Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tek it easy mon!

Perhaps I should have been born in Jamaica...I really love this phrase! Because honestly, most of us do not even know how to take it easy. We live on the edge of human destruction. Meaning, we are destroying our own selves by living with so much anxiety. Having anxiety does not always mean that you are having feeling of anxiousness. Like Dr's will prescribe medication (drugs) for anxiety/depression. And those drugs can help people with a chemical imbalance in their brain that doesn't allow the serotonin to run rampant and therefore bring us happiness...or feelings of happiness. Then there is also just pure anxious; "I am running late. I'll just get breakfast at McDonald's on the way while speeding down the highway to get to work." "I need to get a good parking spot so I have to drive super fast to beat the crowds...get outta my way!!!" You know what I mean. Aggressive/angry drivers. They surround you when you are in the city. I used to be one...and I hated it. Always pushing the envelope. I always got up in time...but I doddle a little sometimes or start doing something that can wait but I feel the need to get it done minutes before I need to leave the house. And now...Oh my gosh! I'm late. Got to get a moving. So I speed to my destination...leaving cars and pedestrians in my wake. How terrible is that? Although, after receiving my only two speeding tickets within three months of one another...I learned quickly to slow the heck down.

Now I am an islander...much like a Jamaican. I just don't have beautiful dark skin. :o( Island life is the opposite of the city. I will attest though, that even the Lower Mainland is more laid back than out east. (Although the east is catching up and getting far more laid back). But here on the island...we are on island time. It's great. I love it. If I had had any heart problems, I would not have them anymore after living three years in paradise. I am pretty chill these days. Of course I can still have a freak out once in a while...what would life be without a little wee freaky out day here and there? Monotonous. ha ha! It's especially lovely to drive at the posted speed limit. I mean, you see so much more when you slow down. Driving through the "tunnel" here. When the sun is shining in the mornings it is so beautiful going through the tunnel. The sun beams are working hard to get through all of the trees...and it looks so amazing. The green is sparkly and alive. The forest sings with wildlife and breathe of chlorophyll enhanced air. I don't know what I'm even trying to's just so pretty. Smells so fresh and beautiful with the window rolled down. Take in the scent and beauty of nature in full out for squirrels and deer crossing the road though.

I know that a drive through the busy city may not be as beautiful as that. But, if you slowed down you would see so much more. People walking their dogs, flower beds outside buildings and houses, a cool shop you have NEVER noticed the 587 times you have driven that same route. Tek it easy mon. Wake up and have coffee and toast with your spouse or roommate in the morning. Leave at a decent time so you don't have to speed and feel frustrated before you even start your work day. Sometimes our jobs are frustrating enough...if you tek it easy before and after can feel a lot better. It's true.

Take a moment and smell the flowers...go for a nice stroll in your neighbourhood after supper and enjoy what surrounds you. We try and make life so complicated it seems. And it really isn't that bad. I bet the rate of heart attacks would go down...totally. Life is pretty darn amazing...when you enjoy the little things. Money will pay your bills and put a roof over your head...we all need to work to bring home the bacon. But your frustrating job can stay at don't need to take it home with you. When you leave the office/restaurant/job site or whatever...leave it all behind. Drive/bus home from work and tek it easy.

Obviously from my vantage point now I can say all of this. I live in a peaceful paradise. But life still runs like anywhere else. People need to work and go to school and all of the same things that city people do. We are just fortunate to be surrounded by the intense beauty of nature and can take the time to enjoy it. Although, there are quite a few peeps out here that still have not learned to tek it easy. They fly by me on the road at high where you off to buddy? Life is here for us to enjoy. Let's all try and do that...enjoy life. Sounds pretty grand to me!
Here we are "Tekking it Easy, Mon!" Peace.

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