Sunday, December 19, 2010

Le mois de Decembre c'est tres busy...n'est pas?

No matter if we love or hate Christmas...we are incredibly busy because of it. And it's not only because we have been social media...throughout the last century, that Christmas is about getting the people we love the "perfect" gift. Some of us even start in July & August to find these items. As much as I think that the advance purchases are smart and practical...saving time for other stuff in December...I have never been one to see it as a necessity to start the hunt early. Although...there has been the odd occasion where I am out and about and find the most perfect gift for a friend or family member. And it may be anytime after Christmas and the next...but I have kept it until I could give it as a gift. A little weird I do have to say. Why isn't any day a perfect day for giving someone I love a gift?? Cause truly...that is NOT what Christmas is all about. But that is a WHOLE other debate that I could just sink my teeth right into! ha ha! But still, December generally is a month busy with that of scurrying about in the malls and studios buying those we cherish a present for under the tree. Or...better yet...taking the time to make something special for the ones we love.

December...the month of staff Christmas parties. They literally will start the very first weekend in the we aren't already anxious that Christmas is almost already here! If you are single you go to one every a couple you generally hit two parties. This will inevitably take up two of your precious weekends. On top of the staff party, we have the festive season house parties. "It's almost here guys...let's have a pre-Christmas party!!" There will be at the VERY least one of those parties...thank goodness they are fun times. :o) If you have have the school Christmas pageant which, again, is at least one pageant per season...maybe two, depending on the number and age of the children you have. Last but not least, we have our family dinner parties during the actual days of Christmas...misfit Christmas dinner parties too. (A misfit Christmas for those that do not know is a gathering of those who are not with their actual family for the holidays. But instead, spend Christmas with their other family...their precious friends.) These take place usually between the 24th-27th. Some times we go to two dinners in one day...complete and utter madness...but it happens. And I can't forget that my birthday...along with millions of others is in December. So we will also have to celebrate a birthday or two in the month. I just turned 36! Yeah!

Christmas cards and tree trimming. When I am feeling like a super keener, I write my Christmas cards during the evening of November 30th...then I mail them out the very next day. I am sure there are many other who practice this same ritual...and actually are able to do it every year this way. Not me. But still, Christmas card mailing out takes time. I would guesstimate 1 1/2 hours...and that is sending out 25 cards. That's what I do. Some people send out many more...I can't imagine the patience you need to have to endure more than 1 1/2 hours of writing out nice messages, writing out the addresses, licking the envelopes, sticking on your address label and the stamp. So monotonous. Yet, I love to do it...and so do other people. Anyhow, it's an evening. Same with trimming the tree. Either hauling the tree out of the closet and setting it up...making the branches look perfect. Or going out and picking out that perfect shaped and beautifully scented tree to take home and put up. Tree trimming is quite a process. It requires untangling of little lights and garlands...sipping on some wine and/or brandy in tea and/or Bailey's in coffee or hot chocolate mmmmm...or Kahlua...twirling the lights and garland onto the tree...finding the ornaments and creating your perfectly decorated tree...let's not forget placing the angel or star or moon snail tree (Frank & Jodie) topper. Trimming the tree is another full evening chore. But one of the important chores...the "chore" that actually makes you feel like it's Christmas and gives you that happy feeling inside. That feeling you used to get as a child when Christmas was soon to come. At least I was excited always. Our family gathering are always very special during Christmas.

That's what I love most about Christmas...getting together with my family and celebrating the holidays. Laughing and talking and eating delicious foods and showing each other how much we love each other and how special we are to one another and how we miss being together throughout the rest of the year. This year, Clint and I have decided to stay home and have our own family Christmas. Him and I. We ARE family. :o) We also, fortunately, are surrounded by many friends we love so dearly and will spend time with all of them this holiday season. A nice intimate island Christmas...I'm excited. ;o)

All right...Christmas is over...New Year's Eve!! I'm tired already. PFFFFFFT!

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