Friday, February 25, 2011

The heat is ON!

It's time to pull the plug on this old computer of least until Tuesday when Shaw comes to hook up at the new place. Checking my emails for the last sad. Ha ha ha! It is kind of funny how it does almost feel like I am going to miss it. Who really cares. It's just a dumb computer that I stick my face in front of for, well...sometimes hours and hours. Some of those times I am doing stuff that is actually constructive for one reason or another. But there are times when I am just creepin' on Facebook looking through my friends new pics or wall posts...end up checking out people I don't know because a friend of mine was tagged in their album and it is not private so I get a note on my "home page...ahhhhh!!! Maybe I should have ordered Shaw to come out next next week. Take some time away from this box...slender box. Why am I worrying about not getting computer time right a time when I should be freaking out about my move!!

I am nearly ready. I have been packing since the beginning of January. I am as ready as you can be. Just the minor things needing to be put in boxes. Tommorrow those are the things going to the new place..boxes. The men are going to do all of the furniture on Sunday. I will be hanging out at Artworks staying warm, drinking coffee...maybe creep on FB! ba ha ha ha!! I just want to be moved. I wish I could I dream of Jeannie us outta here...blink and there we are. I even would do it with the boxes still packed when we magically appear. I like the unpacking and setting up my home. Right now we are staying in a house...echoey house. Boxed up...kind of sad but I love change! It will all be good. New LL is da bomb...bonus! :o)

Ah well...time to unplug...get back to some boxing!! ;op


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