Monday, February 7, 2011


Sitting here listening to the high winds blowing like mad through the massively tall trees in our yard...listening to and feeling that wind whistle through our house...trying to keep a nice hot fire attempting to enjoy a fairly warm home...feeling like there are cotton balls with rubbing alcohol and olive oil stuffed in my ears and head. My brain stem feels like it may let go of my spinal cord and my head flop to one side of my body. I feel sick. I thought late this morning that I might start to feel better as I walked down the beach trying not to get blown over by the mighty wind. Found a lot of beach glass...mostly brown and whites. I like finding lilacs and blues. Lately, I have been fortunate enough to catch my eyes upon pieces of china...yay! That made me happy; gave me energy for a few hours. That started to fade as the hours passed. I feel done. Finished. I don't want to do much...but there is so much to do.

Moving day is fast approaching. We are moving to the North side of the island...yep...leaving behind the quiet and relaxing and sunny South side of Gabriola. I have gotten pretty used to the peace and quiet that is the South side. There is not much here but houses on acreages, quite a few gorgeous beaches, Lily's Boutique, one restaurant (rockin' restaurant...Silva Bay...props SB!), farms, a boat school, timber framing school and a couple B&B...oh yeah, Silva Bay Inn. Funny that in one sentence you can name everything on one side of the island. It's lovely. But I am looking forward to the conveniences of life on the North end. We can walk/bike to the village. We are going to save on gas as we won't have to drive "all the way to the North end to get EVERYTHING". We are moving into a warm, tightly sealed, double pane windowed, no mice home. We are going to save money! That is good. That makes me feel better in my inside of my head...underneath the cotton balls. My brain. :o) And our landlord is so super cool. That is a MAJOR bonus! I just don't feel like packing right now though. I have already packed over a dozen boxes and we have been purging.

Got rid of our davenport today. I loved that thing...but it's going to a good home and will be used and loved. Got to lose my organ. I was so incredibly excited to get it. That was my lucky day. Driving down South Rd...sign on someones driveway "Free Organ". Screeeech! Later that day it was in my living room. Best free item ever!! Anyways, I got to give it to a friend. But again...she will love it and appreciate it and play it. So that's a good thing. And purging is good once in a while. I'm okay with it. I still will have keepsakes and mementos and cherished things that I will forever hold on to. I am a pack rat and I have many pieces of my heart scattered throughout my home. Furniture my Opi made, cool plastic 70's spacey like chairs I had in my bedroom from age 3 on, ceramics my mom made when I was a little girl, a singer sewing table that was my Oma's, radiogram that my Omi got from her first job as a house cleaner (the family bought a new one for Christmas in 58, so she got the old one), and I can't forget my stuffed animals and little kid stuff. It would break my heart to lose those sentimental items. I know it is just stuff...but I love that stuff. Makes my heart feel good.

Time to get off the computer...make some tea and watch some movie or silly TV show with my handsome husband. Poor guy is also sick. I bought a bunch of Mr. Noodles...mmmm. Easy and yummy food...or sort of food. Maybe I should put some broccoli in with it...mmmm steamed broccoli and Mr. Noodles.

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