Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweet Sweet Wensday.

This month my sweet little 'sleepy' Wensday turns 14! Hard to believe that I have had the little runt for that many years even. (I call her runt...cause that's what she was...runt of her litter) I can remember going to the "Kitten Kaboodle" on Provencher in the beginning of April 1997 to get us a new kitty...a friend for Syder. Syder was my big fat orange cat ever! Seriously, he was. But...Wensday has evolved over the years and become a super sweetie. Although, she was not always that way.

I chose Wensday out of a litter of 8 kittens...not just cause she was the runt...but, I liked that about her too. She was the last to come to the front of the kennel. She had poo on her face...and she came up behind all of the other sweet little purring and meowing kitties. Stood behind them and stared at me...with the smudge of poo on her face. How can someone not fall instantly in love with that? ;o) I took her out of the kennel and held her to my chest. She was so in the palm of my hand. Once cuddled up against my beating heart...she snuggled in more and softly purred while falling back asleep. Sold!

We brought her home with us...still sleeping on my chest the whole drive home. We introduced her to Syder. Instantly, Syder thought she was pretty cool. Wensday...well, she started hissing and spitting and jumping up and down like a little Mexican Jumping Bean. It was hilarious to watch. Little Wenny trying to look big and tough to the big 18 pound Tom Cat...Syder. It wasn't long before they became super not long I am talking like maybe an hour. Once Wensday settled down and had some water and a nibble...she was laying with big ol' cuddly Sydes. Syder would lay on his side and Wensday would suckle his as if he were her mommy. It was quite sweet. I wish I had that on video...but I feel it is an even more special memory in my head. It was a very sweet time between the two new friends. And Syder...he took care of Wensday like as if she were his little baby. Man, he was a good cat. I miss him.

Anyhow, little wiener Wendy...she was a mess. She did not want to cuddle with you except for on her terms. Which wasn't too often. Once in a while she would jump up beside you and lay next to you while watching TV or reading or whatever. But if you touched her for too long...she would take off. If you ever tried to pick her, she would squirm out of your grasp. That is where she got the nickname...Bendy Wendy. When people would come over to the house Wensday would dart through the "hole" and into the basement. She was incredibly anti-social. Syder always hung out with the peeps...always. I can't really blame Wensday for her fears too much. My ex was a pretty rough dude. A lot of yelling and throwing of inanimate objects was going around those days...even I was always on edge. And little Wensday...well, his loving was rough to her...Syder too...but Sydes was a big cat and could take the rough love. Wensday did not appreciate it and I feel that is what made her a skittish and insane kitty.

Fast forward 5 years...I am living in Vancouver...Clint and I are now married and we have 2 happy cats. Wensday still not super social...but more loving because Clint is so loving towards her...soft and gentle pats and cuddles. Syder is happy too...but he is dying. :o( FIV. The saddest thing I ever have had to encounter with an animal. Watching my little angel deteriorate...I cry right now thinking of it. Eventually, we had to put him down...he was only 8 pounds at the time...went from being a big, strong and healthy boy to a shell of his former self. Dry my eyes. Anyways...after a few months of mourning between Wensday and I...Wensday started to show some self confidence. She started emulating was quite amazing to watch. After a while, even all of his little idiosyncrasies like laying on the bed to one of our sides and cuddling during the night...eventually being between our heads. When going outside, instead of being afraid of anything that moved...she would hiss at neighbourhood cats coming into our yard like as if she were the Sheriff of that land. (that was all her...Syder welcomed his hood buds.) But, like Syder, she would come now when called in. That was more hunting for where scared little Wensday took off too. When people would come for a visit...Wensday would search for a higher up place to sit where we were hanging. That way she would be face level with the company and feel like she too is part of the group. All of these little things have shaped her into a most fabulous and awesome kitty...almost exactly like big bro Sydes. That is nice to see.

Everyone that knows Wensday loves her...and I like that. I used to kind of...ummm...dislike her. Found her a tad annoying with all of her running away and bendiness. But now, gosh...I just love her to pieces. She makes me smile. She still gets annoying when it comes to food...she is now a little piggy. Feed me...Feed me...FEEED MEEEE! But I'll take her exactly as she is. She is my Wendy Wiener...Bendy Wendy...munkeem (Clint's nickname)...Wensday. I love her.

On February 16, 2011 she turns 14 years old. And she has really aged well I must say. Better than wine! ;o) Happy Birthday Wiener!! Want a treat?? hee hee!

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