Friday, August 12, 2011

The New Adventure's of Ooooold Lady Maggie May.

 Day One...Maggie is lovingly kissed on the top of her head at a ridiculously early hour, she is on her "travel" bed on the floor of an apartment in New Westminster with a cat that was quite unimpressed with Maggie's soft and kind nature. Within moments she is whisked out the door and into the the elevator...too scary. She leads the way to the staircase to walk down the mere three flights to the ground floor and out to the car...which seems to be packed with a heck of a lot of things from home. Maggie did not know that once she was in that backseat that she would not get out for 2 whole weeks!! After a "pit stop" in Vancouver and then back on the road, Maggie decided it might be good to try and get a little more shut eye. Sleep will not come...there seems to be a problem because the car is not stopping. Not too long after passing by a town called Hope...Maggie seemed to have lost hers. "Stop the car and let me out!" Bewildered and still so sleepy she is let out of her backseat cell. "Oh Maggie...we still have 1900 kilometers to go...chin up sweetheart!"...her mumma exclaimed. ;o)
 Here lies Maggie...first overnight spot of her adventures...Stemwinder Provincial Park on the Similkameen River. The rain is coming down, but a dryish spot is found for the tent. Take it easy Maggie, it's a good time to rest. Smell the ribs cooking?? Cause you are also going to enjoy some you spoiled Old Lady! ;o)
Day Two...Morning time brings the warm sunshine to welcome us to the mountains...there is still a day and a half of driving through their majestic fortress. Are you ready Maggie? Of course you are!

Highway 3 is a beautiful travel...Maggie enjoyed a lunch break in the desert hot heat of Osoyoos and a nice walk up the Lakeside Boardwalk. That was a nice rest stop for everyone. In the late afternoon the final destination for that day was on Moyie Lake. Time to set up camp and get to cooking so that we can get in a nice long walk before bedtime. It's nice to be an Old Lady Dog when you are free to enjoy some good sniffs in the new area and laze around while everything is being made to "feel like home". Nice campsite there...quiet neighbours and peaceful surroundings. A good shower for the drivers in the morning and life is good.

Day Three...Starts up just like the morning before. Up early, breakfast made, camp take down...get back in the car and drive. The rain didn't start til the car was just outside of the Park It is seemingly following us on our road trip. Maggie is unimpressed as the feeling in the car seemed to be. It's all right. It can rain THAT hard...welcome to Cranbrook and the freakish pour down that causes a lake to rise in the Safeway parking lot. Did we really need coffee and butter...yes, I suppose we did. Ahhhhh...the tent and camp gear that is in a hockey bag bungeed to the tunk...will it get soaked...ahhhhh!!!!! Stress rises...deep breaths everyone. Alberta! The dark clouds are moving away and sunshine and happy clouds are the replacements. Thank goodness! Maggie felt the need for a pee/poo at this lovely spot on the highway. Some grand entrance for some factory...but check the view. Pretty sweet. A half hour leg stretch and play about on the grass and onward to look for a campsite that nobody in the car knew. Hee hee. Wrong turn on the WORST EVER gravel road just east of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. ARGH!!! There wasn't even a site there...why is it on the stupid map??? Get back on Hwy 1 and stop in Gull Lake at their pretty quaint ummmm grassy and cheap campground. Good thing Maggie May is deaf...the dump trucks burning down the road behind our tent and then loading what sounded like boulders into a train car from 1 AM til 6 AM was more than just a thorn in the side...oh...and then the rain that lasted an hour from 5-6 AM...worst camp spot. EVER!! Let's just get up and drive to Swift Current and get stupid McDonald's. Everyone is over it!

Day Four...Maggie anxiously waiting in the car. Today is going to be a long drive. Gull Lake, SK to Tyndall, MB...roughly 850 kilometers. Yikes! There will definitely be some pit stops along the way today.

 Moosehead Sask! Stopped in at the Visitor Centre for a stretch and pee. :o)
Above is Maggie May taking a rest in Whitewood Saskatchewan outside of "Archie's Diner" where we shared a burger, fries and a chocolate shake! Yummy! (notice the tarp covering our the event of more rain...the prairies never shed a drop on us!)
No...Maggie did not get all the way down South to Austin Texas...this here is a picture of our first rest stop in Manitoba...finally, the destination Province. Still a few more hours of driving though...

Tyndall Manitoba...just northeast of Winnipeg. Maggie's stopover for the August Long weekend. Here she is, with her caretaker and friend, Howard at the Cade Ranch. (Maggie was so grateful to have had love and attention for the weekend as her "folks" spent time in Pinawa at a family reunion. Is Maggie not family? Yes, she definitely is...but no furry family members allowed. Wah.)

 walked the streets of downtown Winnipeg you lucky Old Lady. All of the old and fabulous heritage buildings lining each and every street. So very cool. ;o)

 Mmmmm...sausages from the Shrimp Boil for Omi's birthday. Lucky Old Lady Dog!
 Sunshine and happiness. It's REALLY hot here in Manitoba...but the family is so super cool. Fun times playing with the children.

Day Eleven...Another early start...back on the road out West. Left Steinbach, MB after a comfy, cozy and air conditioned sleep in the basement (thank you Uncle Mike for allowing Old Lady Dog into your home.) we can get back into the car for the long (2300 + kms) drive home. First overnight stop was the most amazing, wouldn't you believe...Saskatchewan! Buffalo Pound Provincial Park. Where the lake is refreshingly beautiful and the view is astounding. That was a fun late day of swimming, (not Maggie) cooking, walking and sunset watching. Perfect spot for camping!

Maggie on top of the hills watching the sunset on Day 11 of the Amazing Adventure.

Day Twelve...Beautiful day...sunny skies...headed West. Quite the journey this day...740 kilmometers from Buffalo Pound to Calgary West. Where a massive storm broke out just as camp was being set up. Maggie wandering about in the pouring rain as her overnight accommodations are scramblingly set up. Maggie...get in the tent!!! Hail starts...wind is MAJORLY gusting, lightening and thunder all around us. Again...good thing Maggie is deaf. It was a pretty crazy and heavily anxiety driven moment...15 minutes later the sun is out and a rainbow blesses our evening. :o)

Day Thirteen...Enter into the Rocky Mountains. Yippee! We are sooo close to home...yet still so far.
 Stopover in Finch Creek...a little wander about was very much needed at this point. Lovely spot to take a break...the water was chilly and super tasty.
Maggie couldn't get enough!

 End of Day 13 Maggie relaxes into an air conditioned motel room at the HoJo in wickedly hot Kamloops. I don't think anybody was ready for another night of camping...the set up, the take down. Let's take her easy tonight. Sleep tight...we are only 4 hours away from the ferry!!!

Day Fourteen...Everyone gets up feeling happy and well rested. Good morning's 6 am...hit the road!! Just after Abbotsford, Maggie gets an olfactory shock...the ocean smell! Are we home? Almost Maggie...almost. (just have to arrive at the ferry...wait one sailing...arrive in Nanaimo...wait for another sailing and then home we are!) ;o)

Maggie arrived home safe and sound on August 7th at approximately 4:20! An awesome trooper you have been. 17 years old and half way across Canada in a car and rock Old Lady. Welcome home Maggie May! xoxoxoxo

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