatus that is cemented into the ground. But other than the are flying! And I love how no matter how old you always feel like a kid! ;o) So...last Sunday we were over at our friend Judy's. She has a big old wooden board and thick rope swing in the middle of her house. How awesome is that? Mitch was saying that years prior some dude was able to swing so high that his feet touched the roof. So I was like..."I can totally swing that high. I am a good swinger." So I was pumping and pumping away, trying to get as high as Pamanly possible. Thing is, when you have one arm and are trying to hang on for dear takes a ton of strength to hold yourself upright in that huge flat wooden seat and not 1. slide off 2. lose balance 3. keep your swinging straight and not all rocking to one side. I never could get high enough to touch the ceiling. I gave up after about 10 minutes. Very disappointed in my sorry attempt at reaching the goal...but I gave it a pretty good try. pffft! Next morning...ahhhhhhh! I was so sore. I could not lift my arm for quite some time. I could not figure out what in the heck did this to me. I had a relaxed day. It was a Sunday. I remembered that I chopped three pieces of wood. They were super easy...the axe went through just like butter. Clint was like, "Yes...that's it. You should NOT chop wood." But that wasn't enough to make it this bad. Ah ha! I swinged too much!! Wah! What a terrible feeling it was when I realized that I really shouldn't ever have a good old swing. Sad moment dans l'histoire de Pam.

But, again...seriously...I MUST remember that there is more to life than pretending to fly.

ha ha! ;o)

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