Thursday, February 10, 2011

Schveetie Vuns...Beach Glass & Erotica...

MY Schveetie Vuns!

A 1 1/2 hour beach stroll with my trusty
companion...Maggie...and I find a ton of beach glass. A few blues in there! And last but not least...Erotica. More art piece for the Erotica Show.
So what do these three things have in common?? They all make me very happy. ;o)

MY Schveetie vuns! I am a lucky lady...I am an Auntie to 5 beautiful nieces and 2 handsome little nephews. I don't feel I could be any more blessed than that. When I feel sick I like to think of the things that make me me a smile on my face. And, thanks to my recent visit to Winnipeg...the happy thoughts foremost on my mind are my Schveetie Vuns. Why Schveetie Vuns?? That is how my Oma referred to all 12 of us Grand kids...with a very strong German accent. Oh, how I miss my sweet little Oma. Little, because she was 4'10" cute! And she was a big old Schveetie Vun herself. So I have little Omaisms that I use all of the time. It keeps her loving attitude with me always. And I am so thankful for having had her in my life. Everyone needs an Oma Behnke! ;o) I made all of my nieces and nephews Christmas presents this year. And I wanted to personally deliver I brought them on my trip instead of mailing back in December. The "gifts" were a little piece of me and a little piece of my Opi. To them he is called Opi Opi...they unfortunately never got a chance to meet him. They would have loved him! But, because Omi is still around, he is talked about all of the time. He was an incredibly amazing man. He was a carpenter...built lots of beautiful furniture for their home and others. He also used to make these awesome little wood lathed goblets and thingy majiggy's. They were so beautiful. He used wood from his plum trees, birch and maple and apple too. I have a few of them...they too make me smile. I was given a bag full of similar pieces last summer. The "not so polished" ones some guy made here a long time ago. I decided to use them to create pretty little things for my Schveeties. They loved them! They loved them even more because Auntie Pam made them and they got to learn a little more about the amazing Opi Opi. That makes me incredibly happy. :o) This is a pic of all of them.
Beach glass...oh how I love to find it. Generally, I find brown, brown and more brown. A lot of brown beer bottles out there. This last time I found some blues...and greens...and that makes me happy...seriously happy. I's the small things. It really is. I have a ton of beach glass. I love collecting it. I plan day...making something beautiful out of all of it. Haven't decided what yet...but it'll be awesome! Lately, I have been finding beach china! That is like really supah exciting to me. Those pieces make me smile extra big. I am pretty sure I even jump for joy when those pieces are in my clutch. Happiness is a pocket full of beach glass! ;o)

Erotica. Every February, Gabriola Artworks has the "Erotica" art show. It sure can be a fun opening night. Peeps wearing skimpy, pretty, sparkly things. Bums & boobies are everywhere. I like to arrive in a corset and sexy jeans. This year I was! Couldn't even fathom wearing a corset when I felt so chilly all day long. So, we managed to sneak in early and leave early without anyone noticing...tricky us! It sure is a fun night though. And it's also fun to see what the artists come up with using the Erotica theme. Sexy stuff! Most of my hard core thinking gets done while I am relaxing in the tub. That is where I was when I came up with my Erotica piece...and there I my tub! The piece of wood I used is a burnt and drifted boat board that I found on fave beach. I have been staring at it for nearly a year...trying to figure out what to do with it. I needed to make something special with such a special piece of wood. And Erotica jingled my bells! hee hee! So my piece transformed into something awesome. I was really proud of myself. I really am not too artistic...I like to play and create. Usually cute things. And this piece is really cute, and sexy and funny. I was excited for people to see my creation...and I was excited to bring it home and have it on my wall. Well...wouldn't you know it. It sold opening night! Yes!! I feel so happy about that. That makes me smile. And better friend AND hairdresser bought it to put in her salon. So I still get to enjoy it. Life seems pretty sweet sometimes. We don't even have to look that far to find the good stuff!
Those are my three things that are making me smile right now. I will always have a smile on my face when I think of my Major Schveetie Vun...Clint. But it's good to have many other things that bring a smile to my face and keep my heart pumping! Love is in the air! Peace!

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  1. kaia keeps her lunch money in her little cup!
    they're so cute on their bookshelf!

    (hahaha... i love mike in the background of that one pic!!!)